The Transparency of God in the Galactic Regions of Ego’s

Words to think about in Ego’s

Hebraic Words

# s’Strong אֹרַ ח
734 orahh
Now Abraham and Sarah were
old, and well stricken in age; it
had ceased to be with Sarah after
the manner of women. (Genesis
One word that is probably most associated with the
Bible is “religion.” In reality there is no Biblical
Hebrew word for religion and you will never find the
word religion in any translation of the Hebrew Bible
(Tenakh/Old Testament). To the Ancient Hebrews, their
religion was their lifestyle and covered all aspects of
life from worship to using the latrine (see Deuteronomy
23:13,14). The Hebrew word orahh can mean a path
used by travelers, as well as the path of life, a lifestyle.

All religions have some kind of governance and control and nowadays they are going into politics creating a god that does not exist in Hebraic culture as we will see in later blogs.  Me and my wife are adopted into the Old Testament that s are future and should be yours to.    Christ was never a socialist god there is a rule of Law in the Old Testament that we all should follow for starters the Ten Commandments,  Illegals covet their neighbors property simply as that.

10-You must not be envious of your neighbour’s goods. You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbour.

Transparency of God a Radical Thought

To understand Plato’s thought on the Theory of Forms which how do you give an abstract idea a form.  Abstract words are illusionary words like god. How do you  give God a form?  So the Greek culture followed the ancient Sumerians when it came to creating their religions unto their ideas of god.   For the Sumerians, gods controlled every aspect of your life and we were nothing but the workers for the gods of the heavens.  The gods sent us to earth to work for them.   So they built statues and temples by the hundreds their images of the multiple gods that were created in their thoughts.  The problem with this philosophy on abstract gods is that the gods are stationary in life and their created images morph into other images of the same gods and goddesses throughout the ancient civilizations into the present day nations of the world.  The two big gods in any religion is the Sun god and Ishtar the goddesses of sex and fertility.  Ishtar has morphed into the virgin Mary which becomes motionless form it has no life it is illusionary in appearance.  Virgin is a mistranslation in Greek.  The word the Hebrews used a word that means a woman who is of marriageable age one who has not had sex yet.  Food for thought.

It must be noted that the three great religions of the world came out of ancient Mesopotamia,  Christianity, Islam and the Jewish religions that encompass the world today.

In the Hebraic thought there is one God and He is in a constant state of motion.  They saw this in the movement of the sun, moons planets, seasons moved in concert with the heavens.  The movement of the winds, rains and the constant motion of events in our everyday life.  We wore not created for the gods as workers but as reflection of God’s creation.  The Hebraic thoughts of forms is the object functional does it have a purpose.  They did not build images of God or of the virgin Mary keep that in mind.

So when Christ came on board He went around the ancient lands preaching that God was in constant motion you could see it in your everyday life.  The rising of the sun, the passing of the moons, the winds that blew across your face, the events of your daily life all had the hands of God on you.  This makes it for you a personal perception of God always in motion.  The most radical idea the Christ taught was the afterlife.  The common man could gain entrance into the afterlife without jumping through the hoops like the kings did and the Caesars by building great tombs carrying their wealth to be used in the next life.

It was easy for the common man to understand the God of Israel as a functional being they could see Him all around them and controlled the events in their lives everyday the juxtaposition between good and evil.  Hebraic thinking of God was triadic the first person of the Trinity, the Second person, transcendence and the Third person Immanence.  Now you can see the body of God it becomes simply for me to understand why God is transparent or is He?

I am reminded of the crippled man by the pool of Bethsaida that for years was trying to get into the waters to get healed of his infirmities.  He told this to Christ and what did Christ tell him.  Get up and walk.  The theme here in the Hebraic culture all life is in movement if you are sitting all depressed or whatever waiting for a miracle to happen it never will get up and do something about your situation this call on a introspection of ones future–past things that did not work–to get up and try other things to improve the situation.  Before the day goes past you.  The miracle of healing in God is to get up and do something constructive instead of laying on the ground for someone to help you stand up.

I am a Vietnam Vet, PTSD, Manic Depressive,  Emphysema 4.  I carry a DNR on me at all times.  I got myself on a antipsychotic drug to keep me balanced and fought the VA for home oxygen for two years.  The miracle of healing I got up off the ground one day 30 years ago and decided to find the God of the Hebraic culture it is a lifestyle.  I found my God between the books of Deut. and Isiah and my ideal lifestyle in the book of Job.

Next time you are in church and you hear find your righteousness in Christ.  Stand up and walk out go home.  Righteousness in the Hebraic word means to find a resting place.  Go home and sit in your easy chair, drink a cup of coffee and look at the world that God created for you.

If you wish to sit in the citadels of Christianity, Islam or Judaism the governance of politics in your life.  The governance of slavery that will be your future when you stand before God who made you.  Or you can lay on the ground and wait for a miracle to happen in your life as the past is already gone or you hear the words of a  son of God come by and tell you to get up and walk today.

I find my righteousness sitting in my easy chair sipping coffee teaching the Words of the Hebraic culture which gives a different body to God.  Different from the gods of Christianity, Islam and Judaism stand up and walk today that is the miracle of healing, see the movement of God’s hands as the wind blows across your face, birds flying, the sun rises.  Death in the Hebraic culture was a sign of weakness your just laying there like Laurus doing nothing with your life.  Death in the physical realm is finite as is spiritual death in your everyday life.  Spiritual death comes quickly in the present stand up and spiritual Eternity comes in a twinkling of an eye which is infinite take a walk into the afterlife.

My series this year is going to look at the Hebraic language and culture to give you a better perspective of belief to understand the mind of the Hebrew and the God we all serve.

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