Monday Thoughts–Crucify Your Mind–Golgotha–Men

One Nation one God one Faith one Baptism

And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha:

What is ,the place of a skull, it is your mind the top of your temple the steeple the frontlets between your eyes.

It is always been a personal relationship with the Spirit of God dwelling within all men to hear the Words of God and construct a framework of their world around their faith not left up to churches that were never ordained by God.  It was always a small group of men that heard the voice of God within the small nation of the Jewish people in the Old Testament.

Now you have your professing christian Sen. Sasse of Nebraska mimicking the voice of the Democratic party that we are falling into political tribalism.  In the respect that we all gravate to our local tribes that we are affiliated with in our communities.   There were 12 tribes listed in the Old Testament this simple reflects the men that heard the voice of God,   It had nothing to do with the Gentile communities.  The good news has always been that your were born once from the womb and like the womb you are reborn again in the Spirit of God away from the tower of Babel that men create.  Men created political economic and religious structures for society to live by and to govern the common person.  This has been there for thousands of years and for thousands of years they have always murdered and beat the woman and children.  This is emblematic of the wounds and the bloodletting on the Cross and the symbolism of Christ.

Take a Look

SASSE:  I think we’re meant to be relational beings. God created us to love our neighbor and to be involved in projects with other people. And then, fortunately, most of the good tribes, the local tribes, the places that make people happy: Do you have a good family? Do you have a few deep friendships? Do you have meaningful work? Do you have a church? Do you have a local worshipping community? All of those places are kind of being undermined by the digital revolution. So, place is tied to where you’re raising your kids. Your deep friendships are about a place. Your church is in a community. Your work is usually tied to a specific geography. As all those things get undermined, people are lonely. I think there’s a loneliness epidemic among us and right now we’re filling in, but a lot of Americans are filling in political tribalism as the sort of backup plan for failed tribes. They’re going to these bad tribes, which are political addictions. And they tend to be anti-tribes. What are you against, rather than what you are for?

What this professing christian is telling you is a bunch of bunk and it stinks to high heaven.  So now if I do not believe in whatever he just said which frankly smells of slavery I am just anti-tribe.  How about I believe in the garbage he just put out and I believe in the tribes of man like him or I do not know what I am doing.

The loneliness comes in when young men create their own worlds from looking at the opulence of  men of the clothes or the politicians and use them as a mentor to guide our lives .  I know that to be true when I was a young man trying to find my identity as a man.  I went to the local churches and for years I was in bondaged to the altars and their plan of salvation that included money to build their temples never once did they teach me to build my own temple unto the Lord without the use of money. 

Until you as a young man an a young woman come to the realization that morality exists in the mind and the heart with the guidepost being the Living Word you will always be lonely and for the young woman you will always be looking for love in all the wrong places.

The bottom line it is and always has been respondent on the man to crucify his mind on the place of a skull your mind to spiritual influences of men around you.  It is from here your mind that you create your world in a sea of darkness or you destroy yourself in the end and until you face death you will never know if your redemption was unto man or to the Spirit of God that dwells in all of us, the knowledge of the tree of good and evil.

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