king of Gods

Chapter 4

The king of the Gods

Since the dawn of time man has always looked to the heavens in search of a god that controlled their lives.  To give them meaning and purpose to control their social, moral and economic aspects of their everyday lives.  Life in any context is a harsh environment that weighs down the spirit within a person.  When Man created his own world he created gods and goddesses to absolve his responsibilities as a Man.  This is the ideologies of the Dead Man’s Hand, if Man made a bad decision and it turned out bad, socially, morally or economically it was easier to say those negative events happened because the gods and goddesses Man created were angry. You hear the same rhetoric today, nobody knows why god let those things happen it is not for us to know but to accept. This comes from the altars that are supposed to make sense out of the harshness of life around us.  We fall into the same trap that has been played out for thousands of years.  We look to the altar as if that Man is closer to god then we will ever be.

Here in Corpus Christi where I live, they created a bronze statue of a young lady that was murdered over twenty years ago. Once a month they go out and bathe her with soap and water.  The statue has long hair, her cleavage is showing and she is wearing skin-tight pants and the children write on the bricks around her I love you.  She is called the Patron Saint of Corpus Christi.  No different then the love affair with the Virgin of Guadalupe or the Virgin Mary the mother of all living gods.

Once man realized his power in governing, over the populace, in order to make himself look good at all times in the eyes to the people, he created gods and goddesses of Good an Evil from gods that do appear.  Everybody has an innate instinct that there is a god the problem lies in the fact if we cannot see a god we manufacture a god.  So, one day Man created hundreds of gods and goddesses that he created out of rock that have no redemptive purpose but served as an image to the poor to control their every step.  They went so far as to wash the statues on a weekly basis and if the nation was in danger they would remove the statues to a safe place until the danger passed by.  This bolstered the personification of the piece of rock and gave it a lifelike image.  Where did all this take place but in the city of Babylon and continued on into the Roman Empire during the first century.  This is what Paul was talking about in Revelation.

This practice still continues to this day in modern-day Corpus Christi. Giving a created goddess a bathe and the crowd roars with I love you. They bring flowers and take pictures next to her men an woman and children.  It is only a question of time till someone comes up with a miraculous sign they saw her face in a piece of toast.  Then Rome will come along and make her a saint to gain more of your money. She was murdered let her rest in piece but they make money off her by selling vacation trips.  They have a museum for her where they sell trinkets, books and other memorabilia.  I have not ever been there but I would suspect they sell Holy water just a guess.

Sargon the Great called himself the king of the Gods, Caesar called himself the king of the Gods and the Holy Roman Church called himself the father of the Gods. His power was equal to the Caesar when the Caesar was out-of-town.  In time the Holy Roman Church took over the sovereign religious affairs over the conquered nations excreting their control over the everyday religious affairs of the populace.  This was a mixed bag of gods and goddess of the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Church, that was heretical

Progressive Christianity, we are to procreate life by natural means.  I don’t think you are procreative life out of rock. Ishtar was borrowed from the goddess An from the Egyptians and the virgin Mary was given a face lift.

Man created an image of the virgin Mary from a woman he had known. Create a little PR work and you have a marketable rock.  No one knows what Mary looks like, no one knows what Christ looks like and no one has ever seen the face of God.  But go ahead and call him Father. Which would mean we have three fathers, our own father, the one you call father in Rome and one in heaven. That does not procreate life there is a disjoint here.  The is no redemptive power in a rock or by confessing your sins to a man you call father.

I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.