In the Beginning—RNA—Your Body

I am up early this morning, sitting outside, looking at the darkness.  He came to me and told me to file a Habeas Corpus [ latin for “you have the body”] since I live in Corpus Christi [ latin for “the body of Christ”], legal writ to have your court [darkness] release you to into my custody [HEB].  How does this have any relevance to Gen.1:2?

Come with me and I will show you.  Jump in my 1971 Buick Riviera, 455 cu.  I  put a 750 Holley double pump carburetor on the engine.  Est. speed around 170 mph. Where going down the path of your life to the intersection of Jude, big fight going on there. Thats why I filed a Habeas Corpus with your Father, come along, your only hours away from being reborn. Look down;

1972-BUICK-RIVIERAOn the radio let’s listen to David Bowie,”Jean Genie”,  I know you heard this song, I saw you walking down the Cul de Sac [the path of suffering] the other day.

Look down we are going to read this scripture backwards, all the objects are figures of authority in your heaven; then you will understand why I filed a Habeas Corpus for your body.

Yet *Michael* the *archangel*, when contending with the *devil* he disputed about the body of *Moses*, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The *Lord* rebuke thee.

*Lord*——-Your Father

*Moses*——–Your children

*devil*——The hands of men that deceived you when you were a young age and made you ashamed of your nakedness.

*archangel*—-archangel; lowercase (a)?  Look at the third heaven!

*Michael*[male or female] semitic language add an [a] it becomes Female noun; You will fight for the life of your children and those children at your feet that your Father brings to you.

Now you can read the words in the right order, were going to listen to Santana, “Black Magic Woman”, men dress like women that is what it is talking about.

Look at the paragraph below, this is written by a young lady, probably and archangel mimicking the church[s].  Go to your third heaven and, ask the Lord, what the word wine means and alcohol.  What happened when the Roman Centurion plunge the spear in Christ side?  What came out?  When Christ was resurrected you could see His body and put your hand through it, why?  What color was it? Come up with four answers and when I come back, I will tell you the answers. It is in the realm of the Trinity. See you in a couple of hours in the upper room the HEB, your body and finish off Gen. 2. In the beginning

[In high school, when we still had a period for Christian teaching (the school has since removed it), a pastor told me that wine in the New Testament was not a fermented drink, but grape juice. I was surprised, to say the least, but I wasn’t sure if I believed him. I know that there are some churches that have collectively decided to refrain from any alcohol, I once attended such a church a few years ago. Each member would eventually make a covenant with GOD concerning this, as the Holy Spirit moved them. I do believe that GOD calls certain people to keep themselves from fermented drink (not entirely sure if this includes vinegar?) just as he did John the Baptist. I grew up in an Anglican church and they always used Old Brown Sherry for holy communion as a child, I used to wonder what on earth I was drinking! Currently, I attend a Methodist church and they use grape juice for holy communion, but I do know that the members enjoy an ice-cold beer on a hot day or a good glass of wine during dinner time. I personally do not like the taste of alcohol when drinking it, but it does wonders for a meaty dish or a creamy white sauce. ]

You are being reborn like in the womb of mary, you have to learn how to walk before you can fly or you will crash;