Mondays Discernment: Judges 9 : 18

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This morning we are going to look at vs. 18 and explain what it is talking about to help you understand the totality of Judges 9 1 – 18 and how it relates to your everyday life.  Abimelech  was nominated king over the Israelites in the land of the Canaanites a land of multiple gods that they worshiped.  They worshiped the gods that came out of the four rivers in Genesis.  You saw God speak to the men in the form of a fig tree they were wanting a blessing from God and a covering from God.  God told them you want a king so God gave them up to a king and the desires of their heart.  As I have said before and it is clear in the previous verses you cannot serve man or his altars and serve God at the same time.

Let’s break down vs. 18:

18 [And ye are risen up against my father’s house this day, and have slain his sons], threescore and ten persons, [upon one stone], and have made [Abimelech, the son of his maidservant], [king over the men of Shechem], because he is your brother; )

The men of Israel turned their backs on the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and turned the eyes of the young men against the belief in one God the stones of the Ten Commandments.  Men created the altars because they wanted to be led by a men instead of being led by one God.  Abimelech is symbolic of being from the womb of a slave woman, the church, the seed of Hagar, the mistress of Abraham.  Whose son was Ishmael represents the heathen the Gentiles that worship the Temples of man.

What is interesting about Judges 9 it represents America today everyone goes around saying America is divided well it is.  If falls in line with the scriptures men wanted a king to led them and see this in the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant religions.   And the men of the clothe ask the same thing of God can we have your covering your blessing over us.

God tells you either you serve Him and Him alone or He will give you up to your desires you judge yourself.  America is being judged make no bones about it.  America will fall at the hands of men the altars because they have turned the eyes of the young men away from the God who created them.  This is no different then Abimelech hundreds of years ago.  History has a way of repeating itself and it never goes away, God gets to a point, and quits talking to you cause you do not listen.

Serve God or serve the churches of Man the choice is yours.  Judgement is in your hands, God gave the stone to stand on.

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