Thursdays Psalm 91: 9 – 12

Words have Power they are the Spirit of the Lord the angels that are given life by man

We will finish up Psalm 91 this afternoon.  Hopefully this gives you an idea what it is you are reading in the Bible.  I do not teach or preach from the altars of men.  i teach from the wilderness in the darkness of space to reach your eyes.  When you see Italicized words point your eyes back to Gen. 1 and the seven days of your creation.

Because thou hast “made” the LORD, which is my “refuge” even the most High, thy “habitation”;

made or formed in a particular place:  refuge your body your temple:  You made the belief in one God to inhabit your mind and heart and made your world from the faith of one God. [ Heb. 11]

10There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

Morality of Truth exists in your mind, your conscience :  Plague is a reference to an idea like Open Borders and you go along with it then you find out that it is wrong:  Case in point;
is this am indirect admission that government s open door policy is a failure

Merkel Doubles Payouts to Failed Asylum Seekers Who ‘Agree’ to Leave Country

The refugees came like a plague then you heard from the Vatican, Open Borders where the Battle Cry took on wings and it landed in the halls EU where it was given life by men of darkness then it sprouted wings and landed in the state capitals of the nations of the EU.  Where men and woman implemented the policy.  From Europe it sprang wings and went across the Atlantic and landed in the UN, where it gained life again and America heard the cry of the fowl of the Air, “Open Borders” and it had divided the House in America.   No different than the plagues of Eygpt that came across the land.

11For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

You look down at the written word angels are the spirit of Truth and they become power when you set it in your mind and speak it from your heart to others around you.  Case in point:  “Thou shalt not Kill” you speak it Truth from your heart to others the belief in one God.  You look down at “Open Borders” you put into your mind and you speak it to others from your heart .  It then covers the land like a plague and infects others to a lie like the plagues of Eygpt.

12  They shall bear thee up in their “hands”, lest thou dash thy foot against a “stone”.

You read that , “Thou shalt not Kill” ; you implement it in your mind and heart and your hands do not kill others.  A stone is like something hard, a lie, becomes hard like a stone in our minds and causes us to stumbled in our walk.  The Ten Commandments are to become like a stone in our minds and heart so we do not stumble in our daily walk for the lie created in the” face of darkness” of men. {Gen.1:2}

And the Spirit of God came across the face of the deep and He created light where there was darkness by His Word and His Spirit, man called the darkness.

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Combat Support Operations 24 hours a day


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