This is an excerpt from a book I am writing thought I might share it with you the children around the world.  I am rewriting a manuscript titled, “Dead Man’s Hand”.  This is chapter 1.


If you believe the in the Word of the Jewish nation then the concept of sin comes from the words of the book of Genesis. In the first two chapters man was told not to eat from the tree of Good and Evil or he will become like one of us a God. The implication here is that man has a dichromatic nature, two sides, good and evil and they are in a constant flux with each other. The stronger of the sides of man is evil it is historical fact that man propensity to do evil overrides his innate desire to do good.
To understand the Biblical accounts of sin you would have to travel back in time to the first civilization in the ancient lands of Mesopotamia the year is 3000 BC. The land is called SUMER it is a fertile crescent area bordered by two rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris river. If you take a look at modern-day maps this is an area that would be modern day Iraq and Kuwait. In retrospect Jerusalem would lie hundreds of miles to the south-east of this area.

This area, SUMER is regard by most archeologist as the earliest accounts of the oldest civilizations in the world. There are indications that this area was inhabited as far back as 6000 BC. It is not my intent to give a concise timeline of this area. We are however going to visit the first recognized Empire in Mesopotamia, that would be Sargon the Great, this would be around 2300 BC. Sargon in the ancient semitic language means, “True King”. This ancient land was known as the land of the kings which comes from an ancient Syriac language.
In the Book of Genesis you will find the name Shinar this is the same as Sumer this land is known as the “black headed people”. If you follow the accounts in the Bible there are 4 heads of rivers that flow from the garden. The name of the third river is, “Hiddekel”, translated this is the Tigris river. The fourth river is the Euphrates river, these two rivers encase the land of the kings. The name of the first river is called,” Pishon”, that covers the whole land of Havilah, this is the Jordan river that is located 30 miles east of Jerusalem. The second river Gihon encompassed the whole land of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.
The entomology of the word Havilah has different meanings in ancient Hebrew depending on the context it used. The feminine noun of word Havilah (HILLA) means pain during the contractions of childbirth.
History has a way of telling us the Truth. The 3 great religions of the ancient civilized world came from the lands surrounded by the two great rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates in the old Sumerian language the land of the Kings. The Sumerian people believed god gave them everything for at that time in history. The went from hunter gathers to an agrarian society.
The Gods of Islam, the Gods of Christianity who birth the daughters of Catholicism and Pentecostalism and the god of Israel. Birthed in the lands of ancient Shinar, 3 Kings and 2 daughters. The histology of Christianity reaches way back into the ancient lands of Mesopotamian.
This then becomes the heart of the body, Dead Man’s Hand, Progressive Christianity. My flow of words will not touch on the king of Islam but on the daughters of Christianism and the influence of gods that come from the altars. Islam by its own words initially believed in a Trinitarian god but morphed into chaos and confusion. The daughters of Christianity also believed in a Trinitarian god and they to are morphing into chaos and confusion. The only King that has withstood the pains of time is the King of the nation of Israel, their Messiah who points the way to stability. Historically they are the only nation still in existence since the advent of civilization.
So for a child walk with me through these pages and hopefully you can make a cogent decision on which King you are going to follow. Follow the Kings of chaos and confusion or the Messiah the King of the Jews. He has been around for over 6000 yrs. The decision should be easy. Me I follow the Messiah to lead the children back to Jerusalem. I do not belong to any King, I follow the Messiah. See you in Genesis 1 the first seven verses.

See ya,ll tomorrow.