You woke up this morning, got up went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, looking at a reflection of yourself.  You like millions of others around the world do the same thing every second of the day.  Your getting ready for the day, putting your make-up on or perhaps your shaving.  Whatever it is you’re doing, everything is silent around you, your lost in thought looking at your face. We all hear the same words, whispered in our ears………….

When the Roman Generals came back to Rome from conquering other nations, there was always a grand celebration for him.  People lined the main thoroughfare to see the spoils of war, the gold, silver, animals, slaves, his soldiers brought up the rear, the riches of the nation trailing behind his chariot.  They threw flowers and salutations at him creating a thundering noise in his ears.   He rode in a golden chariot pulled by two white horses, and there was always a slave standing behind him whispering in his ear….Love and Acceptance are Fleeting……

At the end of the street arose the Pantheon with stairs leading from the ground up to the heavens. Lining either side of the stairs were 71 thrones and two thrones at the end of the stairs.  This made a total of 144 thrones.

At the top of the stairs were two thrones and two people sitting in them always looking down at you. The King, that sat on the left chair, had on his forehead,“King of Kings of all Gods”.    The Queen, that sat on the right side had on her forehead,” Am I not here, am I not your Mother” .   

Behind the two thrones on the wall was written;

  Noli timere ego sum, … hic ego sum nec Mater tua



The possessions would end at the front of the Pantheon and he would disembark his chariot and climb the stairs with the slaves behind him, carrying the spoils of war, diamonds, rubies, gold , fine linen, and perfumes. You would kneel before the throne and the slaves would present the spoils at the feet of the King and Queen.  A few salutations would be spoken and You would depart back down the stairs with the slaves in tow.  The words whispered in your ears, Love and Acceptance, were becoming silent as the crowds dissipated as everyone went to his house.

You would arrive home, go inside, and take off all your armour and lay your sword down against the wall.  Still stained with the blood of others, the enemies of the Pantheon, when your hands sliced through their hearts and you watched their eyes close for the last time, by your sword.   Their words haunted you, they were crying for Momma and you could not do anything you were holding their head in your arms and they closed their eyes, staring at you.   You never knew their name.  The sounds of war and rumours of war, have always been around you ,as their blood flowed on to the snow.  All in the name of Rome, by your hands as you shouted commands.  To silence the enemies of the gods and goddesses of Rome.

You spent your whole life as a Gen. killing others in the name of Rome and Christ.

You put all this aside and put your jammies on, make a cup of coffee and sit outside in your easy chair and look to the east.  And that voice comes to you , Was it all worth it today”.   I am sitting here watching you children, I know what you did today wherever you are at in the world.  I felt your spirit quicken in my hand, I saw your eyes flicker and your body tremble.

Next time you go down to your local HEB to get food and you go inside, to get food, I will not be with you.

You will enter HEB and go to the upper room and there will be a long table with 24 thrones.  You can’t see me, but I am the light behind the 24 thrones.  12 Thrones for the Prophets of the Old Testament on the left and 12 Thrones for the Prophets on the right, the New Testament.

In front of you is the Living Word, pick it up and look at it, open it up. What do you see?

Go to the first page all you are going to see on the wall is,“In the beginning God created”.  Go to the last page and all you are going to see is the words on the wall, “Surely I come quickly”.

When you look up your going see this;20180809_112845 *SS.Cyril was a 5th century citizen of Alexandria , a Bishop and a Christian theologian on his insistence that the virgin Mary be called,” Theotokos” greek for GOD-BEARER, at the time,  Pope Celestine I convened a council and agreed to the name change.  In 431 AD the council of Ephesus  if you did not believe that the Virgin Mary was the Divine Nature of Christ you were excommunicated.*

*The Greek goddess Gaia the sky god Uranus*



Shamash, (Akkadian), Sumerian Utu, in Mesopotamian religion, the god of the sun, who, with the moon god, Sin (Sumerian: Nanna), and Ishtar (Sumerian: Inanna), the goddess of Venus, was part of an astral triad of divinities.

Theses are the gods and goddesses that we worship they all come from Rome and Babylon.  This is what Paul was talking about in Revelation.   We all do worship the ideologies that have come down the centuries.

Nowhere does it say In the beginning along with His Mom, God created you?