Killing fields of America 5

Morning just waking up stepped outside the Ark of the Living Word of God.  I looked around this morning and noticed the oceans of blood and water gushing out of the side of Christ were rising faster covering the land.  The rising sea had to do with climate change, man, who went from following Christ to intermarry with the daughters of other lands who wore not circumcised .  The daughters who bare the kings and queens who run around now trampling the oil pressers, corn, and wheat to graze in the field of tares.  So you would be right in saying , climate change, is man-made across America.

*An oil presser was someone who rested on the Shabbat awaiting the High Priest to light the last of the seven candles.  He will descend out of the clouds in a thunderous noise of smoke and fire soon.

Nonetheless, I was watching Sister Campbell in the distant western sky who organized a bus tour with 30 other nuns to incite mob rule in the minds of her children across the land, 54 events, 21 stops landing on the lawn of President Trump on Mar. 2.   She calls herself an activist and lawyer who is protesting the Republicans in the house to institute stricter work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps and the lowering of taxes for all Americans.  Apparently she does not want her children to work and wants to raise taxes to support her uncircumcised children.

I thought she changed her habit but then I realized that she loved her mother Mary and hated her Father but  followed the lies of her father.  Who taught her if you did not love your mother, Mary,  you were not a christian.

Anyway they were having a big gala send off in Santa Monica, Ca with the hoydenish woman Senator Pelosi in attendance who also advocates for higher taxes to support her uncircumcised children.  Who called the habit (an angel of darkness my thoughts) a “angel” and “a missionary for faith, hope and charity,”  Pelosi forgot to mention belief in the Living Word.  She ensnared herself by her own words, she to loves her mother, Mary and hates her Father but followed the lies of their father.  Who also taught her if you did not love your mother, Mary,  you were not a christian.

To round off this gala event they had a Rabbi Sharon Brous give the closing “blessing of the bus”.   I am not sure how you bless an inanimate object I thought you blessings came from understand the spiritual aspects of the Word and how they are applicable to your life.  It is her habit however to bless and light candles for her mother who was born in the floodplains of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the land of gods. She also campaign against the Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court Justice.  This action would mean that she advocates the killing of her own children that she takes care of supposedly.

It’s funny that Rabbi Brous wrote an article on , Toxic Masculinity”.  If you teach your children to go against the Word of God and threaten people with violence seems ironic. She should have written about the effects of the “Toxic Masculine Femininity”.

She closed the event with; “We send you off with blessings — go! — and help free us from a politics that invisibilizes and marginalizes and disenfranchises and steals from those who need the most,” she said as the crowd raised their hands with her in blessing. Her words echo the words of the secular religion, the Roman Empire, they mimic their earthly father.

All three women belong to the same habit, they are evil and serve strange idols and gods.  They to are responsible for climate change across America the rising of the seas of blood and water that flow across the country.

All three women advocate the killing of children and others, by their own words, in juxtaposition to the Noahdic commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”.

Make no bones about it all three women are just as evil as men.  These women are the spitting image of the Queen Vashti (Book of Esther) the queen of darkness that wanted to kill the children of Israel.  They are killing the minds of the children in America that follow them like in the fairy tale the Pied Piper who mezmorized all with his music.  They mesmerize the children feeding them with cakes with their serving of hate and darkness on Mount Ebal.

All three woman refused to let the husbandman of the Living Word cleave to their hearts and cast Him out amongst the briers and thorns.  Clothing themselves in sackcloths adorned with jewels that sparkle in the darkness.  Drinking the blood of the saints out of a golden chalice.

Their are only two trees in life, one of good and one of evil both require the Mom, of all living things, to teach her children the knowledge of which tree to sit under either the one of life or the one of darkness.  It is simple as that there is no mystery in the Word only man makes it a mystery.

All three aforementioned women are the help meet of the father of lies and not the help meet of the God who created them.  They are nothing more than the TV program the walking dead that has been on the air for eight years.  The altars of man by their hands taught all three daughters to lie to others and the children that they bare.

We are all born into sin which means we are taught to sin by others be it our moms or dads, others around us, schools ect.  The biggest blame goes to the altars that preach the Living Word and they lie to you about the spiritual applications of the Word.  Like the blog I wrote yesterday on the Widow’s mite.  The word is lepta which means something that is equivalent in value to a Roman as.   She gave two lepta which are the two gifts of Belief and Faith that the God who created all bestowed upon us.  It is your choice and yours alone to live on your short time on earth to walk around darkness or to walk around in the light of the Word.  If you sit in the front of the altars of man they will always lie to you, male or female, you will always be lost.

I was called to teach the Truth to fight the lies of the church.  I was not called to preach lies. The great flood of Noah that has long ago resided  we all know that God said He would not destroy the world with a great flood.  However do not be fooled the blood and water gushing out of the body of Christ is your blood and spirit that has been stabbed with the point of a sword is starting to kindle the anger of the Lord.  It is only a question of time till Judgement comes upon all.  Me, I will be gathered up in the heavens safely in the bosom of my heavenly Father with the children that the Father entrusted me with from around the world.

I read of a pastor that baptized 500 people in the ocean the other day and called it a revival.  Beg to differ if he does not teach those people how to read the Word then it is all in vain.   He wants a revival then he needs to repent and fall to his knees and tell the Truth of Christ of the Jews not the one of the Roman Empire.  We are to baptize ourselves in the waters of the spirit of the Living Word and not on the instance of the altars to immerse ourselves in plain water.  It does look good for marketing.  The altars are to teach you to read the Word not preach to you on how you should live your life.  Then they turn around and ask you for money.  I let God who created me teach me how to live my life so should you by reading His Word.  His Spirit will come across the face of the deep within you.

Well time for me to go back into the Ark and commune with the Living Lord all the while looking for Mount Sion.

The Thomas report coming to you from somewhere in the wastelands of America washed in the blood of the Lamb.