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(A Psalm of David.)” The LORD said unto my lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool”. [RSV, 110:1]

In this verse you notice that the word lord appears twice once in upper case and once in lower case.  What is the difference?

Lord in the lower case comes from the Hebrew word “Nwda adon”, one who has authority over another usually translated, a “lord” used in the Bible for both men and God.  From the Hebrew perspective it is not simply one who rules over another but rather one who provides for and protects those under his charge.

The upper case of the Word, “Lord” is not the same meaning as the word, “Nwda adon“.  Lord upper case is the name hwhy YHWH.

In the Hebrew language everything has a meaning, the “Mda adam” is the name is the name of the first human

Uppercase Lord,” hawah” has a verb in front of it,”hwh hawah“, meaning, “to exist” prefixed the letter, “Y” meaning he.  Thus YHWH means he exists and would be pronounced as yih’weh, Yahweh.

What this verse is saying, the Lord sits over man who sits over those in his charge.  We as sons of the Lord sit at his right side simply as that.

Apostasy of Religions Christo Islam Jewish

The Apostasy of the Christian church lies in the fact that Westernized churches follow the religious philosophies of Plato thoughts forms.  From the Roman Catholic Church to the Pentecostals, Baptist, Mormons, 7th Day Adventist ect…. they all have their own Bibles to worship their gods with images and pictures.  They mix governance to the church and social experiments in politics to keep their coffers full.  Your salvation is rooted in money to build bigger temples unto the gods.

The Apostasy of Islam,  Shiite Muslims in particular,  they celebrate some kind of stupid oblations to a grandson,” Imam Hussein” of Muhammad by cutting their heads drawing blood during the festival of Ashura.  This was the name of a sensual Canaanitish goddess Astarte, the feminine of the Assyrian Ishtar.  So they are drawing blood over the killing of Imam Hussein by a woman?  The grandson of Muhammad who was a pedophile and a thief.  Muslims like the Christians and the Jews of splintered into different sects.

The Apostasy of the Jewish religion.  There wore always two kingdoms, you had the northern kingdom which is modern-day Israel which has splintered into different sects.  No different then Christianity.

And if you look at all three religions in context of theologies they are all fighting over the body of Christ.  Look at the chaos around the world from America to Europe to China to the Philippines men killing men over the body of gods they created.  The three great religions that came out of the lands of the primitive Sumerians the land of gods who had blue eyes. 

Me I follow the Southern Kingdom, “southern” means only right hand which corresponds to the Hebraic thought of direction a straight line east to west, Judea.  Your to sit on the right side of the Lord till he makes “my enemies a footstool” what an interesting thought to chew on.  I don’t have to travel from temple to temple, draw blood to some grandson or beat myself with palm leaves or eat unleavened bread and wear a cap.  All I have to do is seek the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the lineage of Christ and seek the Lord’s righteousness.


Prov. 10

24 The fear of the wicked (rasha), it shall come upon him: but the desire of the righteous (tsadiyq) shall be granted.

25 As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked(rasha) no more: but the righteous (tsadiyqis an everlasting foundation.

Rasha is wicked, “qaida tsadiyq” is translated as righteous which means pay attention and remain on the trail, “hqdu tsedaqah” is translated as righteousness.  Foundations between good and evil.

So turn your eyes and feet, head to east cross the wilderness your future lies in Paradise the Garden of the Lord.  Remain on the path steadfast in the storms and winds of life.

My series this year is going to look at the Hebraic language and culture to give you a better perspective of belief to understand the mind of the Hebrew and the God we all serve.

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