Killing Fields of Christ; America 3

Morning to you from the Killing Fields of Christ; America surrounded by two great oceans the Atlantic in the east and the Pacific in the west.  No different then the rivers that surrounded the land of the gods in ancient Mesopotamia six centuries ago.  The floodplains of America.  I am in America writing to you from somewhere in the Ark that glides above the battlefields.  I love the gunfire of Truth the smell of it, the Living Word.

A young lady responded to one of my comments on the issue of Satan.  My thoughts on who he is.  My premise is that satan is a generic term in the Hebrew and Greek language that covers the multitudes of sin committed by man.  For the simple fact the man is the stronger spirit and by simple fact of reasoning lying in common sense.  Here is her comment:

actually “satan” in Hebrew is “adversary, accuser, opponent, enemy” but the list of sins in 1 Cor are indicative of his nature. He’s the one who by deception caused sin to enter the world but long before he sinned causing his ouster from heaven.

The key word here is her use of the word, He, that is a male pronoun, so we know she is referring to a male.  He caused sin to enter the world.  This is a person who is mimicking the church.  If satan is a male which I will conclude he is.  Then the question becomes who is satan?

Lets answer that question by creating an image in your mind, this is directed toward the man.  The females that follow me you might turn your eyes, I do not want you to blush.

For the Man

Here is the image, God who created you in and everything around you in 7 days.  Then when your eyes opened up, Gen.2: 16 – 17.  You were naked the only person you could see was God who created you and everything around you. You are naked plain and if you look around is there anybody else with you in the garden at this time.  If you are honest there is no one else but you and the Creator.  Do you see satan anywhere, I don,t it is only man ,you and God who created you.

Common sense would tell you, male, why would a loving Father create an angel called Satan and not tell you about him in the Garden.  By this young ladies reasoning which comes from the altars that she attends, satan fell long before we were created, then you would have to ask the Father who created you, the following question.

If you already knew that ,satan who you created ,Why did you not tell me to stay away from him, satan,  male pronoun, instead of telling me to not gain the knowledge of the tree of good and evil.

I do not see anyone else in the garden Father except me (Ron) and you (God who created me).  Nowhere in the narrative of creation that your Father ever tells you or points to a man called satan, instead He tells you not to gain the knowledge of the tree of good and evil.

Man then goes on, after the Father says He would create a help meet for you.  He, man goes on to uncover the woman’s nakedness and beauty and turns it into something dark, simple as that.  Speaking as a man we have all done that in our own ways by our hands in the physical realm and by our words in the spiritual world to deceive the woman to get her to unclothed herself.  We are the stronger spirit.

Show me satan in the garden than our Father that I serve lied to me and you and His daughters.   All my words then are lies simple as that.  There is only good and evil in the world.  Paul himself spoke that he fights everyday within, he himself never blamed a guy called satan.   If he himself believed in satan he would have said so simple as that, common sense.  Look in the garden who do you see.  You and God no one else.

Ok Ladies you can open your eyes so do not think for a minute you are off the hook you allowed man to deceive once then you allowed man to deceive you at the altars you serve.  You then teach your sons and daughters the same lies and deceptions created by man.

My parents were great at telling me how stupid I was so I played the part.  In my words and actions until one day I realized they were lying.  I was tested in Military, I have a 163 IQ and they, the Military, placed me in Military Intelligence, we deciphered the enemies weaknesses so we could defeat him on the battlefield.  No different then what I am doing now in the spiritual world of combat, fighting over your body, eg… Jude 9, male or female from the lies you mimic from the altars of man.  God who created you knew you before you were born.

Teaching you to discern truth from fiction.

Each of us are a world unto ourselves and each of us has the choice to create our worlds according to the Word of God, eg… Heb. 11.

I created my world according to the Word.  I petitioned my Father to let me build a church so I could teach His word.  He granted me my prayer request.  I reach hundreds of people in the wilderness across the world.  Outside the governance of whatever nation you live in or state.  My altar or church however you want to look at it exists in the spiritual world of your heart and mind through the internet.   You hear my words the words of the Father.  I have no dress code, I ask for no money, I have no walls, I have no parking lots,  I have no loud bands, I have no agenda, I have no pride, I have no desire to build a physical church, God never ordained that, except one time, the Levitical priesthood, who ended up stealing from the gifts of God.  To show us that our redemption and salvation only resides in an individual walk with the Father.

Father gave me a talent to bestow His gifts upon you to raise you from your spiritual death to life from His words.

You want to see the generic term for Satan in action read the following;

CNN Commentators Spark Outrage Following Racist Comments About Kanye West

Just recently, CNN appeared to go “full blown racist” after several liberal commentators for the news outlet labeled rapper Kanye West, who’s a well-known and extremely outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, a “token negro” and suggested that he is an example of what happens when “negroes don’t read.”

Unsurprisingly, their comments, which many understand to be blatantly racist, subsequently sparked a massive amount of outrage and left countless wondering where the figurative tar and feathers are.

A couple of points here before I go.  There is no such thing as racism or homophobia or the other ism’s out there. There is only the knowledge of good and evil.   This comment is directed to all but especially to South Africa who have picked up that word as justification to kill others.  CNN is evil and promotes the darkness of the Democratic party in America no different from South Africa.  They inflame the evil in the hearts of the adult child; male or female.

It is our judgements that we make every day in the spirit if we do something wrong and point it to generic entity then we are simply telling ourselves I did not do it but satan made me do it.  You negate your responsibilities to God and yourself.  Man in the garden deceived God and deceived the female.  That is the symbolism of the serpent with the forked tongue.  We all speak with a forked tongue like a snake.

