Weaponized Feminized Men who feed the Cash Cows of America.

Afternoon this is the Thomas Combat Report coming to you from the battlefields of America. 506th Air Assault, Div. S-2.

Welcome to my world the deserts of America bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans like the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in ancient Mesopotamia, that flowed out of the Garden one head, four rivers.

There was one thing that bothered me when I got out of the service there was no camaraderie amongst men in civilian life.   I found my camaraderie with men that fought in combat we understood each other.

When the man next to you depended on you in a combat situation there was no talk of racism, there was no talk of slavery or other issues of the day.  We took care of each other on the fields of combat where death was quick and bloody.   I remember holding a young man in my arms and his guts were hanging out.  He was crying for his mother and there was nothing I could do, he died in my arms.

I went to a Men’s breakfast on the invite of a now I realize a lie.  The person that invited me lied to me He was hoping I would join His church.  This is what I call the ;

Weaponized Feminized Men who feed the Cash Cows of America.

Do you know the difference between a restaurant and a church the answer is nothing they both want your business to stay in business.  With the church the Weaponized Feminized Men do the bidding of the altars who dress like women and teach you nothing.  They parade around their degrees as a badge of honour they never teach you to fear the Lord.  The feminized men of the church remind me of my days when I trained with a German Infantry Battalion during the 70’s.   They looked like woman they could not fight their way out of a paper bag.   The women looked like men.  Look at America the same thing is happening.

We arrived one night at a German Jaeger Bn. in their motor pool.  My Cdr. gave me a company of men to be in charge of during our stay with the Jaeger Bn.  I was only an E-3 hardstripe Sgt. at the time.  There were men in the company that out ranked me.  My Cdr. had faith in me that I could handle the job.  My Lord God my Father has faith in me that I will not falter in defending His honor for that He gave me mercy and grace and my life back.  I stand as a Man and not as a cowardly wimp on the battlefields the spiritual warfares of America.

So we are in the motor pool and this German Sgt. Major was giving us a spiel about a mechanized Armored vehicle that the Germans built.  For about 30 min everything that came out of his mouth was how much better this vehicle was better than the American version.

This reminds me of the altars anywhere in the America and the world.

I looked down His motor pool and what did I see but 12, M-60 A 1 riser, American made tanks.  At the end of his speech he asked the company if anyone had any questions.  I tapped him on the shoulder,  I have a question paused for second till I got his attention.

The Weaponized Feminized man-child will not tap his pastor or whatever name they go by and call his bluff.  They are blinded by the light of the altar simple as that.

Then I  asked him if they could build an Armoured veh that was better than the Americans could then how come he was renting tanks from us why didn’t  they build their own tanks.

So you confront these feminized men of the church about simple theology questions and the first thing they tell you is that the woman deceived the Man.  The altars feminized the men child real Men have the cojones and tap the guy on the shoulder, ask , Excuse explain to me what you just said perhaps I misunderstood.  Like I said before I don’t care if you are the President of the United States or the pope or whoever you are.  I am going to tap you on the shoulder and stand up as a Man of God because if your doctrine does not line up with the Word of God I am going to ask you to leave my house.

For the sake of argument I love President Trump he has done great things for America.

I was with an Air Assault group on a mission for which I can not tell you anything about.  But because of faulty Intel not from me but higher up,  900 soldiers died over the course of a couple of days.

The altars of America kill thousands ever day by the lies they tell to the flock.  Millions all around the world.  That is one reason that I state ever now and then, I am dying why would I lie to you, there would be no financial gain or any other motive me but simply as a father to his sons and daughters to tell them the Truth.  I am not looking for pity, attention, or any self-serving interest.  Simply to save your life,  Father sent me to you in the wilderness.   So if you men come my house on the internet and challenge me, at least stand up and be a Man because I play rough I play for keeps.

Remember when Moses went to the mountain.   The weaponized feminized men built a golden calf and worshiped it.  They fed the cash cow their offerings in these times you feed it your money.  So when you say your prayers the Father is not going to listen.

Sidenote; I will call her Triple B the reason I titled one of my series of blogs,  “Excuse me While I Get Dressed”.  This is a veiled reference to Noah who got drunk and laid naked in the tent and two of his sons put blankets over their shoulders and walked into the tent backwards and covered his nakedness.  I am covering your nakedness with the Truth by explaining the scriptures to you, I to turn my eyes, walk in backwards so as to cover your nakedness to heal your wounds so you can stand up and be the Woman that the Father wants you to be to your children or to those children that sit at your feet.

Lets cover your nakedness and turn you into a well oiled fighting machine for God.

This is the Thomas Combat Report coming to you from the battlefields of America. 506th Air Assault, Div. S-2.   Spiritual Intel Unit.

Broadcasting somewhere in the deserts of America bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans like the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in ancient Mesopotamia, that flowed out of the Garden one head, four rivers.  Surrounded by the Weaponized Feminized Men who feed the Cash Cows of America.

The Church Killing the Woman in America and Around the World

Morning this is the Thomas Combat Report coming to you from the battlefields of America. 506th Air Assault, Div. S-2. You young ladies are here because you raised your hand and took the oath as I did many years ago. I will defend America from all foreign enemies and domestic. You fighting words will change from I believe to I know who I am as a woman in God’s Army. Death from Above that is to be your mantra, God’s Word . Weakness will become your strength.

Welcome to my world the deserts of America bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans like the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in ancient Mesopotamia, that flowed out of the Garden one head, four rivers.

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Adam was told not to gain knowledge of the tree of good and evil, then he slithered on the ground and deceived the woman, both are in the transgression make no mistake.

