DNA = RNA, expressions=Relativity


I was sitting outside this morning on my easy chair, drinking my coffee.  As always I was looking off to the North East towards the Son that was rising.

Dark clouds started to gather together on the horizon and I could hear the noise of thunder and the clash of lightning. The skies got dark and the winds started howling.

Then a voice came out of the clouds He told me to go back to HEB

This time I went to the courtyard there were no children around, I went inside and in the middle was this long table and there was a light that shone like the Moon.  There was an image of a Man, who had the face of  Venus, he had four heads, he had eight arms, eight hands, eight wings, like the wings of a bird of prey, and He sat in a high back chair, full of gold, diamonds and rubies.  He had in his left hand a Golden Chalice that contained the blood of His children.  Behind him was a spinning wheel that spread his hands across the lands of  your forefathers, like a flood.  I knew this to be true.

On his forehead were the words.“I came from the lands of SUMER, the true King of KINGS”.  In His hands were four rolls, His left hand, I could see 2 rolls the scribes of the Pentecostals, and the Catholics.  In His right hand were two rolls, I knew to be the scribes of the Jews and the scribe of the Koran.  In the middle on the table was a roll that was not opened.

I asked him what the fifth roll was?  The image of the Man left without answering.

I found myself sitting in my easy chair; the dark clouds started dissipating, the noise of thunder and the clash of lighting was gone and the wind was calm.  I was drinking my coffee looking at the heavens in the North East.

He came to me a second time, He spoke to me; You know who I am; you’re the one my Father told me about in the wilderness; He spoke,

Because you know me;

In your house; On this rock I will build my church;

He then told me about the image of the Man

The four heads are the rivers that flowed from the roll that was not opened, two have come; two have yet to come;  the fifth roll will be revealed in the end

Take the five rolls in your hands and throw them into the furnaces of King Nebuchadnezzar.

Four rolls will be consumed by the fires; the fifth roll will stand; Breathe these words into the Golden Chalice that holds the blood of my children;   

  So their bones will lift up from their slumber before the four rivers


Then He was gone and went back into the heavens.  His judgement will come before you close your eyes,

Well I went back inside my house and listened to two great songs;


You want to help the great Churches and the colleges, the archaeologist find Eden and the Garden, the site of the New Jerusalem stay where you are at.  Or walk with me for awhile it has always been in the land of Sumer surrounded by the the heads of four rivers that covered the land like the flood of Noah. His ARK never landed on mount Arafat it landed on the rock.  His boat might have landed there, don’t really care; his ARK, “on this rock I will build my church”.