Absolutes “Children of The Corn” the Two Faces of the Roman God Janus

Children of the Corn

**”Children of the Corn” a 1984 Movie, producer Steven Spielberg a processor of heaven and earth in Hollywood.  The movie is about a city that is run by children were everyone over 18 is killed.  The city is totally run by children that fulfil their wildest dreams of what values or principles they decide to make themselves feel good.  A revolt against absolute borders of good and evil that are established by the laws of Nature.  Good and Evil have borders that when crossed enhances or destroys life or nations around the world.

**Corn in the Ancient World was a symbol of spiritual life.** 

Where did the “Children  of the Corn” come from? 

Following the Western thoughts of Plato,  Absolutes are a value or principle that are regarded as a universal, valid, event that can be viewed without a spatial relationship to other objects, “Birth and Death” and “Good and Evil” these are universal absolutes that exists within the heart of all mankind.  So indivisible abstracts, objects,  that can fall within mathematical and geometric properties you can give it a body to which in the spiritual realm becomes illusionary and deceptive an withers over time like flowers.    To tear down the walls of absolutes you end up with a child in chaos, confusion, ” The Children of the Corn”.

If you go back to the Ancient Sumerian, 3500 BC, they believed that mankind was put here on earth to serve the gods of the heavens.  Traveling on a narrow path, Ancient Mesopotamia, “Good and Evil” became Gods and the jurisprudence to facilitate the borders between the two, was given to the kings who gave the legislative oblations and religious sacrifices and common men were given divine authority, after some training , coining the phrase, a papal enclave, a successive thought of immortality,  that lay outside the reach to the common person, we were conscripted to the thrones of the Churches the temples of  man.  These are the popes the priest the Imams, the Rabbis, the shamans and other terms of divine endearment that flowed out of Ancient Mesopotamia like a river a virus infecting all the cultures of the world.  The kings were the only ones that had Immortality not the common man we are the workers to the temples of gods. The popes the priest the Imams, the Rabbis, the shaman’s by alchemy of ignorance kept us all enslaved to their temples, the common man that seemed to elevate himself above you, the divine authority, the sleight of hand, magic, the seduction of opulence that blinds our eyes to the truth of absolutes.  

The prayers to the gods of the heavenly realm are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  ” O Lord bless the offerings we (the popes the priest the Imams, the Rabbis, the shaman’s ect…) are about to receive what was given to us we give back” to create new missionary temples unto man’s gods.  That would make the God of the heavens a repo artist a magician to reclaim his wealth.  Nothing has changed in over thousands of years the redistribution of wealth to the coffers of common man’s temples.

 Mankind has an inherent flaw within our genetic makeup, we all lower our guard and put our spirituality of self in the hands of other men who are just as common as me and you. 

” The Children of the Corn”; Where did they come from?

We were the children born around the great turmoil of War that had crossed the world for fifty years.  World War I and World War II, we grew up in the sixties in a rebellious rage against the walls of Good and Evil the banner of Anti-Establishment took the place of absolutes.  Relativity of life became mired in opinions that revolved around our temporal senses.  We were all given a food tray that titillates your senses, the bright lights the marques, the music that was in transformation, sex was free, drugs flowed from the colleges of California (LSD) and Marijuana started flowing into the streets from Mexico.  We all wanted to live in communal living arrangements we were participants to perform for the benefit of the group as a whole where the lines of good and evil became a mitigating circumstance.  What I thought was good had to be judge by a collective unit of others.  The epicenter of this birth was in San Francisco and the effects have been devastating across two continents, America and Europe.  

We grew up to be your politicians, lawyers, and the papal enclaves of spirituality that have morphed into feel good religions.  I can be woman today, tomorrow I can be a man,  anything that is palatable to my senses.  We became Satanist, we dabble in pedophile, bestiality, have free sex, have bi, tri, quadruple sex with anything that moves.  We fight against anything ,cartoons that offend us, music that offends us, we created animated films that propagate our theories of life and redemption the salvation of the planet.  Case in point the new movie “Aquaman” it is about an undersea world that is threatened by surface dwellers who don’t understand what we are doing to the oceans,  “Aqua Man” will fight to put the idea into the children’s mind for future generations.    We have taken time to erase the institutions of higher learning and made them a feel good place as long as you ascribe to our Exo Planet of evolution.   Education is no longer competitive we tore that wall down.  We even tore down the stalls in the bathrooms.  We are the “Children of the Corn” we took a page out of the papal enclaves of Rome, the UN, EU and we tell you that the world will become extinct in the next 12 years.  You believe it only because we have dictated to you that good and evil is in a transitory motion.  

