Everything you see *Words*spiritual application to your body. Right now you have no [form (no body, no arms ect) your void of any flesh and bones].   The first image of you in the womb is that your eyes are formed first.  There is a[separation of darkness &  light] you are being [reborn] to see the [world] around you by [( Intelligent Design) God].

This is a computer program that you are seeing in the first 63 *Words*  ,this disciple that I will use today is Python programming;

Example of a simple Python program RNA expr. 1;

”’Function ( Intelligent Design) and definition (WORD) and invocation(Your Body)”’

def   Womenopenyoureyes() :

print(“Kathy your eyes are opened!”) ”’You can replace the name Kathy with your name”’

print( “I knew you before you were born”)

def  Menopenyoureyes() :

print(“Ronnie your eyes are opened!”) ”’ You can replace the name Ronnie with your name ”’

print( “I knew you before you were born”)

def   Main() :



Main() ”'() these are parentheses”’

“””When you print this program the only thing you’re going to see is what is between the ().    The function, Main() ,means the first def stopped and I can now add other functions for invocation, invocation funny word?””’

Example of a simple Python program RNA expr. 2;


”’Function ( Mans  Design) and definition (GOD) and invocation(Your Eyes)”’

This Python program we will name it” Bait and Switch”.  This goes back in history to the Aztecs who lived around Mexico city,  in 1300 AD; the reach of the Holy Roman Empire; enemies of Intelligent Design; to conquered them around 1521 AD.  This was carried out by hands of the Spanish Conquistadors, the Pope’s edict to, conquer control, and enslave.  To enslave a nation in the spiritual realm  you take their main goddess and switch it with the Holy Roman Empire,  goddesses,in this case.  The Virgin of Guadalupe, the title Virgin makes Guadalupe an associate of the Virgin Mary. The Holy Romans Church own words.  Now there are two sisters in heaven along with Christ. That is rich.

download (2)We are going to switch the image of the  Aztec goddesses, with the image of an associate of the Virgin Mary that lives in  Mexico city, 1521 AD.  Compare the two downloadimages….. Coatlicue, the mother of all gods, the skirt of the snakes,  who gave birth to the moon and stars an Huitzilopochtli, the god of the sun and war, she was also known as the snake women? That should     raise some eyebrows.

def      changethemind() :

print (“the bait”)  ”’Build a rock statue of the associate of the Virgin Mary and                                                         place it at the entrance of the local  HEB”’

           print (” Bishops authority”)    ””’  On December 12, 1531 AD when Juan Diego opened his tilma in the bishop’s presence, the roses fell to the ground, and the bishop sank to his knees. On the tilma where the roses had been appeared an image of Mary exactly as she had appeared at the hill of Tepeyac. ””

           print (” the invocation”)   ”’You either kiss the feet of the Virgin of Guadalupe or you will die by the sword. In a matter of 200 hundred years.  Rome killed over 10 million Aztecs including the great American Indian tribes, the Comanches, the Apaches and the others on the great plains of America. When the settlers arrived on the shores of America they to carried the edicts of Rome.  They came from the east to the west coast and killed you,  It was not me but I am the one the Father sent to you””

def  Main():



Guns and Roses  bullet points;

  • The first python program was built with the Word, the Truth is easy to build, I know your eyes opened because you just saw something in me, that unspoken thing, what He created, so now you know he has eyes and a mind just like you, Your body is not yet born
  • The second program is created with Historical records and events.  Now Christ either has two mother goddesses or one is an imposter or he has two moms, sound familiar.  It is simple to create a lie.
  • The first program lies in the realm of the 4th dimension of Relativity, simple put there is someone else looking at your nakedness that is why you should fear the LORDGOD in Genesis
  • You lie between the 4th dimension of Relativity and the 2nd dimension of Relativity, trying to figure out who to listen to me or man.
  • The 1st dimension of Relativity is the realm your born into darkness.

Time to leave the third heaven, jump in my 1968 Corvette L88 and ask yourself, What is that unspoken thing?  What did see my eyes for the first time. We are going to listen to Guns and Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine, reminds me of myself;



A two-seater, where there are two, I am there also watching;

Man’s authority gave me drugs I gave it to you.  Two authorities one child. 

  • 4th dimension of Relativity= Time is compressed, space is continual, no beginning no end. This is known by mathematical equations.

Back to reality got to pay bills, What is that unspoken thing between us? Hmmm take the challenge on the front page, Bye now;