When Absolutes gives way to Feel Good Theology in the Nebulous Regions of your Mind

The Quest for Spirituality and Stability in your Life

I went out shopping with the wife yesterday paying some bills and what nots.  One of the places we stopped at was a Christian store to pick up a card for one of the sisters.  We walked into the store and there wore isles after isles of books all talking about Christ and how to save yourself how to increase your spirituality ect..  Then along one wall stacked high to the ceiling were all the different translations of the Bible there must have been 25 different translations or more.  Of course then in the rest of the store you had other merchandise for sale. 

My walk in Christianity, my quest to find out who God was in the beginning, present and future tenses always motivated me to find the truth.  Why was Christ so valuable to ones physic.  In my mind if there was a God then save me from the images that have been swirling around in my mind for decades.  The feelings of inferiority, the feelings of inadequacy, all the suicide attempts the hospital visits.  Of course the overriding question,” Who was I as a man and how do I set guideposts to walk by.   What are the Matrix’s the foundations that would help glue me together as a man instead of flying apart into unrecognizable pieces.  So  much so that not even my own mom would not recognize me.

I was like a Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall and broke into a million pieces early in my life.  Who would put me back together man or God?  My journey took decades to find out who I was as a man in and out of the altars of the Christians Citadels till I finally walked away they could never answer the question’s, (a) Who was the God of the Hebrews?  (b) Who was JESHU of the New Testament?  (c) Was he man or God or both?  (d) Was he the Redeemer that was prophesied from the Old Testament? 

Inside that Christian bookstore represented the whole realm of the different theologies of the Christian world the Roman Catholic, the Baptist, the Pentecostals and the hordes of other daughters that ply their wares their whoredoms to the world.  I could no more find Christ in the crowd of the store much less in the Citadels of Man.  So I got home yesterday afternoon sat in my easy chair and search for the righteousness of the LORD, his wisdom and knowledge.   This is what came to mind:

Three great religions came out of the primitive religions in the floodplains of Ancient Sumeria, 3500 years ago, the land of the gods between the Tigris and the Euphrates river, Islam, Christianity and the Israelites, the Jewish religion. 

The Sumerians, 3500 BC , for all intents and purpose were the origins of Islam which did not codify itself until around 890 AD.  These were the slave owners, Gods, of old, present and future.  Christianity came out of this region also with a different twist of who God was, present and future they two became the slave owners of the world.   The Hebrew religion started out as a monotheistic philosophy but gravitated to the prevailing polytheism that we see today.   From these three religions flowed the other religions, the daughters that covered the world, who wore birthed from a primitive state and then morphed into the other gods that we see today, Hindus, Buddhist, Shih’s ect..

They all had a commonality (Islam, Christianity, Jewish) the governance of societies that they controlled along with their spiritual ideas of god.  It becomes easier to conquer other lands and people if you give it a sense of morality.  What is the common thread here?  When it comes to spiritual matters, what is the glue that holds people together from blowing apart like a star, the harshness of life, like a Humpty Dumpty? Ignorance.

Ignorance is the spiritual power to control your head.  Ignorance by its own virtue breeds slavery which in appearance so it seems to the average person,  lessens the harshness of life in the physic of one’s self.  The Citadels of Man, by their rod, their staff, they can move you around in any direction that suite’s them.  People will always die for a sense of feel good morality, you can see this anywhere in the world today, in any theology of religion.

Ignorance draws a crowd and you feel good because there are like minded people like yourself hanging out together.  The majority of the world hangs out everyday in some Citadel of Man and listen to only what they want your to hear which is a static concept that comes from the Sumerians 3500 years ago slavery to the coffers of man.

In the physic realm of good and evil spirituality turns from an abstract non being into a being by the rules of relativity an absolute truth as expounded by Einstein in 1907.  Spatial objects are in constant state of movement influenced the by the gravitational pull of larger objects seen or unseen.   The pull of gravitation on one’s self between the good and the evil of everyday life exists within all of us.

Einstein also created a second truth, ” Where there are two witness there exists a truth”, simply put if a man falls from a house, he is both in motion and rest at the same time.  This is a form of creative cognitive thought as it is called patterned after the Roman God Janus who had diametrically opposed faces.

There exists a third witness, we all have the faces of good and evil within us male or female.  Where there are two witnesses (truths) there, I am ,(you) the third witness in the spiritual realm (KJV).  Planetary motion of good and evil are always in free fall somewhere in life  you have to grab an absolute to stop the gravitational pull in your spirit between the dual faces of creative cognitive thought so you can meditate.  Rest is where the movement in free fall comes to a standstill where your thoughts are not conscripted to other worlds.  It is there in the darkness of space and time, your heart,  you will create an absolute wor(l)d that is relative to you.   

