Pastors Crimes against God and His People

As I have pointed out in around about way the problems with the churches of Europe and America.  When you come from another country you are obligated to assimilate into the country you are going into.  It is your responsibility to gain the language to find meaningful work and other endeavors to fully integrate into society.  This is called individual responsibility and as I have always stated a belief in one God.

As the Word tells us one is to keep his yard and house in an orderly fashion and presentable unto the Lord.  When you have the Roman Empire subjugate people in other lands and all they want is your allegiance to the church they do not care how you present yourself.

Morality has an intrinsic value in forming one into an object of beauty instead of an object of chaos.  I have the seen the decline in individual responsibility in the spirit of America for over 50 years.  People do not keep their houses or yards in an orderly fashion and they let their kids run amuck everything is filthy.  The malls and the shopping centers are starting to look like third world countries dirty and filthy.  People that have been here for decades do not take the time to learn English.  This is what you call lazy people who have no loyalty for the country they are in.  Either here in America or in the continents of Europe and everyone gives them a pass.  Then the countries lose their sovereignty and the people start crying foul.  Sanitation is a big part of anyone’s individual existence wherever you are at in the world.  How you keep yourself and your house speaks volumes about your character revealing the gods that you serve.

Even the nomadic people of Nepal keep their tents and living quarters in an exemplary state.   

Children are reflections of their religions that they follow reflections of their parents who gave up their responsibilities to themselves and to their children in whatever environment they belong to.  They grow up in chaos and the altars of  man are to blame someone has to teach the narratives of Christ and the God who created them.  This is where man has the individual responsibility of teaching Christ to his family and the woman teaches the morality of the belief in one God.  The gods that man choose create chaos and everyone gravitates to them to fill the coffers so that they can build their grandiose temples unto the heavens.

Jer. 12: 12 – 10

10 Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness.

11 They have made it desolate, and being desolate it mourneth unto me; the whole land is made desolate, because no man layeth it to heart.

12 The spoilers are come upon all high places through the wilderness: for the sword of the LORD shall devour from the one end of the land even to the other end of the land: no flesh shall have peace.

You follow the altars of man, pastors, you give up your responsibility as a man to yourself and to others around you and you become blind and crippled to basic living requirements and sanitation issues.   As it Jeremiah writes the Lord will make your land desolate.

Reflections of the Catholic Church in South America the Mafa’s of chaos who have not taught the people nothing for hundreds of years except how to steal and cheat.  Instead of how to create their world accordingly to the precepts of the Old Testament concerning such things. 

Venezuela: Man Kills Teen, Sells Body as ‘Salted Rodent Meat’ to Starving Population

Capybaras in a bath at Izu Shaboten Park in Japan

 Mexican Cartel’s Trash Leads to Discovery of Smuggling Route on Arizona Border

Miles and miles of trash go into the interior of America who cleans that up?  The American taxpayer or the landowner who is trying to make a living?  Desecration of the Spirit of America comes in many shades.



Pelosi: I Told Trump to Pray for Biblical ‘Wisdom’

[She continued, “I told him about King Solomon, when he was to become king of the Jews, he prayed to God, he said, ‘How can I ever follow King David? I need you to give me great understanding and wisdom, Lord.’ And after he prayed and prayed and prayed, God came to him and said, ‘Solomon, because you did not ask for longevity, great wealth, or vengeance against your enemies, I will give you more wisdom than anyone has ever had.’ The wisdom of Solomon.”

She added, “It had nothing to do with that. It had everything to do with—let us be prayerful and listen to each other and have an understanding of where people are coming from on all of this. Whatever you think about it, how many times did he mention the word wall? That’s all he could say. How many times did he mention that? How obsessed he is with the wall. 

Then you have the representatives of the Church, Democrat’s, who reflect the values of Rome, come in and tell the President he should have the wisdom of Solomon who built the first temple of the Jewish nation.  Is it me or did the temple have a wall to keep out undesirables.   Every city in the lands of ancient Mesopotamia had a wall to protect itself and its way of living.  

Pelosi is a product of the church , which teaches socialism, she forgot to tell you the rest of the story.  The only equality in the Word is to those that believe in the God who created them.   Socialism denies the individual creativity and this can be seen in the countries south of the border of America.   The Bible is clear if someone comes into your house and does not share the same values the belief in one God then you bid them farewell for you do not want them to infect your children with the viruses of immorality and confusion.

God has already judged America all you have to do is to look at the pastors that you follow and listen to their words.  Only a third of you will ever pick up the Bible and read it along with the Holy Spirit to find your paradise in the Garden of God who promised it to you at your Crucifixion.  That has already been spoken into existence.

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