I have never left the world, past, present, and future for over 5000 yrs, I told you to shut up in the sanctuary keep your children quiet. While I talk, I knew as long as I kept you ignorant to absolutes it would vanish over generations to disappear from your minds.  I was there when you were born, I fashioned you like a potter’s wheel a lump of clay.

I now sit in your church’s ,your sanctuaries, clothed in all manners that are pleasing to your eyes and ears.  I provide you with loud music, flashing lights and create a euphoric sense of spirituality.  I can talk to you as a man or woman depends on your individual preference.  One thing that never changed is the amount of oblations and religious sacrifice that you pay me with.  Come into my sanctuaries, I offer you the wealth of all the nations.  Look on your, TV,  I came up with a new show, “Temptation Island” this is designed to appeal to the sexual interests of men and women, sex is one my greatest marketing tool designed to put a stake into the institutions of marriage that your God made. 

I created everything that you see and because of this you became lazy: I have been able to thrive for thousands of years my time is infinite.  My demons are now as we talk creating another spirituality of law, Sharia law. so men can marry young girls and deflower their innocence and you still are silent.  The gods already mutilate their innocence and still you are silent.  I taught you well.

Am I the author of the “Children of the Corn”, I am because I created your children.

For me I can understand the Roman God Janus, the god of two faces, the god of beginnings and end.   Where there exists a god of good and evil an absolute truth.  Simply put if you have one truth (good) there is an opposite truth (evil) that can be measured with mathematics and spirituality both of which are not diametrically opposed in one sense.  However the Law of physics would tell us both objects are opposed.  How do you combine mathematics of relativity and the laws of physics  to spiritual issues?  Simple;  Reality (Good and Evil) can occupy the same time and space continuum with mass, with only two variables static, or dynamic in free fall this creates a triadic mass eg…mass on a molecular level is composed of one electron, one proton and one neutron.  

Einstein proposed two theories of Relativity one was the gravitational pull of objects and their spatial relationship to other objects around them.

The second law consisted of objects in motion when they are not influenced by gravitational pull eg….like a man jumping off a house, you have motion/object that is in free fall,  mass that has two realities in a microsecond you have no gravitational pull it disappears in a twinkling of an eye like the gods of good and evil to tug at us before it continues its journey.  

To me, this provides me with two realities a physical an a spiritual reality for good and evil because it follows the philosophies of the Ancient Oriental Hebrew Canon of objects/motion in transit between the gods of good and evil, the angels of good and evil that descend from the heavens.  The reason for the reference to the heavens is because of the Law of Thermodynamics, man can not make something out of nothing.  They can only create what is before their eyes to put it in front of your senses.

If man can not make something out of nothing then good and evil has to have been made by intelligent design.  The Laws of Mathematics, Physics, Relativity, Space and Time Continuum, **Quantum Physics**, by measured weights they give rise to a God that is both past, present, and future.  He made the universe and everything in it male and female.  ** Quantum Physics allows for particles to be in two states at the same time.** ( Man can be in two states at the same time)

If you take some of the greatest minds of our century the likes of Einstein and Stephen Hawkins they have no idea how gravity works the physics of it much less a mathematical equation.  No Idea… but the papal enclaves all tell you that man can control the climate, they can control violence by the introduction of Globalism and the other isms. 

Man has no idea how gravity works where does it come from?  Who made it?  So to sit there and tell children that we need climate control or we are going to kill the human race look at the dinosaurs,  by sleight of hand, magic, they created an algorithm and said see I told you so, ” We are going to kill ourselves”.  They did not tell you that it violates the immutable laws of gravity and its effect on spatial objects in motion because they have no idea how gravity joined with rotation really affects climate.    

