Awesome Please be safe as you travel. I still need you in my life I care a lot. The world needs you too.

These are words from an adopted child in the Northern Kingdoms about to be reborn in the waters of the SEAS ; like being born in the  womb. This is from a baby that is about to open her eyes to the world around her.  This is what it means to be reborn in the waters of the Persian gulf.

This is the marriage of Cana, the bride of the Lamb, she will go on to lead her nation to cross the Jordan river and await the arrival of My Son Christ.  The transformation of water into wine.  She will take her place among the thrones of Judea in the upper room and sit with the King of kings the  24 thrones of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel,

Watching the miracle of birth is an awesome thing.  I know my adopted Daughters in the Northern Kingdom just saw the face of Christ when they wake up in the morning Son.

I live in the lands of your forefathers the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the river valleys of the Jordan river near the city of Jerusalem.

I will be traveling tomorrow to say goodbye to my Mom she will go on to heaven soon.  I will try to feed my children as best as I can when I get back.

Meantime I like my Bologna sandwich and milk.