Watching the news on South Africa.  Gangs are going around killing the white farmers who produce food for the country. Politicians are going around inflaming the children with words, we are going to cut the throats of whiteness ect. ect. ect. They are going to plunge into darkness the same as America.  The good people of South Africa will starve no different then what happened in Zimbabwe a couple of years ago when they did the same thing, no different then what is happening in America today.

What is the bond between America and South Africa

The altars of America and the altars of South Africa are no different from each other.  You bring your money to the altars and lay it down at their feet.  They get free buildings, free food, free housing, free vacations, free hotels and the list goes on.  Then once a week they tell you how bad your flesh is . They still pass the plate and sell their merchandise.  They all serve money.

There was an up an coming king in the city of Chicago many years ago that went to a black church and listen to the rhetoric coming from the altars. He then went on to become a king of America.  He went around the world apologizing to the kings of the middle east the injustices of white America.  He in turn effectively destroyed America by his hand and it will take generations for America to regain its posture.

South Africa you are going to fall the same way.

30 yrs ago , I had heard the altars around America in the Black communities were preaching that God who created them was black.  For 30 yrs the parents taught this darkness to their children.  Chicago now has the highest murder rates in America, the sons and daughters are killing themselves.  It is not the white person killing them, they are killing themselves off all because of the rhetoric of the altars.

The altars of the White communities have been preaching that God created multiple genders , being white is a bad thing, God is now both male and female.  The sexual abuse victims that come from the altars of Chile,  Rome tells them that God created them to be sexual abused to bring about redemption.  The woman become men and the men become women.

The Spanish communities the altars, the children come out, women tattoo their bodies men tattoo their bodies create big holes in their ears to wear earrings.  The woman become men and the men become woman.  They all go down to the bay and make love to the patron saint of Corpus a rock statute.

This is all the fruits of the books of Good and Evil, all the children do not want to work they want everything free. Free housing, free food, free car and the free’s go on.

The is like watching the battle of Jehoshaphat, three tribes came together against the house of Ron and in the end they killed each other off.

That is what is going to happen to America and South Africa, your altars and your kings are calling for judgement and the anger of the Lord is going to be kindled and the armies of the heavens will come upon you like a thief in the night and your cities will burn in the Son.

I do not ever recall that the Spirit of God, ever introduced himself by color or gender, I know He told me I was a male and my wife was a female.  He did tell me I would rule a great nation as a king and my wife would rule as a queen in Corpus Christi, the body of Christ in the house of Ron.

Perhaps you should walk away from the altars of man and into the arms of what God created. Or hell will visit your door like the angel of death in Egypt.

Me I will breathe life into the fields of bones that lie beneath the altars,  America or South Africa.