Who the Hell is Satan 2

This is the Thomas Combat Report fighting over the body of Christ from the lies of the Church across the my nation, welcome to my world.  The land of gods bordered by two great oceans, America.

I started this series of blogs to use common sense as to what a lie is in this case that satan is a benevolent god that cruises around and devours people.  The key word here is that satan is some kind of god.

The Pope of the Divine Authority by use of reincarnation hierarchy even claims that satan is a god.  Uncovering the sins of His Bishops and the flock follows the lie.

All western churches and eastern churches follow the same precept of Rome that satan is a god.  Can’t be there is only one God and one God only.  There is Man and only one Man, there is Woman and  only one Woman, there are no morphodite in the closet.

Sometimes you have to use real life situations to shock people back to their senses I use the term common sense the Bible uses the term conscience that has been seared.  When you read the follow story keep in mind what I have always stated.  Look at Gen. 2: 16 -17.   Man is the embodiment of evil and good at the same time,  Paul even writes about his daily walk.   Then look at the serpent in the Garden with Eve and Man who was also in the Garden.  Who got deceived first?  Who did the deceiving?

Grandmother Pimped Out 1-Year-Old Granddaughter to Pedophile Boyfriend

A grandmother allowed her pedophile boyfriend to sexually abuse her 20-month-granddaughter after he told her he was ‘sexually obsessed’ with little girls.The 47-year-old grandma from Adelaide watched as her pedophile partner, Shane Alan Hartley, 35, sexually abused the child.

This is classic casebook account of what Genesis is talking about.  Man deceived, eg..serpent with his tongue, the Woman.  And the Woman committed, whoredoms with the Man by using children.  In a larger scale this is what Paul is talking about in Revelations 17 and 18 the whore of Babylon.

This little girl is damaged beyond belief for the rest of Her life make no bones about it.  You do good deceived Christians, I hope you are around when this little girl reaches the age of responsibility, 12 yrs old and you tell her it was satan that did this to her.  Satan is a male noun it does not denote a feminine gender keep that in mind.  Read how her identity as a little girl is forever damaged.

The toddler was abused so severely that she ‘wakes to scream with night terrors, has a violent reaction to nappy changes (and) refuses to enter a room that males are in,’ Judge Chapman said.

This little girls sexual identity is destroyed forever that is the bottom line.  I hope she learns what agape love is somewhere in her travels.  but the prospects of that are dim.  So when you look at the Word in the Old Testament.

Look at the god Baal who is also known as Chumash of Babylon.  A god that even the Jews worshiped who threw their babies into the fires to kill them to a mal benevolent god.  The authority figure here in this toddler’s life was the grandmother she threw the child into the fires and killed her in the spirit because she did not believe or fear God.  The altars are silent on sexual immorality and they let the words of gender fluid and gender neutral fly around.  Rome is also silent on this aspect because they do not fear God nor do they teach it.

Then you let these morphodite gods run you over and the altars are complicit in the lies.  Judgement from God will burn them in time I have no doubt about the power of the Creator against the Men and Women that are evil.

There will always be a remnant in the land that knows exactly what I am telling you.  No different the Jews in Babylon there was only a remnant that did not worship the gods of the middle east.  They were allowed by King Cyrus to return home to Judea to rebuild their Temple for the second time.

For the Gentile you have the opportunity the grace and mercy of the Lord to rebuild your Temple, your body, your land, your nation in the wilderness in three days.  I know because I live it everyday.

So you can fight over the body of satan all you want your deceiving yourself.  Me, I do like Michael and fight over your body the God that dwells within you; refer; Ps. 82

They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.

Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.

I will not die as men but as a man of God, I teach, I care, I love all of you that hear the Words of the Father.

If those people lived in the great state of Texas they would be thrown into the fires of lethal injections the fires of Baal, Huntsville Tx.  If there is redemption then it only lies in the hands of God not mine.  I would kill them straight out, they gave that toddler a life sentence of darkness that will be hard to completely erase in her lifetime.

This has been another chapter in the Killing fields of Christ, America.  The land of gods bordered by two great oceans like the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in ancient Mesopotamia.

Shalom Sabbat from the Thomas Combat Report somewhere above looking at the men who will die.