Slave Ships Sailing the Winds of Racism Around the Moons of Ego

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Modern day Slave Ship of Lebron ” Klingon Bird of Prey

This is the season for all Christians and like people to enjoy the story of Christ being born in a manger.  The story that has been told for thousands of years to children of all ages the innocence of the message of peace and goodwill for all the World.  There will always be that one child that raises his hands and start asking the proverbial, ” What if” questions.  The child goes on and on asking various hues of the same question until it reaches a crescendo of babel in your ears making your head explode.

Lebron James a legend in the NBA birthed the following statements the other day.  He compared “Old White, NFL Owners as the New Slave Owners on the Plantations of America.   Lebron James stated the players are the ones that make the ship fly through the Cosmos every Sunday.   Just like the slave ships of old that played their trade around the world for thousands of centuries.  Then he goes on to say,” “I am very educated about what I believe in and I’m not doing it in a violent way,”  He goes on to say,” The difference between the NBA and the NFL: the NBA [cares about] what we believe [players] can be, the potential. In the NFL, it’s what can you do for me this Sunday or this Monday or this Thursday. And if you ain’t it, we movin’ on.”

James ended the segment claiming that he and his fellow NBA players are “non-violent” in their protests and activism.   He is the epitome of the religion of peace……Hmmmm.

Have you ever played a game called “Scrabble” the players get small squares of wood that are imprinted with the letters of the alphabet and you have to make a word out of what is in your heart what comes to your mind.

In the Hebraic language the mind is the center of your heart, the center of good and evil.  The kidneys are considered your spirit the organ that purifies your soul.  Food for thought.

Lebron James went on a long diatribe just conceive one word in his mind, everybody that is not black is racist.  Racist is an abstract illusion a non being shorten from the French word Racisme, circa, 1935.

Racisme was born in the French countryside amongst the vineyards in a manger attended by the men of renown that traveled from the galactic heavens to lay the foundations of darkness at his feet.  Scholars put his birth at, our around, Dec. 25th, 1935.  Not much is known of his early life but it is recorded in History that in the spring of 1947 his parents brought the child to the altars of men and they baptized him in the pools of Bethesda, the pool of shame, on the Moons of Kedar [Hebrew for Darkness].

Racisme was a weakly child growing up and started his ministries traveling from city to city ,village to village, in the deserts of Europe.  Everywhere he went he relied on the darkness of strangers to feed him and give him shelter.  He went into the Citadels of the great cities and preached to all.  Thousands heard his words and wore converted in one day the crowds at 4000 thousand.  The spirit came over the hearts of men and they started speaking in tongues to other nations.  Words like the giants that fell from the Heavens  and took the daughters of men and they bare the children.  The giants of man Misogyny, Gender X,  pedophilia, homophobia and Lust [Gen.6] warriors all in the galactic darkness.

In the fall of 1959 the day the music died, Racisme gained travel aboard a Klingon Battleship, ” Bird of Prey”, and crossed the great oceans of space and time landing on the Moons of America and started preaching at the altars of men which led the children into the netherworld of Ego.

The older Racisme became the stronger he became.  When the day came that he assimilated into the Spirit of America and became Westernized he changed his name to Racist to be gender inclusive. Like the altars of Europe he converted disciples by the thousands, the primary colors of red, green and blue.  His message crossed the spectrum of light to specifically target the children of different hues and shades.  Sometime the chaos and confusion in the darkness of space in the young mind of Lebron he went to the altars of men and listen to the ministry of Racisme and the words struck him in the head like a stone falling from the heavens and has blurred his vision for a time, time, and a half.

You remember as a child when you had your first coloring book.  Crayola was the king of colors when I was growing up.  I had one set of Crayola’s that had over a hundred colors of different shades of hues, you used a combination of colors to make secondary colors thousands of combinations.  Inside the coloring book there were pages outlines of objects that you  could color the objects to your heart’s content.

As I got older I realized that you can not create life or color out of a non being entity in space and time. The only ones that can do that is Hollywood like the old movie 1931, “Frankenstein” with Boris Karloff who took a dead body and gave it life so it could around  terrorizing your neighborhood scaring your children.

The altars of man, with the alchemists of scientist’s trying to give life to Racisme. Santa Jorge the common man of destiny of the divine authority who flies around the world with his cardinals at Christmas time are dropping the body parts of Racisme down the chimneys of men to make them kneel before him.  He is the one that lives beneath the polar regions of Mars surrounded by the seven pillars of Ego.  Whose cardinals who build out the seeds of darkness all year-long for all to eat and consume.  They all fly on the Bird of Prey which is outfitted with a cloaking device so you can not see their true intent.

So when you hear the cries of Lebron James and the injustice of Slavery remember he is currently worth 440,000,000.00 million dollars.  The Old Slave masters who are White Men in the NFL and NBA must have paid the Slaves very well.  I figure for Lebron and the others they must not have minded to much playing in the yards of the Plantations all these years.  It gave him economic security that the rest of us do not enjoy.  They do not have to toil in the hot sun like the rest of us.   He is educated, I do not think so, he just hates his Father.

So before you climbed aboard that Klingon, “Bird of Prey, check the manifest, who is piloting your ship to the Galactic regions of the Moon’s of Kedar in the star system Ego and beyond to the edge of your time.  Your going to find out Racist is an abstract and illusion, a non functional body, a vapor mist of fog that shrouds the good in all of us a beast that roams in the darkness of your heart.  The beast will pilot  will your heart deeper into the darkness of the Solar System.  Do you know that it takes 100 thousand light years to reach the outer limits of the netherworld.

It only takes a twinkling of an eye to see the transparency of the body of Christ who has no color spectrum.  It is only the altars of men that came up with the coloring book and the word game scrabble.

I would rather spend my energies figuring out how to become transparent like Christ.  It starts by telling others the Truth.   Belief in a being, God, or belief in a non being, racist, the choice is yours.  

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night not a creature was stirring not even darkness and there was a silence across the heavens for just a moment as I came back from the Galactic system of Ego aboard the spacecraft Eternity.  Filled with only a few holiday travelers going home like me. 

Goodnight to All

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