Call Judgement on Yourself,

When reading the Word of God to often we forget that we have to read the words in context they were written.  Meaning the New Testament was scribed during the first century AD.  The Jewish people at that time were under the yoke of the Roman Empire and in bondage to their worship of gods and goddesses.   You had to acknowledge their particular brand of polytheism or face execution.  So if you call yourself a Christian you were one of the 12 Jewish Disciples ;

And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. Acts 11:26

Then if  you read further go to Acts. 26: 29 and you will see a conversation between Peter and King Agrippa.  King Agrippa almost called himself a Christian.   He was the fifth to bear the title of King of the Jews, but in practice he ruled as a Roman client.   Client means he was subordinate to the Roman military,  economically and politically a puppet state.  At the end of the conversation you read this; Acts 26. 29;

Then said Agrippa unto Festus, This man might have been set at liberty, if he had not appealed unto Caesar.

What this means is that he was willing to put a target on his back to defend what he believed.  You have to remember the times this took place.  They taught from oral tradition.   That had been handed down for thousands of years without change.  It was only when the scribes started writing down the words that things got convoluted, words were changed to suit the religious organizations that man created.

Belief in Christ is an individual choice not to be left up to the millions of altars, millions of shepherds that all tell you what they think Christ is all about.  They never tell you to read the Word on your own.  Which by itself is an individual choice.  To proclaim the gospel to the world simply means once you know who you are in Christ.   People that you come in contact with, see something in your eyes, they will ask you about your belief that is when you tell them what you believe in.   That is the world that you live in you teach others what you know.

The problem comes with so-called Christians is that they rely on the altars of man to give them the truth of the Word of God.  They mimic the church which everyone follows.  They do not trust their inner instinct, Christ and the Holy Spirit they go out and make fools of themselves.  Everyone calls themselves a disciple of Christ.  My Truth comes from my wife. She was not taught by the altars of man but from the Word of God not from some restaurant menu of the church.   We are in agreement on all spiritual matters. Where there are two, I am their also.

So if you mimic the church you end up with the following observations;

I was at the local HEB the other day watching a young man on a bike pulling a little trailer behind it.  He had a banner on which was printed the following words, ” Biking for Christ , Cancer Awareness”.  The problem became he was a homeless person he was trying to gain sympathy for his cause, he needed beer money and food to eat.

Then on the other side of the coin, you have the altars putting on a circus act to kick off climate action in San Francisco recently;

Episcopal Diocese Hosts ‘Climate Action’ Multi-Faith Service, Procession With Circus ‘Tree Stilt Walkers’

Across the ocean you have this headline;

Female ‘Bishop’ Claims Church of England Should Avoid Only Calling God ‘He’

Rachel Treweek, bishop of Gloucester, the Church of England’s first female diocesan bishop, said, “I don’t want young girls or young boys to hear us constantly refer to God as he,” adding that it was important to be “mindful of our language.”

Then you see this headline coming from India;

Hindu nationalists push for India to be a “Hindu Rashtra”; Christians at risk

Hillsong Church Becomes Own Denomination, Splits From Australia’s Largest Pentecostal Group

So here you have four different observations from different parts of the world. You have a fool looking for beer or drugs,  then you have a circus, then you have a pastor that lead 200 hundred people into condemnation then you have a church that decided to create their own denomination.  So called Christians persecute themselves here in America and elsewhere for the simply fact they do not pick up the Word and define it.

Walk with Christ is an individual choice you can not beat someone over the head.  We walk in a different world.  If someone comes up to me and wants to know what I believe I will sit hours with you.  My Truth is validated with my wife not by the altars of man but with the Holy Spirit.  I will martyr myself for the Truth of the Word but not for fools of the church who only teach you half of the Truth.

I teach to the poor of the world that have been deluded by the altars of man. As it states in the scriptures the poor will always be with us.  So if you think there is an equality in the world that can be attained by  the Word then you have to throw out that scripture, if you think you cannot judge your church then throw out the Old Testament and the New Testament.  So your left with what do you believe.  We judge ever day so to tell me we do not judge is a lie.  I judge according to the Word simple as that.

The world is sinking into darkness because no one picks up the Bible and reads for themselves they leave it to others to tell them what they think.  The church has always been about money and they prey on the poor.  They’re judgement will come sooner or later,  judgement always takes place in your decisions.

There is no church in America that I have ever been in that has told the congregation to read the Bible.  If they did you might figure out the Truth and they would lose money.  There were only 12 disciples and only one saw the face of the Father.  That should tell you something.   Call Judgement on yourself that is your deal.

Shalom from the wastelands of Christianity, America.