Forensic analysis of a Doctrinal lie from the Altars

I was invited this morning by a friend of mine to go to a local church here in Corpus , Tx. for a men’s breakfast.   I accepted and sat at a table of 6 men.   Of course the topics revolved around questions of theology.

I learned in combat that death comes quickly and in the spirit a lie will kill you just as quick.  Once it becomes lodged in your soul it becomes hard to turn it around to the Truth.  The subject became centered around the question of who deceived who in the Garden.

Highlighted in red is the scripture.  I focus on building the Woman because she is the church of the Family and as I have said before you destroy the Woman you destroy the children.   The Woman is the Church that belongs to God who created her as a help meet for the Man not the other way around.  Man was not created for the Woman, read Genesis chap. 2 and 3.

Image of the Garden after the 7th day of Creation

You have two people in the Garden,  Adam who is Man and Eve who is Woman.  Then you have the snake in the Garden.   Adam represents all the Men of the world and Eve represents all of the Females of the world.   So that leaves the serpent.  What does the snake represent?  Like I have stated before and I will till the day I die the symbolism of the snake is the Man.  It is not some angelic being or whatever you have been taught.

One of the men at the table replied that the snake deceived the Woman who in turn deceived the Man.

Repeating the Woman deceived the Man,  this is what you call Bull Sh_t lie of the Church and they have been teaching this during my lifetime.  This is a pile of crap.

I asked the Man one question,  Have you ever deceived a Woman?  He did not answer,  So I asked a second time,  Have you ever deceived a Woman?  He did not have to answer I saw it in his eyes.  All he said was woman have deceived Him.

So by His own answer;

  • Woman deceived Man
  • Woman have deceived Him

By his own words what he was saying that as a man all his problems can be attributed to a Woman.   By His own words he abdicated His responsibility as a man to God who created him, he abdicated His responsibility to His wife and to His children.   He let himself be taught by a lie of the Church.  He does not have the cojones to read the Bible and figure out the scriptures for himself.

For the Men out there read Gen. 2:

16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

This was before Woman was created,  I pointed this out to this clown.  It did not make a difference.

I pointed out this scripture;

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Look at the words in this scripture, the WOMAN BEING DECEIVED,  if the Man was the only one in the Garden.  Who deceived the Woman, it was the Man.  So I will ask again,  Men have you ever deceived a Woman.  I could care less if you are pastor or a pope you can lie to me but can not lie to God,  He will punish you make no bones about.  The serpent is a figurative expression to illustrate the evil side of Man.  Who in all the world can kill you in a heartbeat both in the physical realm and the spiritual realm.  If you are a man or woman anywhere in the world that teaches this crap I would run like hell if you stay  then you are dead as that church.

About this time a young pastor decided to get up and address the group it was going good until he made the comment that God who created everything ordained his church.  That is a lie of the Devil.

I pointed out to the adult children at the table to show me anywhere in the Bible that God ever ordained a church.  He could not because there is not a scripture anywhere that states the God ordained a church for the Gentiles much less for the Jewish people.

He  pointed to the Roman Catholic Church.  Refresh your memory a little.  They claim that Peter built the first church in Antioch.  That is a pile of dung.

Peter was Jewish, God sent him to preach the Jewish Messiah to the Gentiles in Antioch which would have taken place at the Jewish synagogue that had been in existence for couple of hundred years.  Antioch was founded around 300 BC give or take, they always had a contingent of Jewish people after the Jewish people left the Babylon exile around 587 BC.

His answer to me was He does not get into theology.  This is a child this is not a man.  He would rather go with a lie then seek the Truth.   This is an evil man, the church is evil they abdicated the responsibilities of the man to an angelic being that Rome Created to put a hook in your nose in the 1600’s.

The answers he gave me,  this is what it means to carry the mark of the beast.  To carry the mark of Christ refer to;  Excuse Me While I Get Dressed 4

Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes.  Deut. 11:18

Another lie is that you give money to the church.  You name any church out there across the world they have made God who created you into a cash cow. refer to..The Thomas Combat Report

There is nowhere in the Old Testament or the New Testament that tells you give money.  It has not been there for thousands of years.  If you fall for that lie you are severing Man who deceived the Woman the church in the Garden.

I looked at the boy man in question and told him the following;  I teach I have built my own church of followers from around the world.  You challenged me because I made you think that offended me by simply asking if you had ever deceive a Woman..   My church is in the wilderness, I have no walls I ask for no money, I teach the truth.  I told him like I have told y’all I am dying what gain would it be for me to lie to you.  Everything I have said is scripture and you blew it off.  Shame on you and I walked out.

I do not play church or give you a feel good theology I do not have time for that.  A true Man of God is the warrior, the provider for His family.  The Woman is the church as I have said before Men you destroy the Woman who is the bride of the Lamb, the church the help meet, you will be destroyed.

There are only two worlds that we live in.  God’s world or Mans world,  you can not live in both.

This is why America will fall because feminized Men who will not fight the Lie of the Church.  The Woman and children will die as a result.  Look at South Africa you have evil men that are going to destroy that country and the woman and children are going to starve.

Look a Yemen the Muslim wars, the fight between the Shiites and the Sunnis and in the middle are 13 million woman and children starving to death

The fight in America is a religious war also.  it is the progressive Evangelicals with the pagan Roman Catholic church against a remnant of conservative Christians that do not mimic the Church.  Whose going to lose the woman and children.   Because Men love darkness.


I Love America, I love all my followers , I will never lie to you but gird you and cloth you with the Truth.  You want to play church then go play in the sandbox of lies.

Goodnight from the Battlefields of America.  Battlefield Intel from the Thomas Combat Report, Div. S-2.  Located somewhere in the wilderness of America the land of clowns .  The deserts of America bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans like the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in ancient Mesopotamia, that flowed out of the Garden one head, four rivers.