Transfiguration of You into the body of Christ;

He sent the spirit of God down to You

On the Cross, you asked the Father for help;

You were blind crippled lame and dead with sin

Father through His Son looked down at you and spoke these Words;

Today you will be in Paradise

Define: Paradise;

The Kingdom of Heaven


Look at the synonyms of the WORD , Paradise.

Synonyms lurk in the shadow of Christs Words apply them to your heart and rise up from the sins of man ; the dead, the blind, the lame, the crippled, depressed, sad, from the hands of man.  Let Christs Word lift your spirit and fly in the heavens like an eagle.

Thirty years ago the first church I, went to was a Pentecostal Church, the pastor’s name was Terry Green, Salinas ,California if he is listening.  He taught all the time on the Transfiguration of the body into the body of Christ.  I was too young to listen to his words.

I drifted down the river for twenty yrs, visited many altars in different cities.  They all told me the same thing, Come in and you will be healed in eternity by the blood of Christ. They were only teaching a shadow of Christ.  Like the Pharisees of Old, Christ was standing in front of them and they could not see the face of the Father through Christ, like Moses when he came down from the mountain, they could not see the glory of the Father on the face of Moses.

Everytime the Pharisees asked a question, Christ would kneel down and write in the dirt, and He would stand up and give an answer, When He stood up the Pharisees they were listening to the Father.  They could not see the face of the Father from His Words spoken from His Son.  Like Moses it sounded like Babble in their ears.

Matthew, Mark, Luke John and Christ on the Cross are all telling you to go back to Eden to be reborn in the light of the LORD GOD.

This is why I moved the house of Thomas to the base of the Temple of Inanna in the city if Babylon. To free the children in exile to travel south cross the Jordan river and dwell in the lands of Judea. Paradise, The Trinity is involved in all this all you have to do is hear His voice in the wilderness.

Be back later.