Who Am I


You have been Lied to

I am an old man who is dying my time is limited. My point being in this book is like a last epithet.  The words of a dying man as to the immutable Truth of the Word and the Dead mans hand the gods and goddesses that man has created out of the lands of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  The city of Babylon is mentioned in the Bible over 500 times. This was the land of the ancient Semitic people.  Who called this land the land of gods.  It was also known as the land of the black head people.  That means their minds were in darkness in the ancient languages of the time.

If you want to check my medical records feel free to do so. I am a Vietnam Vet who has emphysema stage 4. Simple means that this is the final stage of my death. My records will show that I never served in Vietnam but I did serve elsewhere and saw my share of people dying.  Mostly during the cold wars along the East German border and the Czech border in the mid-seventies.  My military career started in 1971 and ended in 1984.  I served both Air Force and Army.  In the Army I was assigned to Military Intelligence and spent over two hundred days on the East German Border and the Czech border every year I was in Europe. My platoon was the best Intel unit out of 3 Divisions located in Europe at the time. They always called me and my platoon to the border.

My drive for writing this book rest in one of the very first border missions I was every on.  It was along the East German border a little way from Fulda, Germany.  It was sometime in the winter of 77.  Snow on the ground 75 feet from the double fences of the East German border.  There was a young man who tried to escape to the West right in front of our position. He climbed the first fence made it over and then he climbed the second fence and made it to the top. This was about one or two in the morning when this occurred.

The young man climbed the second fence and the East German guard towers opened fire and they mortally wounded the young man in front of me. His body hung half way over the fence. His blood dripped into the snow. I do not know how long it took him to die. My radio com went through 2nd 2nd Cav all the way to the Pentagon. I asked if I could render aid and the answer was no. I had to watch him die. It took about 2 hrs. it seemed like. The thing that haunts me is his eyes. I could not help him.  He was looking at me and I could not help him. In the morning the East Germany guards drove up between the fences, pulled him off the fence and throw him across the hood and drove away.  That has haunted me for over 40 yrs. I was twenty-one at the time.


I was molested at 12 yrs. old, I did every drug you could think of, multiple suicide attempts, spent time in the psych wards. Spent time in the altars of America for twenty years all they told me was to give them more money to show my faith.  The whole time I could not get those eyes out of my mind. I do not know his name all I can see is his eyes asking for help.

My point here in this book think twice before you believe in the gods that man created.  When it comes to real life, your life, you have to throw the book out.  I found my life in Christ only by walking away from the altars that surround me.  I now read the KJV with a good dictionary and a goggle search.

I will not ever let another young person die. A Spiritual death is the same as a natural death but it takes longer sometimes a life time. Do I believe in the Word absolutely, Yes do I believe in man’s word , No.

I am dying but I know who I am in Christ. I do not hold the Dead Man’s Hand in my hand. I hold the KJV Living Word in my hand.

This is an excerpt from my book. You play church all you want, I will not. I will ascend into the heavens.