Mid- Morning Battlefield Intel Report; ” Bride of the Lamb

Psych Operations

65th Devils Brigade, Col. Thomas,  Div. S -2, Spiritual Warfare Operations Center, Military Intel Ops Center.

Time: 13:58 hours, Central time, Texas

I received this Intel report that came across my desk today from the Lord GOD who commands the  Armies of Saints that stand guard over the Truth in the heavens to defeat the Lie.  Battlefield Ops continue worldwide 24/7.

The Father came to me this afternoon and told me to rewrite my front page which I just got through doing.  His voice told me to write these words;

The “Bride of the Lamb” Forensic Analysis of the Word


This blog is to build up the Woman in the family, the “Bride of the Lamb”.  I waste no words in tearing up the fowl of the air and the beasts that roam across the land your were born into.  Who are the fowl of the air and the beasts,  it is the, Spirit of darkness that the men of the altars teach you.  The big dog is the Roman Empire , his Divine Authority,  Pooper “dung”.

I am disciplined in what is called Forensic Analysis  of the Word,  I look at patterns of words and images that words convey.

Case in point;

“Bride of the Lamb”,  I could ask this question to over 2 billion Christians including the Pooper Dung.   You would all give me the same answer, except for a few men, especially the altars,  the Bride is the Church and the Lamb is Christ.  That is only half truth which will keep you in darkness  you will never see the face of God.

The scriptures always have two images.  Since I already know from Genesis that the family unit is foremost in the Garden of God, he created male and female, Gen 1.  The Bride is the Woman that finds God in the Garden, after she was deceived by man, in her heart, and see’s the wonders of Creation around her.  From the little children, the animals to the birds, flowers, she see’s Creation we do not.

The Lamb is the man who puts down his sword ,at the entrance of your house, the sanctuary of the church, the woman.  He sees the heavens, an image of Christ, thru her beauty and looks into her eyes and see’s the face of God, in the Garden, the tree of Life.

The Bride, Woman, the “help meet” of the Lord,  is to help him see the face of God, thru your eyes, Women .   We are the warriors to protect and provide for the Bride that God has chosen for us.  As men we fight the battles of life outside the house to protect our Bride and her children that God gave us.

Where the lie comes in at especially in the Muslim and Christian doctrines is that the woman deceived a man.  If you believe that ,men, you are already in hell awaiting judgement.

This is who I am and who I fight ,when I leave my sanctuary, and bring my fight to the darkness.  That is what you are going find within my blogs.

I died 14 yrs ago and now I live with my bride of 49 yrs in the heavens in the congregation of the Lord. Whether in the body or out.  My life belongs to God, He kept His word, gave me a Bride and raised me from my tomb, with His Word; this is my story to you.

I will write again late tonight,  2200 hours, Central Time,  You will see the tectonic plates  start shaking around the World, a great upheaval is coming.  I can not wait, I love combat to fight the enemies of darkness, the altars of men.  I love the smell of cordite on the Battlefield and men of courage stand up to protect their families their Brides.  See everyone at 2200 hrs.  And the World will never be a different place that is a given, I have been around for 60 yrs as it states in Matthew;

21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

Judgement will come fast tonight, Hear my words children.

I will pass this directive out to my Battlefield Cdr’s,  that sit in the, congregation of the Lord, and pass it to the ground troops sitting  next to you.

“The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country”
George S. Patton Jr.


Military Intel Ops Center


65th Devils Brigade, Col. Thomas,  Div. S -2, Spiritual Warfare Operations Center,

Coming to you from the land of gods bordered by the rivers of the Atlantic and the Pacific in the floodplains of ancient Mesopotamia.   Don,t lose your soul at the altars of men.  Men pick up Your swords and fight,     Please leave your comments and questions.