The only constant we have in our life outside the papal enclaves of man or woman is that good and evil exists that is a reality that is an absolute.  My guideposts for good and evil and morality a triadic being  for me exists between the Ancient Manuscripts to the Old Testament, Deut. to Isa, monotheism  not in the Trinitarian concepts of a polytheistic God of Christianity.  Christ was only a prophetic messenger of God who made him a man anointed with the Holy Spirit.   This bears itself in the ancient manuscripts of the Khabouris Codex .  Rome created him Christ into some god like manifestation who can be called down from heaven at will.  Who by sleight of magic a common man can become some kind of divine spiritual authority in your lives a papal succession like the kings and Caesars of old.

Christ pointed the way that all men and women can achieve immortality thru a God that can be qualified as one and not by quantity, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Word and the men of the Cloth.  By the Laws of  Quantum Physics only two particles can occupy the same mass at the same time.  I reconciled myself to that fact the only one in my Temple is one God and me and His Word who made me.  Not the polytheistic gods of Christianity and the goddesses of birth eg……Mary.

I told you thousand of years ago to keep you and your children quiet because the gods of heaven would smote you.  You have followed me ever since.

So, Be Careful to who you pray for and what you are asking because your God is not listening you.

I helped man create and give names to evil which are transitory and comes in many colors and shades.  I am the rider on the Pale horse ” Death and Hades” and have been a part of you since your were born I will always be with you to the end of times past, present, and future.

” Ride pony ride to the Land of El Dorado” the city of gold, I am on the rider on the white horse that is the ride I will take for eternity, the rest of my life across the heavenly realms…. Can we say Amen.

“In the name of Jesus Christ” or in the name of “one God Elohim”,  reconcile yourself to the fact there is only one God.

Khabouris Codex –Book of John 1 28 b to 1 43 a

1:28-b …..
III. 1:29 AND the day after, Juchanon seeth Jeshu, who was coming to
him; and he said, Behold the Lamb of Aloha, who beareth the sin of the
world !
1:30 This is he concerning whom I said, After me cometh a man, and
he was before me, because he is *anterior to me. 

*”the veins anterior to the heart”

1:31 And I knew him not, but that he should be made known unto
Isroel, therefore have I come with waters to baptize.
1:32 And Juchanon testified and said, I saw the Spirit descending from
heaven as a dove, and it remained upon him.
1:33 And I knew him not: but he who sent me to baptize with water, he
said to me, He upon whom thou seest the Spirit descend and remain,
this baptized with the Spirit of Holiness:
1:34 and I saw, and bare witness that this is the Son of Aloha
1:35 And the day after Juchanon stood, and two of his disciples;
1:36 and, contemplating Jeshu as he walked, he said, Behold the Lamb
of Aloha !
1:37 And his two disciples heard him as he spake, and they went after
1:38 And Jeshu turned (himself), and saw them coming after him, and
said to them, Whom seek you ? They say to him, Raban, where
dwellest thou ? * Or, where art thou ?
1:39 He saith to them, Come and see. And they went and saw where
he dwelt; ** and they were with him that day: and it was about the tenth
hour.  **Where he was
++ Or, and it was as hours ten.
1:40 Now one of those who heard Juchanon and went after Jeshu, was
Andreas, the brother of Shemun.
1:41 This saw first Shemun his brother, and said to him, We have found
the Meshicha;
1:42 and he brought him to Jeshu. And Jeshu saw him, and said, Thou
art Shemun bar Jona; thou shalt be called Kipha.++ Pronounced Kepha means rock
IV. 1:43-a AND the day following Jeshu willed to go forth into Galila.
And he found Philipos, and said …..

Hebraic Word Today Kidneys

When English translations of the Bible takes place there will alway be a lack of consistency in the translations of the Hebrew words.   Yesterday’s blog you were given the word “heart” it is the Hebrew word levav or lev but this is not always the case.

Examine me, O Jehovah, and prove me; Try my heart (kilyah) and my mind (lev).
Psalm 26:2 (ASV)
The Hebrew word behind the word “heart” in this translation is hylk kilyah [H:3629] while behind the word “mind” is the word  lev [H:3820]. The word hylk kilyah [H:3629] means the kidney this is the seat of emotion in the Hebrew thought.  The kidneys purify the blood.  It begs one to question how did the Ancient Hebrews know what the function of the kidney was all about.

I am not Jewish but I do follow the lifestyle of one God who does not keep me in slavery or makes me feel good all the time, He does lay His hand on me to correct me from time to time.

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