I was sitting here reflecting what I just wrote, the houses on the Cul de Sac.  Most of my followers know that I am very intelligent, 163 IQ.  That will not buy my way into heaven.
So why do I spend time with you, because I love you

It doesn’t matter where you are it in the world tonight.  What makes it worth it? When I look at my WordPress site and I see a new flag from a far away country.  I will never know who you are, male or female but I know you are searching for the Living Word like myself. I received a flag from the nation of Zambia, today, if you look at it, it is a beautiful flag.  I do know this is child .  Male or Female does not matter to me.

Why do I write so much?

He spoke to me ; Remember when the Roman Generals would come from far away nations carrying the spoils of war.  They came down the Via Dolorosa , with their white horses, riding in their chariots with the spoils of war trailing behind them.  The elephants, the gold and the silver, new foods, monkeys, scantily clad women dancing and a contingent of clowns doing all kinds of tricks.   Everything that represented the conquest of a nation.  The people would line the path and throw flowers to line the route of the General.  It was a joyous occasion, the chatter of the people the music and the overall ambience of the occasion.  The procession would end up in front of the Caesar , Who would proclaim this General was a great person that defended the Roman Empire and all honour should be bestowed upon him. What you did not see, there was  a slave who was standing behind the General, whispering in his ear, “All fame is fleeting” the people never saw the slave.

My motivation

I  am a combat soldier from the time of the Vietnam War. I served my country no accolades or chariots or flowers lining my route, when I came home. I was called a baby killer.  They wore throwing trash (words) at me when I got off the plane at Houston International Airport.   Remember when when Christ rode His donkey into Jerusalem and the Women  and Men that could see the face of the living Word were laying down palm leaves to soften the path for the donkey that was carrying your saviour to be crucified.  All I got was trash.

I do it because I Love You wherever you are at in the World, the validation for my  tireless endeavors is when I look at the flags that come in around the world from the children. I do not need flowers, or scantily clad women or clowns or flowers thrown at me. My validation comes from seeing that new flag, another conquered soul, in Christ.  We all end up at  the Throne Room of the Living Word it becomes a matter were we sit in the Throne room at the end of the Cul de Sac.  I Love you simple as that.


This is a Mega Grocery store in the South Central Texas region where I live.  I live in the city of Corpus Christi in Latin it means ,”the body of Christ”.  After I wrote my last letter, Cul De Sac, I had to go to the grocery store to buy tonight’s supper to dine with the Lord.  It was hot today the temp. was 110 fahrenheit.  I parked and was getting ready to go inside and get my groceries.  He spoke to me and told me to watch for awhile.

So I compiled and watched the people going in empty handed and coming out with their baskets loaded with all kinds of food from around the world.  This grocery store is about 1000 feet long and 600 feet wide.  On every alise there are foods from around the world and the meat department had all kinds of meats.

This was about 1500 hrs local time, I watched the women go in empty handed and come out with baskets full of food items. Some had children following them holding on to their skirts.  Every now and then I would notice someone would come to them, embrace them, and carry on a conversation. Most of the women that came out no one talked to them. Some had smiles on their face most did not . It started to upset me, I asked the Living Word , What do you want me to see?

He spoke go inside and buy tonight’s supper for us.

So I got out of my car, locked it up and went inside the grocery store. I can not walk to good so I have to get one of those electric cars and proceeded to shop for my items for tonight’s supper. I was motoring the alise looking for my food items.   I noticed two children that were sitting by themselves and no one was around that I could see. I stopped for a minute and watched them to provide whatever covering I could.  I am a 100 percent disabled not much I can do. After awhile the parent came up and took them away in the shade of protection.  Now by this time I had all my items for tonight’s meal except I could not find of all things, Aluminum foil.  I drove around and asked all the deacons that worked for HEB where I could find, Aluminum foil?  It was to no avail, I drove around in circles not getting anywhere.  I was getting tired and I needed to get back on my oxygen.  So I stopped by this young lady who had a child riding with her .

Just between me and you it reminded me of the Crucification.  It was the women of Gallie that was providing comfort to your Lord, that is another story.  She directed me in the right direction and went out of her way to make sure I found my Aluminum foil.

I asked the Living Word what is your point? Why did you want me to see this?

He spoke in a gentle tone; What you are seeing is the altars of the World.  You come in the sanctuary to get fed and you see the people leave with their baskets full of groceries but you know after a while the food runs low and they have to come back with their children to be fed again at the local HEB store. If the deacons can,t help you, the altars can not either, Like I told you feed the sheep. I asked you three times, “Do You Love Me”.

I started to cry because I knew what He was saying.