Merry Christmas- Miracle on 34th Street – Cosmology of Thought

Miracle on 34th Street is a 1950’s movie where they put a man on trial for claiming to be the real Santa Claus in a sea full of Santa Claus’s.  The prosecutor brings the man who claims to be Kris Kringle to trail to prove he is mentally incompetent and should be put away.  The defending attorney for Kris is determined to prove that Kris Kringle is who he states that he is, Santa Claus.  The defending attorney has an uphill battle to prove that Kris Kringle is Santa Claus.   It would look like the prosecutor’s job would be a cakewalk to kill the spirit of Christmas.  Without giving away all of the plot in the end it is proven that Kris Kringle is Santa Claus.

The same story is playing out on 1600 hundred Pennsylvania Ave in our nation’s capital.  America, the Democrats and the Republicans with the help of  idiot children are trying to prove that President Trump and the First Lady and their children are not what they claim to be.

There are claims the he is an adulterer which seem to be valid.   That does not raise my eyebrows.  The claims that he had business dealings with the Russians that does not raise my eyebrows.  I would still vote for him for the simple fact he is not a career politician.

What bothers me is the constant stream of attacks against the values, the Constitution of the Spirit of America.  She was birthed in Christ with a foundation of Justice and Equality for all and like a child she took time to grow into an adult. You still see the American Blacks all go around crying fowl, the American Mexican all go around crying fowl the American Eunuchs all cry fowl and the Press with the help Hollywood feeds the narrative who in turn feeds it to the children who like pigs eat up the slop.  They all lay all the ills of the world on the white man of American European descent which has been the topic of discussion for the last 30 yrs in the Citadels of America.  It is now bearing fruit and only a few in America will taste the bitterness of it.

There were two great Empires that came out of the east, one was the Persian Empire that lasted for about 2700 years and the Roman Empire that still lives in the body of Pope  Jorge Mario Bergoglio a common man who rose to ranks to become some metaphysical God of Divine Authority a man of deception.

He is of Spanish descent a hybrid Mexican and has in recent days embarked on a crusade of social justice for all and equality for all blaming the American European white man for the ills of the world and the accusations of sexual misconduct against his watchmen on the walls of the sovereign state of garbage that is his Temple.   When you build anything on the profane metaphysical sciences it will fall over time.  This happened to the Persians and it will happen to Roman Empire in the next couple of days.  Jorge Bergoglio is spinning out of control his tongue betrays him daily.   The Roman Empire has been around 2700 years.  Sometime in the future it will fall to for the simple reason of thought you can not give a foundation to an abstract God with lies.

I figured sometime after the first of the year a new empire will emerge in the AmeriEuroAsia regions of the World.   Pope Jorge and his flock of goats , with the churches of America have all created the Oak tree of self-aggrandizement and the fruit is ripening under the shadow of the Roman Empire.

So for the self righteous idiot christians that fall on the altars on Christmas eve under the tree of self-aggrandizement adorned with the candles of open borders, climate change and colorful bulbs of illegals from all over the world twinkling in the dim of the sanctuary.   With the trays of sweetbreads and wines and presents under the trees.  Hear the voice of Jorge and his minions tell us the story of how Christ was born in a manger and became in real life the Socialist Marxist of our time and how the three wise men came to the manger to give the fruits of our labors at the feet of an unknown god.  That we can now all live in peaceful harmony and goodwill at night.   We can all go to sleep at night knowing the illegals will be taken care of so when you sing this song ;

 Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
‘Round yon virgin Mother and Child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Your singing to the 60 million plus Christs, sons and daughters, who did not make it out of the womb into the light but now sleep in heavenly peace.  The church was nowhere to be seen around the manager of the Lord only 3 wisemen who knew the truth.

So sing your merriment unto the gods you serve to save the illegal so they can get a free check to live on at the expense of good people that work hard to make a living like anyone else in the world. 

So for pope Jorge who reinvented himself into some divine god that controls the speech of the AmeriEuroAsia church you will never make me bleed for the plight of the illegal you never cried over the spilling of 60 million boys and girls that never saw the light here in America.  You only voiced concern when it suited your tastes as long as it kept the coffers full.

Merry Christmas to me is celebrate another day of life through the body of Christ within the framework of my dwelling.  I will not put the blood of the illegal or the blood of the American Eunuchman on the doorframe, the blood of death.  I will put the blood of the Lamb on my doorpost between the frontlets of my eyes and the eyes of my wife.  Christmas is everyday I wake up and see his world.

Merry Christmas to the President and the First Lady and her children may God always bless them and a special Merry Christmas to Men and Woman of the Armed Forces serving around the World in 17 different countries.  God bless you all.

America is more interested now in the illegal, climate change and the changing of the guard to the values of self.  A new Empire will be emerging after the fireworks go silent,  Jan 1, 2019, in the night and the light dims on the Spirit of America, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and the doors close for good.   

Are you ready when the rider on the pale horse comes your way, Death and Hell will follow him the sword will be drawn against you.  God can come at anytime in the next couple of minutes, tomorrow, next week, a thousand years are you ready to receive the sweetness of the fruits for eternity.  Then plant the seeds of Faith that have been carried on the winds of the heaven, heaven an heaven and watch it sprout in the Twilight of the Moons of Kedar your World.

The price of Freedom is high; Plato 400 BC

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

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