Your Body–Two Kings–Two Queens

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This is the world You Live In bound by two Rivers

I come to you tonight in the Spirit of Truth in all earnest and haste. The last thing your Father told you was surely I come quickly. There are two kingdoms here one in the North the area bordered by the river Tigris and the River Euphrates. The Persian Gulf is like the body of water that surrounded you in the womb and you were birthed along a narrow water path in to the land of the Gods.

This is the land your fathers came from the land of darkness. All civilizations started in this land and covered the four corners of the world like a flood. Thousands of years ago,


This is the garden, the land of gods that you were born into. He called the land Night. The land where our fathers came from.
That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.

The closer I get to death the more my eyes become clear and my mind becomes sharper. I like you grew up in darkness and tried find my way in this world. My world started at 9 yrs old when an authority figure taught me how to smoke cigarettes it was my older brother. When I was 12 my older brother taught me how to drink and introduced me to marijuana. By that time I had already been molested by another authority figure. Told my parents about the incident all they said was it was my fault.

So I decided to become a chemist, I have done every drug that you can think of from A to Z. Joined the military at age 17 and half, saw my share of death and others die. Came back from overseas landing in Philadelphia International Airport we were called, baby killers. At 21 I went and saw the guy that molested me only for the reason to see if I had and affection for the opposite sex. At 23, I reenlisted in the Military and went back overseas to the land of drugs, destination Europe. Opium was 5 dollars a gram and 100 percent crystal meth was 5 dollars a gram. Hashish was laced with opium. Went as far as to see how long it would take to get addicted to Heroin not long. It took a little while to come away from it. I did it just to see If I could do it. Came back from overseas a couple of years later and quit drugs only because it was to expensive here in the states. I was still smoking. Before I got out of the Military I converted a semi-automatic weapon to full automatic. I got caught and was facing 10 yrs in a Federal prison by the grace of God, I got off because of a technicality. I was still smoking cigarettes.

I grabbed a couple of DUIs along the way multiple suicide attempts, psychiatrist visits. This was all before I was 33 yrs old. I was in a physic. office one day after a couple of drinking binges and suicide attempts. I decided I was going to find God if He was real or not. It started because I was looking at the wall behind her an on it she had five frames all listing all her degrees. I asked her one question, “Have you ever been hungry”? She could not answer the question.