Wednesday Morning: Evil Spirits: Judges 9 : 22 – 23

One God Two Worlds One Family

One as to look at the times that Judges was written to understand the context that the writer had in mind when relating the events of the day.   Judaism, Islam, Christianity and elements of Buddhism are all considered monotheistic religions.   The eschatology of these religions centers around the cosmology of good and evil with evil finally coming to a demise and then each religion has their own idea of heaven.

Heaven is one of those conjectures that we like to think what things might be like in a world were we are surrounded by the spectre of death everyday.  

In the spiritual realm of  good and evil everything has a shelf life and will run its course finally ending up in a judgement.  The same being we are born and we die a finite time limit that can not be changed or altered.

Judges was written about 550 BC  a couple of years before the enslavement of the Jewish people by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar.  You have to have a working knowledge of the times and settings in the lands of the ancients and their worship of gods and how words were put in play which will lead us into vs. 23.  First we have to cross vs. 22:

22 When Abimelech had reigned three years over Israel,

Abimelech as it is written reigned only three years and the tide started to go against him.  He combined the belief in a monotheistic god and  the pluralism of multiple gods of the Canaanites in their Temples.   When life was going good they worshiped God and when things were going bad they worshiped the gods of the Canaanites.  They made their prescribed sacrifices and absolution’s to appease the gods to bring good tidings in whatever endeavor they fell short of within three realms, government, economic, and religious the intersections of everyday life throughout the day every day.  

They created statues to the gods and goddesses that they worshiped and if things were going wrong the statues cast an evil spirit upon the people.  All statues of gods or goddesses were given life and animated in the eyes of the people.   It was not till the 2nd century BC that the three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam anglicized the words like evil ,demons, and the like.  Demons in the ancient semitic languages actually meant goodness.  All they did here was to alleviate man’s responsibility to himself and others it became easier to blame a cosmic entity then to accept responsibility for one’s action when things were going wrong.

23 Then God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem; and the men of Shechem dealt treacherously with Abimelech:

What we see here with Abimelech is man’s nature when he is elevated his head tends to swell and the corset of power and greed wraps itself around the men who follow him.  This no different then man’s nature you see around the world, the politician, the rulers of the nations, they forget where they came from and burden the common person with mounds of sacrilegious mush.  Who after a time and season man decides they need a new way to govern themselves.   The problem in the 5th century was the countless absolutions and mush that one had to do to appease the statues of gods which they had animated the same belief systems holds true today around the world.

Christianity has a way of castrating one over the aspect of evil if you do not support your local church you just can not serve God.  Judaism runs the same course there is multitude of absolution’s  and regulations that must be met.  Islam has a 100 tenets of their religion that one has to memorize in order to counted worthy or they will kill you.  Parts of Buddha have hundreds of regulations to follow for the females and the males to find some kind of inner peace.   Put it all together in a wrap and it becomes slavery to a particular breed of man’s altars to explain mankind’s presence in the world to dissuade the chaos of life and living everyday to bring in some kind of order.

Christianity and Islam have a commonality in regards they all put you in subjugation to their ideals and explanations of heaven if you do not believe then you are going to hell for which no one for sure knows what that is or even what heaven is like it is conjecture at best.  The Roman Catholic Church has purgatory which is a form of reincarnation which follows the ideas of Buddhism.  You keep coming back to life till you get the rigours of life all in a wrapped paradise.  Muslims believe that you kill someone in the name of Allah you receive 72 virgins.  Does not say much for the woman and the little girls ,where is their redemption, from the rigorous of life.  Intelligent design would dictate to me that you only get one shot of having a peaceful life wherever you are at in the world as long as you have some decor of morality.

I live my life under the precepts outlined in the Old Testament an essay of mans monotheistic view of evil and good.  I elect morality over evil and will not be chained to the religiosity of symbolism of the tenants of any religion.  I created my own world in the worlds of mans darkness and you to have the same opportunity to do the same today and turn your eyes away from the spirituality of Sodom. 

Good and evil all have a shelf life and when men get tired of being subjected into slavery then revolutions start and ideologies like walls come tumbling down.  Nations come and go but man’s nature stays the same immutable.

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One God Two Worlds One Family