Ignorance is chaos and confusion that binds you to the slave masters, Islam, Christianity and Jewish religions ect..,  Knowledge is the reflective impulses to slavery to find the spiritual realm of constant stability the difference between a feel good abstract theology to self and a stable orbit of absolutes in spatial relationships to self and others.  

I started my walk in the markets of religion, aisles after aisles and walls of literature that the slave masters coin your mind with .  The Citadels of Man will never tell you the truth they will always keep you ignorant as to exactly who you are in God, who made you, be it either Islam, Christianity, or the Israelites and the other daughters that ply their trade around the world.

Now it comes time to answer the four questions, “What do I believe”:

Who was the God of the Ancient Hebrews?

Monotheism is relative to my thoughts.  The Ancient Hebrews borrowed on the Oriental thoughts that all objects all have a spiritual quality to them.  El (YAHWEH), is the God of the universe the ideas of monotheism that transverse between the books of Deut. and Isa.  They guide my stability in life.

(b) Who was JESHU of the New Testament?

JESHU was the prophet that was prophesied in the Old Testament to come to people of the known world and tell the common man the Good News that he had access to the God that created all. You did not have to go through the halls of the Pope, priests , Imams or the other names man gave himself.   Man is triadic in nature we are like gods like it states in Gen. 2,  we all have the Spirit of God in us and we all like to create things out of nothing.  God of the Ancient Hebrews made things you see the same thoughts in the minds of the Egyptians the hand of God was like a potter’s wheel to form you out of the dust of the earth.  So Christ did not create anything but only told you what was made and it was free to all.  He was flesh and blood and spirit like the rest of us.  The Egyptians had slavery the Ancient Hebrews had no slavery.

(c) Was he man or God or both? 

JESHU was a man who himself pointed your eyes back to Moses.  He was not God becaise in Gen. 2 all men are gods.  There are two meanings of God in the Ancient Arabic language of JESHU one applies to man and the other applies to the Lord.  Lord has only one meaning in the Hebrew culture, the great El the great I am who exists.  If Christ of the first century was some kind of god then it would stand to reason, common sense, that other men somewhere along the line outside the narratives of the New Testament would have written about a momentous event it is not there.  The Jewish author ,” Josephus Flavius” during the latter part of the first century only makes a casual observance of the Crucifixion event of JESHU.

(d) Was he the Redeemer that was prophesied from the Old Testament? 

Christ was the messenger that all mankind could find Redemption and Salvation in the future which reflects the Hebrew Christ thoughts (mindset) to the Western thought the  past is behind us the past now becomes our future when we adopt the lifestyle the only true God of monotheism the God that made you.  The Good News is that I do not have to go to the Citadels of Man,  I searched for God and He found me in the wilderness of the temples of man.  You will never find God in a Christian bookstore or elsewhere you will just make yourself feel good which will wither over time and fade away.  Then you will have to plant another seed and another seed.  Plant the seed of monotheism and God will find you, trust me a survivor of the spiritual battles of life.

Food for thought below is a transcript from an old Syrian ,Aramaic,  Khabouris Codex found in modern-day Kurdistan it is believed to be from the 2nd or 3rd Century.  The interesting thing that it aligns itself with the Ancient Hebrew Peshitta around the 2nd Century there wore only 7 minor letter differences.  This is from the book of John.

 2:12 AFTER this he went to Kapher-nachum, he and his mother and
his brethren and his disciples. And they were there a few days.

2:13 And the petscha of the Jihudoyee was nigh, and Jeshu went up to

2:14 And he found in the temple those who sold oxen and sheep and
doves, and the money-changers sitting.

2:15 And he made him a scourge of cord, and drove them all from the
temple, and the sheep and the oxen and the money-changers; and he
shed their money, and their tables he overturned.

2:16 And to those who sold doves he said, Take these hence; make not
the house of my Father a house of merchandise.

2:17 And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thy
house hath devoured me.

2:18 The Jihudoyee answered and said to him, What sign showest thou
to us, as these things thou doest ?

2:19 Jeshu answered, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise
2:20 The Jihudoyee say to him, Forty-and six years was this temple
being built, and wilt thou in three days raise it ?

2:21 But he spake of the temple of his body.

2:22 But when he was risen from the house of the dead, his disciples
remembered that this he had said; and they believed the scriptures,
and the word which Jeshu had spoken. 

But when, “he was risen from the house of the dead“, should give new meaning to your own spiritual death.  If you have not noticed the word he is lower case,” Who is lower than God?” Man.  The house of the dead are the Temples of the three great religions of man,  Islam, Christianity and Jewish.   The text is thousands of years old and matches the Hebrew Peshitta the 2nd Century.   ” Where there are two there I am”.

I am not Jewish but I do follow the lifestyle of one God who does not keep me in slavery or makes me feel good all the time, He does lay His hand on me to correct me from time to time.

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