Trinitarian look at Houses  

Adhuc possidebuntur domus super tribus Cul de Sac

Morning to all, I come to speak to you about spiritual matters.  Today we are going to visit a Cul de Sac.  If you do not know what the Living Word means define it to provide you clarity so you know what the letter given to you is talking about.

Define; Cul de Sac

A Cul de Sac is a narrow path lined on both sides with houses, each house has a Law.  An authority figure that lives in each house and makes Laws to govern the inhabitants under his shelter.  Both sides of the path, for sake of clarity, are the houses of  the Jews and the Gentiles. There are many mansions on this path and each one has its own variation of the Law.  The name of this path or street however you wish to see it, “Via Dolorosa”, aptly named, “Path of Suffering”.  

They all listen to one song, the whole street except the lone mansion at the end of the path or the Cul de Sac, we will look at that house in a minute.  The words to this song were composed by the Living Word and makes a good point like a sword. Man thinks they created these words but in reality they come the lone house at the end of the path who created all words.  They learned to play with words in the garden;   Let’s listen;

The houses on both sides of the path all go to a body of 7 churches.  Where have we see that number before? Hint; Revelations letters one and two.

Now the house at the end of the Cul de Sac sits by itself with empty lots to build your mansion on, this then would complete the circle of the Cul de Sac.  In this house there’s a difference then the house you live in.   Man built your house.  This house was built by the hands of Christ where inside dwells the Shepherd , the living word, that greets all who drop in for a visit and which often times they depart and go back to their altars, back to their houses on the Cul de Sac.  The street named Via Dolorosa.

I remember many years ago walking down the path to go look at the house at the end of the Cul de Sac.  It was a hot day and the Sun’s rays were beating down on me relentless like walking in a desert barefoot, the pavement was hot.  I reached the door and before I could knock on the doorframe.  This gentlemen appeared; He spoke;

Come in child

downloadI entered into a sparsely furnished living room. There was a big High back chair in the middle of the room.  Directly behind the the chair on the the wall, I could read the words, Nothing is as it appears and their were two picture frames that held images of what looked like children, imagesmale and female.  The only light in the room came from the Son that filtered through the curtains that were parted.  He offered me a seat in my easy chair.  I started thinking this guy knows me somehow.  Then I had this sinking feeling just a couple of nights ago this man that lived in one of the houses on the Cul de Sac, came in the night and stole all my possessions including my identity which would take me many years to reclaim what was mine.   I got up to leave but before I did I ask the gentlemen, How come everything in the room looked blurry, I could not see him that good our his pictures on the wall.  The only thing I could read was the writing on the wall.  He told me;

It is not your time to see

I left the room and went back out on the street; I looked over my shoulder and the house at the end of the Cul de Sac faded from view the further I walked back down the path of time back to where I came from my house.  Over the years I moved into a lot of houses in different neighborhoods; with street names like, Desire, Thief etc, in a lot of different cities.  I never saw that image of the house on the end of the Cul de Sac it started retreating over time from my mind.  My eyes were focus elsewhere, the sights and sounds coming from the houses around me. The noise and chatter of the neighborhoods.

I got older over the years and I was sitting one night on my easy chair, drinking coffee, looking down the street; listening to this old song that I used to listen to in my youth;

The vision of the house at the end of the Cul de Sac remained in my mind. I looked, I still could only barely see the house.  This time I decided to sit there till the next morning when the Son rose and lifted me up.  There she appeared the house at the end of the Via Dolorosa.  It appeared out of nowhere.

This time I ran down the path to the house at the end of the Cul de Sac, blew past the door, like a whirlwind and took my seat in the highback and the writing on the wall, Nothing is at it appears, transfigured into ,” Take a closer Walk with thee” for all to see who entered my living room.  The pictures on the wall, they were all my children that the Living Word had promised.  The reason I could not see anything the first time. I was looking at a mirror image of myself that is why everything was blurred. The first time remember, all my possessions were stolen by the man down the street, including my identity.  This time all my possessions were restored including my identity.

He spoke to me;

Nothing is at  it appears;

What was   What is   What will be

The writing on the Wall