Forensic Linguistics the Art of Combat

From my Command center, Div. S-2, this mornings Battlefield Intel report.  Located somewhere in the wilderness of America the land of clowns .  The deserts of America bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans like the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in ancient Mesopotamia, that flowed out of the Garden one head, four rivers.  Inhabited overwhelmingly by Beta males and females that run around carrying their Battlefield campaign ribbons all yelling like chicken little the sky is falling.

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

I am a combat soldier from the battlefields of long ago.  I have seen the specter of death in all of its horror and the quickness of the event.  My training took me to some of the best NCO schools that the Army had at the time.  I was trained in the art of Combat how to survive in a hostile fluid environment.  Due to my high IQ,  I was assigned to Military Intel.  Because I had the innate ability to get inside the enemy’s mind to calculate his next move in order to formulate a winnable objective solution to the requirements of the battlefield to minimize the casualty rates.

I use this same mindset to battle the clowns that come out of the institutions of religion and shoot their guns off inflicting mortal wounds indiscriminately killing the children that belong to the Lord.  The beta males and females kill thousands everyday in America with their arms, flying the banner of Christ, on a crusade like the Roman Empire in the enlightenment era of long ago.

My hero is Gen. Patton who was the only Commander in History to pull out two of his Divisions from the front lines of combat in the dead of winter,  march his men 120 miles to go back into combat to relieve the 101st Airborne surrounded by the Germans at Bastogne, Germany, in the winter of 1944.

When the Cdr. of the 101st Airborne was asked by the German Cdr. to surrender.  The Cdr of the 101st replied with, “Nuts”.

I am like Col. Travis of the Alamo of Texas when he knew he was going to die.  He drew a line in the sand to the defenders of the Alamo and asked those that wanted to stand with him to cross the line and be willing to die for the freedom of Texas.

I was born into a combat environment my soldiers manual and training I received in the Army has been replaced with the Bible, KJV, that is my combat manual to fight the clowns that teach you from the altar to be a beta male or female to die in your own blood spiritually.

My front page moniker reflects my attitude of engagement,  the ribbon is the Vietnam campaign ribbon.  The helo reflects a stint with the 506th Air Assault unit of long ago and my love for the numerous other Air Cav units I served with, motto,” Death from Above.  I live and breathe combat.  There is honour to die on the battlefields of life then to succumb to it.

I served with honour and distinction with the US Army and the US Air Force achieving two honorable discharges.  I now serve with God in His Army to defend His nation America, my land He gave to me Texas, My family He entrusted me with and the children that He brings to me for safety.   I will serve Him with honour and distinction and will be discharged from my duties when He takes me home with an honorable discharge.  I will not spill my blood in vain or the blood of Christ for the beta males or females of religion.  I am the Alpha male that the Bible told you about but you let yourself become weak.  You let yourself become lame and crippled, you and you alone killed yourself because you forgot how to read.

I remember the Army had one simple rule,”Keep it simple, stupid”.  I live my life, like that, I keep it simple.

Forensic Linguistics

This is a Behavioral science one of the weapons in my arsenal the  discipline is called, ” Forensic Linguistics”.

There are principally three areas of application for linguists working in forensic contexts:

  • understanding language of the written law, [the Living Word]
  • understanding language use in forensic and judicial processes, and
  • the provision of linguistic evidence.

The identification of whether a given individual said or wrote something relies on analysis of their idiolect, or particular patterns of language use (vocabulary, collocations, pronunciation, spelling, grammar, etc). The idiolect is a theoretical construct based on the idea that there is linguistic variation at the group level and hence there may also be linguistic variation at the individual level.

The fortress of the Temple of Christ resides in understanding the linguistic variation at a the group level and the linguistic variation at the individual level.  The Linguistic levels of the Word lies in the group level and the individual level, the realms of good and evil that exists in all of us.  The constructs of the Word of God lie first and foremost in the individual level then the group. I am here to take you from using the vocabulary I believe to I know who my Father is.

So I use the constructs of Forensic analysis and apply it to the Word.  You have God in the Garden, you have male and female and nobody else.  Look at the Bible like a murder mystery who Killed the Truth.  There are only two suspects, male or female, there are no other suspects.  Start there and figure out your role in the plot.  Or, you the one that plunged the spear in Christ’s side that drew out the blood and water.  Or, are the one who weeped when it came to you what you had been doing all your life,  I knew but I did not believe until I saw His face.

Your Father sent me here from the wilderness to fight for the body of Christ in my generation.  He sent me to you.  I rebuild the church of Christ that has been destroyed by the beta males and females of the clothe the children of lies.  I know from forensic analysis and numerous cases over my lifetime the Word.  You destroy the woman, she will destroy her children and her sons will grow up and destroy others this is what the Word is talking about generational sin.  It becomes a revolving door.   I saw this pattern when I was working in Soledad Prison back in the early 80’s, very few men would change their lives from evil to good.   The turning point for a man to change his life is generally speaking somewhere around 40 the same applies for woman.  Evil became so ingrained, men, in their RNA expressions it would reflect in their outward responses to the situations of life.  In their speech patterns and their hands to continue committing crimes.

I am acutely aware of the images of the Word and the linguistic patterns concerning the roles of the Man and the Woman in relationship to the God who created them.  I know who authored the Words and I know the Law of the Word.  I build the Woman she is the true church of the family man was never ordained as the church.  It is the Woman she is the help meet of creation she births the sons and daughters.  Like I have said before you destroy her you destroy the church, her family everyone loses.

I challenge the Woman out there to sit down and read Gen. 2 & 3 and find  who you are and why God created you.  Throw out the ideas of mans churches that you hang out in.   Sit with the Father for a while and find yourself as a woman and not as one of  the women of the world.  The difference between Queen Vashti and Queen Esther the difference between evil and good.  Do you recall that the tree of good and evil, good came first then evil just a thought young lady.

I find it interesting that evil is listed first in the Book of Esther in the image of Queen Vashti then you see good in the image of Queen Esther.  The book of Esther is one of those Books that the God who created you is not mentioned in.  One wanted to kill the children the other wanted to save the children.  Which one are You?

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Adam was told not to gain knowledge of the tree of good and evil, then he slithered on the ground and deceived the woman,  both are in the transgression make no mistake.

The battle lines are drawn, you are on the field of combat, life.   As I see it you can run around all day telling everyone you are waiting for Christ to return or get hung up in a mal benevolent satan that the church anglicized in the 1600’s and the other BS that you can come up with.

The beta male will teach you that he is waiting for Christ to return.  I would first ask do you even know what the Alpha and the Omega means.  I already know their answer it would be a lie.

I would answer the Alpha and the Omega is your life clown.  Your birth and death somewhere in your travels you accept that Christ  lives in you and then God will come for you.

Every generation waits for Christ since the times of the Garden.  He has already been here in your generation.

Goodnight from the Battlefields of America.  Battlefield Intel from the Thomas Combat Report, Div. S-2.  Located somewhere in the wilderness of America the land of clowns .  The deserts of America bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans like the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in ancient Mesopotamia, that flowed out of the Garden one head, four rivers.