My Eyes–My Body–My Nakedness–MY Womb

*______[ (WORD) ]*;

Now we are in the upper room of the HEB. There are 24 thrones and I am sitting in one of them. You find yourself in the room or is it the womb. Does it matter? Like a child we start playing with the Word, In my house there are many mansions<>[(room)<>(womb)<>(womb)<>(room)]. I am your Father so I will let you play for a while.
I created your face, eyes, nose, lips and ears. I created your mansion(s); earth(s)<>heaven(s)<heaven>earth; gave you a heart no firmament yet. I am creating your world(s) according to His Word.
I moved across the waters. The Spirit comes to you like an umbilical cord; earth<>heaven<>heaven<>earth.
Let there be light, I gave life across your, face and MY word in your heart, for the first time in your life , you could see the def [ (Word) (Sun) ( Son our Father) ] . The ””_____”” provides and explanation of the Python programming for your eyes so your mind understands
””” Remember when you read Python programming perform the function; between the brackets[ ]; then the function between the first ( ) before you perform the second function ( ). ”””’

*_______[ (WORD)]* keep your eyes on this it will Transfigure;

God saw the light; you eyes sparkled at the womb around you;
God divided; the light from the darkness; My words just went straight to your heart;
God called; His Sun(a) = Son(a) “”In romantic languages if you add an (a) to a male noun it changes to female gender””” You’ve heard His voice before.
God called; the darkness; Lucifer(a) ;in the western sky; the bright star; Venus

“””” This was your first day in the Womb and it all happened in a twinkling of an eye, He created you male or female before He told you”””””

Father gave you His [(WORD)]; you would be reborn; it will change again;

God said; Let there be a firmament; the midst of the waters ; divide the waters from the waters

“””””; a firmament=your body; waters, your Spirit and God’s Spirit; divide, God created you by His Spirit is going back to Heaven, that is what divide means”””
God made; the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

“””” Two things to make note here; one His Word is becomes clear to you; two the italicized word were is always past tense which points to the His first Word, God created; 4th dimension space has no beginning and no end. That is what that means.

Time is compressed; which means His Word has stood True from your generation, to over 8000 yrs ago. When the Jewish people in the land of the Gods between the Euphrates and the Tigris river that flowed out to the Garden.

As I have said before the Jewish people, DNA, cannot be traced to another ethnicity.””””
God called; the firmament Heaven, and so it was; this was the second day
Father just left for Heaven He spoke all this into existence so you could hear; It was not scribed for another 3000 yrs. He left because He knew what you were going to do.

You ran down of the stairs of the Eden across the Garden, through the doors of Paradise stole my 2018 Hellcat 750 hp blew through 39 intersections stood in the courtyard of your altars and yelled at Me. I am a born again christian, I believe in God, god dammit and I believe in Christ. I knew God had a mother, then you start beating me with the rod, Jn. 3:16.

Threw all the noise your making I am going to kneel to the ground so I can hear My Fathers voice.
I sent you from the wilderness Son to guide the sheep to watch over them. Did you not teach him to talk like that, No sir. Then you better straighten him up before I do. Yes Sir

Why are you beating me with the rod? Why are you trying to kill me? You were riding my back, Balaam’s donkey, beating Me with the rod three times; did I not say,” What have I done for you to beat me three times”?

You answered You have made a fool of me! If only I had a sword in my hand, I would kill you myself.

You can neither see Me nor Christ who God called you out of the wilderness. Your father is of the Devil, I knew you before you were born.

My eyes— My body–My nakedness—My Womb

to the helpmeet I have watched you changed the words

My Body–My Eyes—My Nakedness—My Nakedness—My Womb—My Abortion

Father gave His Word so you could [ (Love Him) ]

Me I will return from the wilderness in a couple of seconds; going to get me a Bologna sandwich, drink a Coke, and look at my 1968 Corvette L88 and watch the Sun go down;