Late Afternoon Battlefield Intel Report;Ez. 31: 1-12: [13]

Psych Operations

65th Devil’s Brigade,  Combat Brigade,  Spiritual Warfare Ops.  Center, Col. Thomas

Hell on Wheels, 3rd Armored Div, Europe 1977, Spearhead

Military Intel Combat Support Brigade

Battlefield Operations, S -2 continues 24 hrs a day 7 days a week , Combat Support Brigade.  Welcome to my world America where the beasts , Catholic Church, prowl the land and devour the children.

Ez. 31:13

13 Upon his ruin shall all the fowls of the heaven remain, and all the beasts of the field shall be upon his branches:

The key word here to discern in the sentence is remain.  What this means is you get rid of one Pooper of Dung {shit} another man takes his place.

My Father woke me up with this communique from the Council of Elders in the Heavens, time 09:26 hrs, Central Time; the communique reads as follows;

Hear my words children carefully.  I always wondered what Christ meant when he told the disciples to speak in other tongues, in the first century and then the Father back to mind what His Son was saying to me.  How did you get someone’s attention it was by using their own words against them, that will reflect in all my  blogs, when you are on a live combat field and men are dying around you.  You can not go around and use words like can’t we all get along like a pious christians who believes in himself.

This is what you say  to men in a live combat situation, the smell of cordite and the explosions of artillery shells, the crack of bullets going past your head.  To give you an idea of the sound of a bullet going past your  head, snap your fingers behind your head, that is what it sounds like.  Men you trained with are dying all around you, do think in your right mind, I am going to do like the Church tells you to , pray, that is half the truth which a lie.  I going to yell at the top of my lungs,  Get your G damn heads down before you get killed.  When you are holding a young man in your arms and his guts are bleeding out and he is crying for his  mother because he knows he dying and there is nothing you can do.  I don’t think reciting Jn.3:16 to him is going to help him.  I came home and was called a baby killer.  Now I battle the beast that came out the sea to throw him back into the pit he came from and the  fowl of the air that follow him.

Father is not going to send me to hell, mans religion has already tried that, they molested me, they taught me to smoke and they almost taught me to give up my identity as a male.  This where the effeminate men come from in the Word, men who gave up their identity as male and became the weaker spirit like a woman and they prey on others, young men, young woman to take them into darkness their world.   You can sit and blame satan all you want you illiterate christians and say you prayer that go nowhere.

It is man’s religion that destroyed you, male or female and it is man’s religion that destroys nations, like Europe and America.

The men of the altars of  America during the runup to the 2016 elections all ran around yelling at the top of their voice, “He grabbed a womans pussy”.  I am sorry there is not a man in a America or even a woman who has never heard that term before when they were children, it’s not going to happen.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images/Screenshot

The one on the right is a trans-animal, man raped him and the darkness engulf his heart. they came in two’s the one on the left is a hollywood actress that is wearing a vagina on her head.  You effeminate men you go to movies and enable their darkness.

The one on the right, the trans-animal, before the great flood of Noah’s time reflects the “giants that came down from heaven and married the daughters of men”, the one on the left.

Then the Pooper of Shit starts the narrative that I am a Nazi and the giants in land, chime in, because they can’t think for themselves. I have been called anti-white homophobic and the list goes on.

I am Man ,a man of God, I am a Combat Soldier, enter my house and you will see who the “Pussy” is.  Bring your ism, phobias, racism, there is no such animal, there is only darkness and light.  You will leave with your tail between your legs like a dog.

Los Angeles CA - JANUARY Julia Louis-Dreyfus, At Women's March Los Angeles, At Downtown Los Angeles In California on January 21, 2017. Credit: Faye Sadou/MediaPunch/IPX

This would be like sticking your head in a, toilet bowl  this is what you call fecal material. She is deadly as a serpent, the same one, you see in the Garden

This is not what the word comely means in the Word this is what you call ugly a bag of crap and you watch her programs, me I turn the TV off, I do not go to her movies, she is a pig they came male a female in twos.   The opposite of that is when you find Christ then you came aboard the Ark of Noah, in twos male and female you are resurrected into the light of Noah and the hands of God.  Where you once were like the animals, the fowl of the air the beasts of the land.  You asked God into your life and sheltered you from the judgement of God that is coming soon.  Join me on the Ark or not I don,t care, Father has the power to send you to heaven,  Man only has the power to send himself to hell.  Don,t believe me look at Job,  Satan is Man and man could not take down Job no more than they can take me down.

I wrote early today,  I have to go  see a heart doctor, my  heart is trying to shut me down, it is up to the Father when I go home.  I still have a combat mission to fulfil to complete my covenant with my Father, to save America. I have not had time to proofread everything but if you grasp what I am telling you young men and women that is all I care about.  Commas and colons are my real enemies.

You will never escape darkness it will always be around you.

Wherever you’re at tonight, take my hand and ask God into your life, ask your Father to Baptize you in the waters of the Living Word and raise you up from the grave into the light to see the eyes of Christ to see the heavens and face of God who created you.  If you say this prayer, get up out of your grave and walk in the wilderness to cross the Jordan river to find the Golden city of Zion.  Follow me into the heavens before God comes back, Christ has already been here, God is coming back soon.  Father will hear you,  I have listened to your cries in the darkness for a long time.  Take this day to redeem yourself.  Don’t do it because I said so, personal I don’t care, because at the end of the day, you are going to be standing before your Father.  He is going to judge you, not me,  I love all my children that the Father sends to me but the reality is do you believe in yourself and others around or do you believe in the God who created you.

A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.

“I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.”
Douglas MacArthur

65th Devil’s Brigade,  Spiritual Warfare Ops.  Center, Col. Thomas
Feel free to comment I do not represent the altars of men, who believe in themselves, I play for keeps, like Michael the Archangel, over the body of men, Jude 9.