If you looked at the paragraph , the young lady wrote; a pastor told me that wine in the New Testament was not a fermented drink, but grape juice.

That right there is a lie, that is not what the word wine represents in the spiritual world.  Use common sense; the Marriage of Cana;  Picture this, man has already uncovered my nakedness and I feel ashamed and I throw a party to fit in with something; cause my identity was stolen. So we are drinking some Bali-High, cheap wine, in a gallon jug. Listening to the Doors and we run out of wine, So the Father is going to send His Son and tell me to fill up the jugs and Christ is going to show me a magic trick, He is going to give me more cheap wine. If that were the case, How come I had to buy my drugs all the time?

The first thing I would ask the young lady, What God do you believe in?  The Roman god ,Dionysus the wine god?  The altars look at Ezekiel 37, the field of bones.  Alright enough of that on to HEB and the upper room;



[In high school, when we still had a period for Christian teaching (the school has since removed it), a pastor told me that wine in the New Testament was not a fermented drink, but grape juice. I was surprised, to say the least, but I wasn’t sure if I believed him. I know that there are some churches that have collectively decided to refrain from any alcohol, I once attended such a church a few years ago. Each member would eventually make a covenant with GOD concerning this, as the Holy Spirit moved them. I do believe that GOD calls certain people to keep themselves from fermented drink (not entirely sure if this includes vinegar?) just as he did John the Baptist. I grew up in an Anglican church and they always used Old Brown Sherry for holy communion as a child, I used to wonder what on earth I was drinking! Currently, I attend a Methodist church and they use grape juice for holy communion, but I do know that the members enjoy an ice-cold beer on a hot day or a good glass of wine during dinner time. I personally do not like the taste of alcohol when drinking it, but it does wonders for a meaty dish or a creamy white sauce. ]

Last thought a covenant with God is a marriage, husband and wife, simple as that.  Her prayers are meaningless she does not fear the Lord because of what she has been taught.

Let’s go back up the street to the upper room of the HEB and take a seat at the table. Climb in we are going to be driving a 2018 Hellcat 720p, awesome how fast the spirit can move you through the Word;  200 mph of pure meanness,


Before I forget, Dionysus, was the God of Drunkenness.  I know they had one for drugs I did a lot of them.  The Gods of Babylon and Rome.

In the beginning…Gen.1:2

Not much to say here, except look at the synonyms, birth, inception, and conception.  In Word He knew you before you were born as I do, I know you because you are like me.  I was ashamed of my nakedness but I have been reborn by the blood, [wine] of the Living Word.

There is a Trinity in darkness;

The earth is born in darkness

You are born in darkness

The third one is when the hands of man deceive you and you are ashamed of yourself.

If a light bulb goes off in your head, that is what the Word means by raising the dead.  You heard my Words and He went down into your darkness and light a candle so you could open your eyes, the blind, the lame and the crippled.  The miracle of Christ and the Disciples did was tell you the Truth.

Look up the pool of Bethesda, it is a pool of water by the Sheep Gate.  Water is the Spirit of God. When the Roman Centurion plunge the spear in the side of Christ.  What came out? Blood[your spirit] and Christ spirit[ water].  That is why when He was walking with us, you could see His body[the Living Word] and you could not touch Him.  Like looking a clear pool of water, you can see the bottom but you cannot touch it , it is to deep like eternity.  See you tomorrow in Gen.1:3.  In the upper room.