Statue of Liberty——3000 BC


Things I tell you today I hope it brings righteous fear to your heart.   I want you to stare at the first two verses Gen. 1. I will come back to those in another day.  Hear my words words, carefully.  Bring the images of the four heads of the rivers that passes around  the borders of ancient Mesopotamia. One river is where Eden is and 40 miles east is the garden.

  • You had migration of people from the lands of Ethiopia come up the Nile River crossing the Sudan and into Egypt and into Babylon the delta regions of the Tigris and the Euphrates river.  They also crossed the Persian Gulf into Saudi Arabia on too Babylon.
  • Then you had  the Sumerians that came, in essence, the people from Central Asia crossing the lands into Turkey they to over time went to Babylon.
  • The above picture is an ancient Sumerian script, the box to the left represents slavery to the gods and goddesses.
  • The box to the right represents freedom from the slavery of the gods and goddesses

The image of the freedom from slavery, the image on the right, look at it real close, at the staff with what looks like 7 horns at the end;

  • This was the first known human revolt against slavery, not really against the rulers at the time but the burden of worshipping the gods and goddesses the constant bloodletting they had to do, blood sacrifices. Timeline is around 4500 BC ? Not really interested in the exact time.
  • It is only my instinct that the Jewish nation comes from the area of Turkey, the chosen ones, they are the only race the scholars cannot tell where they come from, their ethnicity, from their DNA, from the people who came from all over the known world the lands of the Delta Regions.  That means they did not interracial-marry.  They are the only nation in the ancient civilized world that did not interracial-marry even in exile.

Close your eyes and follow me into the heavens; and unfurl the roll that you have seen before in your hands.

Look down and you will see a great white sheet that covers the four corners of the earth, like Peter saw coming down from heaven.  The birds, beasts and all manner of fowl are roaming the world.

Look at the city of Cairo and the city of Alexandria, this is birthplace of the Statue of Liberty.  Cairo in Egyptian means the mother of the world, the combat place.  Alexander means,“Defender of Man”.   Egypt means, “the Black land”.

Points to Remember;  Narrow focus;

  • In the days of the Ancients they believed that Gods gave them everything. Because they traveled across the skies at night, they were animated objects, The rulers knew it was easier to love a women and worship her  to control the common man.  All life comes from the Woman.  In the spiritual realm, the Statue of Liberty was real as portrayed by a giant statue that towered over the common man.
  • Abraham went to bed with Hagar an Egyptian slave and had a son<>Gentiles<>
  • King Solomon had an affair with Queen Sheba and had a baby, early Christians, help her in the delivery and care of the baby.
  • David had an affair with Bathsheba, saw her naked and had an affair with her and a baby.

So to have men lust after a rock statute all you had to do was figure out how to animate it.  It is not as hard as you think.  This where you see the word, fornication, with the whore of Babylon; this is what Paul was talking about.

So the Goddesses, the Statue of Liberty had the covering of man in the Temple in the Black Land. refer to the NT for covering of a woman; it is not the way you have been told.

To animate an object is to have it in motion.  This is the smallest definition of how to convince people that the planets are gods or goddesses, this is close to what they call the 3rd dimension, planetary objects in motion.  Male children will rebel against authority but will lust after a woman.

Words are reversible remember?

  • Venus the bright shining star was named Lucifer<> Lucifer the bright shining star was named after the planet Venus.  Roman God
  • The underworld ,darkness, was named Hades after the planet Pluto<> The planet Pluto, the underworld, darkness, was named Hades. Roman God

Anyway look down at the map you will notice that we are going to pass through Jerusalem in route to Babylon, “the land of gods”.  I still have the Statue of Liberty with me.

Listen to the Living Word it will confirm a truth you have suspected for a long time; Eden is the Third Temple that the Living Word is going to build, the Garden is 40 miles east of Jerusalem, the river Jordan one the rivers mentioned in the word.  Life in the days of the ancients supplied all your food, clothing and shelter and a livelihood.  Go to the Cross and hear the words ,” Today you will be in Paradise”.  The parent word Paradise is a noun, an object in motion, the Living Word, the synonyms, “The Garden of Eden”, this is how I know this to be a Truth.

  • The Jews did not kill Jesus it was the early Christians that floated over time from Babylon the land of the Gods.  The Pharisee was a Jewish/Christian.  That is why Christ look them in the eye and spoke, Why are you trying to kill me you say you are from the seed of Abraham but your father is of the devil.  When we get to New York city I will reveal in your hands the identity of the Statue of Liberty, it will be soon.

Next stop Babylon, the land of the gods and goddesses, the year is now around 600 BC.  Return to heaven and look down at your map.  We are traveling along the coast of the Mediterranean to the Euphrates river then south to the city of Babylon.  Here the Statue of Liberty will stay a while.  Enroute to Babylon you will see little pricks of light in the wilderness these are the enclaves of the early Christians.  Ok lets leave; to Rome leave a statue and then to America, you arrive on the shores in 1885 AD. She plants her feet in the Hudson river. The gateway to freedom.  I speed up the dissertation to make a point, Daniel, told you when, ” Knowledge increases the end is near”.

Let Reverse the Journey the emigration of the Statue of Liberty back to Cairo.

  • All Three cities were financial centers of the known world in trade and business.
  • The name in New York will remain right now the Statue of Liberty.
  • In Rome she had the name was Cybele Great Mother of Gods
  • In the Holy Roman Church her name was the virgin mary.
  • In Babylon she hand many names, she was the protector of prostitution in the Temples, she was the goddess of love and fertility and later on was the Queen of the heavens, she changed her name to Inanna and took over power from An.
  • In Alexandria she took the name Isis, she was mother who birthed the Sun God.
  • In Cairo she took the name An , mother  of the World.

The man in France built the image of the Statue of Liberty after the statue of Isis in Alexandria. America will fall soon  and go into darkness this will include , Canada, Mexico and South America the gods and goddess of Babylon and Egypt have been on our  shores for a long time.  The sheet that came down to Peter from heaven if you happen to read the rest of the scripture, He sent folks out to save the ones that thought they were clean and the ones that were no.  The churches of America follow the gods of Babylon and they killed the living word so you could not see it.  Fear the Lord I think so, because He is coming soon.  Father kept His Word.  I follow the Messiah, I fear the Lord and His wrath for I have seen see His judgement for thousands of years.

To the children around the world when America falls the blood will run in your streets also that is what the angel was telling Peter with the white sheet that covered the world. White is always the color of the Father and red is His judgement.  I would fear what is coming.  Take a closer walk with thee and me.

When, the I believe it was the 15th Roman legion went in Rome in 70 AD. They slaughtered everybody, the blood was running down the streets ankle-deep. This was verified by witnesses.  Get on your knees and say your prayers.