I was sitting outside last night looking at the star Venus drinking my coffee.  He came down to me and told me to write these words to you.


You want to be a disciple,  I hear this all the time and it drives me nuts.  Because I will ask you four questions;  I do not care if you have 8 years Theological colleges under your belt or you are from a large Church.  You have a doctorate in Theology, Divinity ect .

  • Who is God?
  • Who is Christ?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Who is the fourth person in the fires of King Nebuchadnezzar?

You will not be able to answer correctly that is just a fact.  You look at the etymology of the word disciple, you will find out that it is someone, male or female, that studies and analyzes the word.  I should have said this perhaps a long time ago.  Run like hades from the altars and the schools, the scribes are like the colleges of today.

To answer those four questions involved following disciplines;

  • Quantum Mechanics– study of how particles interact with each other surface view only
  • Theory of Relativity—- they know there are four dimensions they have already proved 3 dimensions.
  • DNA<>RNA expressions<>Baby
  • History—-a working knowledge
  • Linguistics——working knowledge

A Picture of Earth

images (3)

download (6)Faith as small as a Mustard Seedimages (4)


Three dimensional objects the on the left is mustard seed the one on the right is what is called a Ps 3 or 4 image of a female’s ovum after about one week after fertilization.  What they both have in common is they are both about 1 mm in size and both can be seen by the naked eye.  The top picture is a microscopic image of the females DNA. It has life because it is not inert, it has energy in the form of protons and electrons, You rearrange the protons and electron they release energy.  A molecule that is inert cannot bind to another molecule,ie water.

Layman’s terms

DNA<<<<<<<<<<>RNA, expressions<<<<<<<<<<>You

Scientist did an experiment about 8 months ago.  For sake of simplicity; they theorized that if you collide a proton with an electron at high-speed a new object would form; what they found out was,

Example; Layman’s Terms

You get a table, you stand a pencil on either side of the table and then they slammed them into each other at a high-speed.  To their amazement it created a third identical pencil.

DNA<<<<<<<<<<>RNA, expressions<<<<<<<<<<>You

You are a clone copy of your parents.

History timelines of Genesis 1 to 2:14 we are only interested in two rivers;

And the name of the third river is Hiddekel ( Tigris): that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria. And the fourth river is Euphrates.

The oldest civilization in the Middle East is the country of SUMER;


This was in parts of what we know as Iran, this dates back to 3000 BC. Notice as it says the land is bordered by rivers.

download The language that was spoken was an ancient Syriac semitic language that drifted across from the lands bordering the Mediterranean <>Africa and into the lands of SUMER.  The word Lucifer comes from these people who lived in SUMER, They named it after the planet Venus, the shining star.  Venus travels across the Sky and ends up Rome, first century.  Where she was the goddess of fertility, victory and prostitution.  The Syriac language over the centuries morph into Aramaic which the Hebrew language is patterned after.

Points to Remember

  • Genesis and the Books of the Torah were not scribed, the Hebrew Codex, till about the 24th or 23rd century everything was Oral passed down through generations.
  • Sects of the Pentecostal church and various sects of the Catholic church, not sure of the exact timeline, If I took a guess, it would be sometime after the first Akkadian Empire, 2200 BC.  They were in the Middle East, (SUMER) during the Jewish exile around 640 BC. in Babylon. The Jewish people returned to Judea to build the second Temple around 587 BC.
  • The Catholic and the Pentecostal Churches under Roman Control had to worship Venus, the shining star , a thing of beauty a prostitute.
  • The Christians in hebrew were known as Heathens just fyi.

I think I made my points you are taught a two-dimensional viewpoint of the Living Word sit with me and learn to look beyond the Black and White of The Word.  I teach three dimensions the images of the Word.  The Trinity.  So if you come across me and tell me you know God of the Messiah.  I have to ask what God are you are only mimicking what the shinning stars have taught.  I am going to eat a Bologna sandwich;

Anybody ever look up the Burning Bush the one in the Bible,  it is a real plant, you eat it, oh your going to burn like fire, it is a super laxative.  Spiritual application; Get rid of that garbage you have been eating, See ya, from Texas.