AmeriEuro How to Make Corn Tortillas Mankind’s Dilemma

Vows unto God gains Eternal Life

I remember my mother in law years ago taught me how to make corn tortillas, a Mexican staple of life that spans across the countries of South America.  Corn has always been a staple of life for all civilizations since the days of the Ancients that came out of the lands of Mesopotamia.

It is a simple recipe to make tortillas.   You need ground up corn, grind it up into a flour and then you mix water into it to make a dough like mixture.  To bind the flour and water together, you add lard, mix it in together.  The consistency should be that it will not stick to your hands.

You grab the dough in your hands roll it up into a ball, take a rolling-pin, roll out the dough into about a 5 inch circle , cook it on a hot iron skillet till it browns on one side then flip it and brown it on another side.  It is that easy to create a staple of life that sustains life.

Mankind was born in blood and water to bind man together you need a belief system that keeps him from falling into chaos and confusion.

We see this in the narratives of the Crucifixion of Man on the Cross.  Christ was born of blood and water and his binder was a belief in one God that created stability in the land he was born into that was full of gods.

The Hebrew God the belief in one God was born out of Eastern Philosophy of the God of the Sun that gave life to all surrounded by lesser gods of the land the sea to the water.  This is revealed in Gen. 1 : 9;  this is from the Hebrew Torah;

“And he called the gods of the land, and of the sea, and to the water, and saw God as good”.  

Man gave names to all the gods that surrounded their lives but at the end of the day they saw one God as good.   Then in the Hebrew Torah you see these remarks; Gen. 2: 1 -3;

“And the heaven and earth and all their hosts

And the gods of the seventh day of meal that did and sat in the day of the seventh of all the work which he did.

And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it to  him, because he dwelt among all the craftsman which the God created to do.”

God gave mankind the craftsman, men, one simple task to do take care of the Garden that God created.   Then the Torah goes on to tell mankind.   He took one of man’s chops and built the Woman to helpmeet man’s salvation the belief in one God.

He was only required to quit naming gods to sustain his life all he has done is create chaos and confusion in the present tense in his Garden.  Man has facilitated the hiring of craftsmen, gods, to help build his ziggurat to the heavens.

The Western philosophy, of gods, of the Greeks, has always been with us.  You look at the AmerEuro landscape, the men of the churches are creating the gods of Slavery, by the introduction of the lesser gods, the gods of social justice, the gods of redistribution of  wealth, the gods of open borders, the gods of international rights, the gods of globalism, the gods of gender identity, gods of re-education, gods climate control, gods of bestiality and the list of gods goes on.  In the ancient Semitic culture they created over 3000 thousand gods it would be my guess that we in the present tense are close to that number. 

The altars of Europe like the Hebrews built two temples to the god of Slavery and both times they were destroyed.  We saw this in World War I and it sprang up again in World War II and millions died flooding the land with the blood of the common man.  Now they are building another temple to the god of Slavery, globalism, under the arms of the Roman Empire the Church.  Who in past years, the pope went to bed with the gods of Islam who are the slave traders of the world.  Muhammad himself was a pedophile and a thief.

America, present day, is in the throes of re building its temple the first one has been destroyed.  The craftsmen of the altars have collected all the gods of the Roman Empire and incorporated them into the fabric of the people who gather in front of their temples to sweeten the taste of the bitter fruit when it is eaten.  Bitter fruit always tastes better when you add honey to it.

On both sides of the ocean people are starting to open their eyes up, to the gods of slavery, globalism, the Yellow Vest Movement, that started in France.  We see this in now in the state of California spreading into Canada;  this is the fruit of the EU the UN under the shadow of the oak tree of the  Roman Catholic Church, chaos across the world;

the  yellow vest  movement catches on around the world
California ‘Yellow Vest’ Movement Joins French Citizens Fight against Globalism

california  yellow vest  movement joins french citizen s fight against globalism
Yellow Vest Protests Spread to Canada as Citizens Rise Up to Globalism

I figure all man has to do, which is simple, is take to the recipe for making Tortillas and incorporate it into their spiritual lives and life would taste good ,warm hot bread, made out of corn, the staple of life in any country of the world.

To make a Tortilla in the spiritual sense take one part blood, one part water , man, and add a binder to it, God, who he saw as good.  

God sent His son to bear the burdens of the world a simple recipe but it is human nature that only a few will ever learn the kneading of corn to produce a tasty morsel of life rooted in eternity.   So break bread with the Lord today and redeem the life He gave you through your blood and water in the garden of where you were born, that is your Eden according to the Hebrew God of the Torah.  Eden another day another blog in the wilderness of the gods of the Oak tree that stands high in the middle of the land surrounded by the seven hills.

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