This Afternoon’s Battlefield Intel Report; Branches of Rome; Ez. 31:2- 3






65th Devils Brigade, Col. Thomas,  Div. S -2, Spiritual Warfare Operations Center.

I received this Intel report came across my desk today from the Armies of Saints in heaven (Rev. 19:14) that stand guard over the Truth to defeat the Lie.  Battlefield Ops continue worldwide 24 hrs. a day.

Writing a little late today but I want to continue on with the image of the tree in Ez.31: 2-3.  When the Roman Empire conquered other nations they put a governor in place to implement Rome’s policies and govern the people to keep things in order.  If you remember the story of the crucifixion,  kingHerod was the governor in Jerusalem and was involved in the beheading of John the Baptist.

The top of the tree is the is the Roman Empire,   it gives only a shadow covering to the people who follow the Roman Empire.  The extension of the Roman Empire, the main bough or limb of the tree, is kingPope who claims divine authority,  A tree has many branches, ex., in Europe, the European Union, in America, the United Nations.  They are the governors and extensions of the Roman Empire like king Herod, king Pope.
To the individual the top of the tree is your mind this is where you decide on what religion you believe in, ex., the congregation of the Lord or multiple gods and goddesses.  For the individual especially the young ladies, your body is your temple, do you follow the branch of Jessie, Christ, this would be your covering or do you follow darkness a shadow covering.

As tree has many branches that all serve the King, ex.;

Maxine Waters & Adam Schiff Vow Revenge If Democrats Take House



Mexico Providing Caravan with Charter Buses to Get Migrants to US for Midterms





Ben & Jerry’s Israel Distances Itself From Anti-Trump Ice Cream Flavor






These three  examples, a lady, a nation, an ice cream business all echo the mantra of the Roman Catholic Church;

  • open borders
  • accept all illegal immigrants
  • climate control
  • diversity which leads to new gender identifications
  • anti- Semitism
  • violence against Christians that support the President

Whether these people are catholic or not they all follow the dogma of the kingPope who has decreed such things.

Dwell on the words, images and scriptures I provided you and the Father will bare witness to you.

I want the image of the tree of the Roman Empire and the branches to settle in your mind, because it becomes easier to see the rest of the prophecy, we will continue with Ez. 31:3 in the morning.

Israel is the only nation in recorded civilization that has lasted over 5000 yrs, the belief in one God, who created you.

Lets create a mega church in the wilderness for the congregation of the Lord, before the fires of judgement in the cities consumes your house.


Psych Operations

I will send this directive out to my Battlefield Cdr’s. in the congregation of the Lord and suggest they share this with the ground troops who follow them.

“The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country”
George S. Patton Jr.

Military Intel Ops Center

65th Devils Brigade, Col. Thomas,  Div. S -2, Spiritual Warfare Operations Center,

Coming to you from the land of the gods bordered by the rivers of the Atlantic and the Pacific on the floodplains of ancient Mesopotamia.   Don,t lose your soul at the altars of the Cash Cows.   Leave your comments below or questions,  I will answer you.