Like it states I come to you swiftly cause spiritual death is quicker than physical death.

This is the Thomas Combat Report from the Killing Fields of Christ, America bordered by the two great rivers the Atlantic , the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico sort of like the lands of the floodplains of the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in the land of gods.

Shalom arm yourself with common sense of the Word of God, Nite

Killing Fields of Christ; America 2

Morning day 2 of your life in basic training on how to fight battles in the spiritual combat fields of life that surround you and me our training manual of course is the Bible KJV.  It is respondent upon all to read the Living Word.

I follow the Words of Gen. Patton, a great military gen of World War Two, quote,” America loves winners and hates losers and you will make the enemy spill their blood on the battlefields instead of yours.

Me I do not like to lose.  To win on the fields of combat that surround your life you have to understand a simple truth.  How we learn in this world.  We are either taught or we mimic what we see around us. eg….

Use myself as a witness to simply things,  I grew up in an environment where smoking a cigarette was an acceptable habit.  My father smoked, his friends all smoked and you saw the commercials on TV, everyone was smoking so it became a normalized behavior in my mind. 

I will stop here for a minute and define some words for you, eg…. when you see words like king and queens in the Bible that is referring to an authority figure in your life.  When you see the words, King of Kings, the first King is referencing the God who created you.   As I have mentioned before the word God in the first verse of Genesis is singular in nature in the Hebrew language but it is always plural in the spirit of the Word.  In this case it is singular because of the use of the adjective created.  So anywhere in the Bible you see the word God keep in mind that is plural in nature.   

The second word King, upper case is referencing an authority figure that you follow in your life.   This can be either male or  female, so do not fall into the trap of blaming your woe’s on satan who you think is an angel.   Fallen angels in the Word simply means, the male or female, those who fell from the Truth of the God who created you, as it states created heaven and earth.  Man likes to make his troubles on an outside entity no better way to absolve himself from the truth than to blame it on satan.  Case in point the Pope blaming the ills of the Church on satan.  Instead of blaming the men in his organization.  If he did he would be admitting liability remember a captain of a sinking ship is always the last one to leave, he takes on the responsibility of whatever mistake was made to sink the ship.  

The Pope will never give up his assumed Divine Authority if he did he would be admitting for starters the Catholic doctrine of reincarnation the succession of authority the lineage of the popes for thousands of years, simple as that.  Believe the pope or believe me the choice is yours to make not mine.  I just present the facts for you to digest and dwell on.  A good defense lawyer always creates doubt in the jury you so as to make you think who the guilty party really is.  I defend the Truth of the Living Word with advice from my co counsel, Christ who taught me in the spirit.

Who was the authority figures in my life that normalized smoking for me my parents who never said anything and society .  Who introduced me to smoking, my older brother who got me to smoke, so it was not satan but the authority figures in my life.  I lit up my first cigarette when I was around 8 yrs old.  Me and my brothers used to steal the cigarettes from our father till we all figured out other ways to attain them.  My Dad always thought he was smoking more.  Which caused him to quit smoking years later he thought he was smoking too much.  Kinda ironic.

If you look at the writing on the wall this is our first case study this morning in the anatomy of darkness, men who fell away from the Truth of God.

Satan is a generic term covering the body of sins that men and women generate, eg…

Let’s start our legal proceedings on this article from yesterday;

‘We Don’t Investigate Child Abuse,’ Says Vatican’s Child Protection Office


The Vatican’s commission for protecting children in the Church has admitted they have no remit to investigate individual allegations of child abuse.  The 9th ordinary plenary assembly of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of children, which was up by Pope Francis in 2014, took place Sept. 7-9 last Sunday.  

This clown is in the body of the generic term satan, by his own words that ensnared him he is guilty of the following crimes against Christ.  1 Cor. 6: 9-10, legal ref;

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

9 felony accounts of killing Christ on the battlefields of America, he thinks it is funny to abuse children.   He fell from heaven the angel of truth and sleeps in darkness. Teaches your children it’s not me it is satan.

My prayer here to the Court of Law, the Father, is to remind Him that as He brought down the walls of Jericho.  That he brings down the walls of the Vatican and the dominions that follow Rome, eg…the World Council of Churches, the Protestant churches of the western world, the Democrats of America,  because they all follow the precepts of the Roman Empire that crucified your son and now are spilling his blood across the world.

That is how you fight the body of sins.  Once you start to understand who the enemy is the realms of anorexia, depressions, anger, suicide and the list goes on.  The stronger you get in the Word the chains that bind you in darkness will fall away.  The enemy is within us darkness let’s bring you back to life for eternity.

Like Elijah was sent to the people of Israel, I was sent to you from the wilderness the darkness of the Gentiles in the land of gods.  The words I write are common sense and I know the red flags did not come up in your spirit if they did I would be no different from the clown that has no remorse for the sexual abuse of children which tells me by his words, he is guilty of the same crime, sexual immorality against children.

I presented the evidence to you, the followers of my little church, in the wilderness it is up to you to make a judgement for or against me.  Weigh the evidence with the Father who created you.

9 Remember one thing; What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

10 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

Anytime you see a Word in the KJV that is italicized [ which] it is telling you to point your eyes back to Gen. 1: 1, the God who created you.

I love the smell of cordite on the battlefields of America over the body of Christ like it states in Jude 9 the battle over the body of Moses.  I am fighting for your body no different.  I love the smell of the Living Word it is a sweet perfume to my senses.

Your homework spend time with your Father and reach a Judgement in your spirit.  Judge my words that I write correct me if I am wrong.

Goodnight from the Thomas Combat Report from the Killing fields of Christ, America.  Somewhere high in the third heaven watching awaiting your verdict.