Will the real Virgin, Please stand Up

There was a game show on TV many years ago that featured a contestant who had to guess the identity of one of three players who was hidden behind a wall.   This was accomplished through a series of questions that the player would ask. To try to guess the real identity of the real person.  They always used people of importance like doctors, teachers, plumbers ect.  At the end of the game the player would be asked to pick one out of the three contestants who they thought was the real doctor, plumber ect.

Ready to play, Will the real Virgin, Please stand Up, take a seat.  In this case you will not be able to ask any questions because all three contestants are blind, can’t hear or speak. So I can only give you the history of all three virgins. You will have to decide which one is the imposter.

3 Virgins of Animism

Contestant number 1– Hails from the Roman Empire–Francis of Assisi– who is credited with arranging the first nativity scene this was around 1223 AD which featured the Virgin Mary.  According to Christian tradition, in 1224 he received the stigmata during the apparition of Seraphic angels in a religious ecstasy making him the first recorded person in Christian history to bear the wounds of Christ’s Passion.  Then her life took off during the 1500’s with the Protestant reformation  major iconoclastic riots took place in Zürich (in 1523), Copenhagen (1530), Münster (1534), Geneva(1535), Augsburg (1537), and Scotland (1559). Protestant iconoclasm swept through the Seventeen Provinces (now the Netherlands and Belgium and parts of Northern France) in the summer of 1566. In the middle of the 16th century, the Council of Trent confirmed the Catholic tradition of paintings and artworks in churches. This resulted in a great development of Marian art and Mariology during the Baroque Period.

At the same time, the Catholic world was engaged in ongoing Ottoman Wars in Europe against Turkey which were fought and won under the auspices of the Virgin Mary. The victory at Battle of Lepanto (1571) was accredited to her “and signified the beginning of a strong resurgence of Marian devotions, focusing especially on Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth and her powerful role as mediator of many graces.  The Colloquium Marianum, an elite group, and the Sodality of Our Lady based their activities on a virtuous life, free of cardinal sins.

So she the Queen of Heaven and Earth can’t seem to keep the hands of the Bishops off her little children.  It is all done in religious ecstasy.

Contestant number 2– Hails from Medina– 600 years after Christs walk in the first century by the prophet Muhammad—perhaps around 682 Ad–Virgin Mary, The Purified, The Exalted, Mother of Isa, Keeper of Chastity, Mystic, Female Exemplar, Maternal Heroine, Queen of the Saints, The Holy Virgin, Our Lady, Blessed Mary Saima, Mustafia, Rāki’ah, Sājidah, Qānitah, Siddiqah, Tāhirah.–In her later years she moved to Mecca.

Mary (Arabic: مريم‎; Marīam), the mother of Jesus (عيسىʿĪsā) is venerated in Islam. She is one of the most important and righteous women in Islam. Mary is mentioned in the Quran more than in the New Testament. She is the only woman mentioned by name in the Quran.  According to the Quran, Allah (God) chose Mary above all women of all nations. The Quran states:

Behold! the angels said: “O Mary! Allah hath chosen thee and purified thee- chosen thee above the women of all nations.

—Quran, surah 3 (Al Imran), ayah 42.

Contestant number 3— Hails from Mexico city–1521 AD–

Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos is a Roman Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary venerated by Mexican and Texan faithful.
Subject: Mary
Feast: 2 February; 24 June; 15 August; 8 December
Major shrine: Basilica of San Juan de los Lagos
Venerated in: Catholic Church (Roman Rite)
Patronage: San Juan de los Lagos
Attributes: Blessed Virgin Mary in prayer, golden crown, white gown, blue mantle, silver banner held by angels

Also known as the virgin of Guadalupe–

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Spanish: Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe), also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe (Spanish: Virgen de Guadalupe), is a Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary associated with a venerated image enshrined within the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. The basilica is the most visited Catholic pilgrimage site in the world, and the world’s third most-visited sacred site. Pope Leo XIII granted the venerated image a Canonical Coronation on 12 October 1895.  Created in 1521 but was given life in 1895,

Just for reflection the Mother of Isa–Inana/Inanna is the Sumerian name of this goddess. It is most often etymologically interpreted as nin.an.a(k), literally “Lady of the heavens”.

Also known as Inana/Ištar is equally fond of making war as she is of making love: “Battle is a feast to her”. The warlike aspect of the goddess tends to be expressed in politically charged contexts in which the goddess is praised in connection with royal power and military might. This is already visible in the Old Akkadian period, when Naram-Sin frequently invokes the “warlike Ištar” in his inscriptions and becomes more prominent in the Neo-Assyrian veneration of Inana/Ištar, whose two most important aspects in this period, namely, Ištar of Nineveh and Ištar of Arbela, were intimately linked to the person of the king. The warrior aspect of Inana/Ištar, which does not appear before the Old Akkadian period, emphasizes her masculine characteristics, whereas her sexuality is feminine. The Akkadian period was around 2300 BC.

As I see it you have a problem which came first the chicken or the egg.  Truth outside the Word can and does exist in history.  Truth does not have a measured time, it is there for all to see for thousands of years.  The only thing measured in time is your unbelief turning Truth into belief and your existence from birth to death.  You are standing in the middle of the Bible between the Old and New Testaments 400 years of darkness in the land of Egypt where the goddess An comes from.  You can either stay in bondage (unbelief) or you can set yourself free (Truth).  The difference between the two woman, Sara the wife of Abraham or the virgin Mary the daughter of Hagar the Egyptian slave who lived between the two great rivers the Tigris and the Euphrates in the city of Ur close to the city of Babylon. In the land of gods in darkness the creation of kings.  So stand there in darkness and look to the New Testament and stay in darkness or turn your eyes to the Old Testament and look at the Truth of the Word and the Truth of History in the ancient lands of Genesis.  The head of the river parted into 4 heads.

It is time for you to pick, Will the real virgin Mary please Stand Up.

Me I will sit with the Bible, KJV, a good dictionary and look at the Truth in History.

Where there are two witnesses (Truth), I am there