Tower of Babel-Confused Christ

I wrote about the Tower of Babel a long time ago and the Lord told me to revisit the subject. Does anyone know what the word Babel means. Take out your dictionaries and lets see;

Def. Babel– a confused noise, typically that made by a number of voices.  Hmmmmm?

Look at this paragraph written by someone who has written over three hundred articles of the interpretation of the Word;
To be clear, the Bible is not corrupted, nor does the Bible teach multiple positions on any given doctrine. We (mankind) are corrupted and begin to teach things that depart from the actual text (and context) of Scripture.
[Many accuse dispensationalism as being new and heretical. They primarily do this by attempting to falsely associate dispensationalism (John N. Darby) to Margaret McDonald. However, when you read Margaret’s actual vision, it (the vision) actually promotes the Post-Tribulation Rapture position, which is wholly incompatible to dispensationalism. Furthermore, John N. Darby did not “invent” dispensationalism any more than Martin Luther invented the doctrine of justification by grace through faith.
God the Holy Spirit, revealed these truths to these men in a way and at a time that was appropriate. Darby simply codified what the Bible has always taught. But he could only do so when he departed from the Augustinian view of allegorical interpretation and returned to the original hermeneutic of the literal, grammatical, and historical interpretation of Scripture. I simply ask that anyone reading this be a Berean and sincerely ask God to reveal whether the things I teach here be true.]
He refers to Martin Luther which he himself in later writings condemned the Jewish people.  Which the Catholic church did in the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.  They, the fathers condemned the Jewish people who are the chosen ones of the Bible that we are to grafted into.  You can find this in the book of Romans if you are interested how we are to be grafted into the tree of Life.
These paragraphs in blue are what you call the ziggurat of Babble in the Bible. Man’s attempt to understand the Word of God.  These people all came out of the Roman Catholic church and created their own following that has lasted for hundreds of years.  Once a lie gets ingrained in your mind it is hard to get rid of.
So from what I wrote yesterday either you are taught third grade Christ or you get into the other extreme, you can not understand anything.

Me as I have always stated pick up a KJV and a good dictionary, not a watered down one and look at the words you are reading.  It is common sense theology for the common man.  Look at the Father of the nations, Abraham he did not have college, he did not listen to other men.  Look at Isaac he did not have college, Look at Jacob he did not have college, he climbed the stairs to heaven.  Did the disciples have any college? No, they listened to the Father same as me and my wife.  We left the altars of Babel a long time ago and found our redemption on listening to the voice within us.  So you can sit in the pews and give your money to frivolous pursuits all in the name of Christ.  Which is a misnomer because Christ lives within you.
So when you say things, like the graduate of Theology with a Ba , yesterday ,you are being taught third grade Christ and he gives a pass to the church involved.  There is something wrong in that picture.  His BA is going to turn into BS and he is going to teach you his brand of God.  The young man is enabling the darkness, then like I wrote yesterday we are to pray for the shepherds that lead us.  Does that include the other shepherds around the world or is it just inclusive to your city you live in? You have a problem.
If I have any kind of prayer is that you listen to voice within you. That is God who created you. I am just a conduit to His Word. I am a nobody who listens to the voice of the Creator. Took me a lot of years walking away from man. I learned to listen to my inner voice with the help meet my wife of 49 yrs.
The churches of the world are nothing but Babel.  They hook your nose like cattle and lead you astray.  So you can pay for the sexual immorality of the church.  That is where your money is going to.  So believe in angelic beings, satan and aliens from space ect.  It all rests on the shoulders of men and woman who rely on others to tell them a lie.
Aliens from space?  They always come to check out your sexuality.  Really, they have technology to travel great distances and all they want to do is feel your sexuality? What is this a vacation tour?
So you can believe in angelic beings or you can simply define the Word.   Me I am born again in the Word along with my wife and nobody taught me except the voice of the Creator within me.
I do not need a PhD or a BA all I need is to listen to the voice within me.  The altars have lied to you. They teach you what you want to hear simply as that.
So when I look at America and the Evangelicals of the Church tell the young children not to judge, really.  The Word of God is all about Judgement of your sins.  It is not a mystery why America is falling into darkness.  Because children you have been lied to.
I teach and say the same thing, read the Word, KJV, and define the Word it is simple as that.  Listen to your inner voice wherever you at in the world.
Like it states we are travelers in a foreign land.  I travel in a foreign land of gods and goddesses but I listen to the voice within me.
Shalom from the land of darkness.