He came to me and told me to move my ephah into the lands of Shinar and set my house at the base of the woman, the ancient  lands of Mesopotamia. He told me these things to speak to the house of Israel; to the children eat this roll it will be like honey in your stomach and fill your bowels;

So I moved the house of Thomas and set it at the base of the temple Inanna in the city of Babylon and will live there now until I go home.  Father brought me from the wilderness to talk to the children and this is where I will remain.

  1. The first goddess man created was, Lucifer, bright star, they named the planet Venus. This is the first authority figure to govern your lives from the altars.
  2.  Over the course of time, Lucifer traveled across the lands of Shinar and came into the city of Babylon, transfigured his name from Lucifer to Inanna this is the women in the basket that flew between earth and heaven.
  3. The second women drifted through time and came into to the city of Rome and set up her temple and Lucifer again transfigured his name to Venus.
  4. The Holy Roman Church at the time of Christ worshiped Venus that was Roman Law.
  5.  The Holy Roman Church transfigured the name Inanna to the Virgin Mary to compete with the Roman goddess Venus for your soul.
  6.  The Holy Roman Church birthed daughters
  7. That spread to the four corners of the world like a white sheet all with a roll of parental lineage of their fathers from the times of the ancients and drifted down the river till where you picked up the basket at the altars that you sit at today.
  8.  A woman is more beautiful than rubies and diamonds and she speaks with authority.

Children you are in slavery building the altars of Egypt, the altars of Babylon, the altars of Rome. Travel north to Babylon; travel north to the horizon and it is their that you will find Christ for the first time and your Father, The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob that now dwell in my house.  When you come back from the wilderness ,stop by, I will feed you and quench your thirst. It is still a long journey south into the lands of Judea to build your Second Temple.  I will be waiting for you in Jerusalem.

Eat this roll children it will taste bitter but will become honey in your stomach and fill your bowels.

Listen to the prophets, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and doubting Thomas we are all telling you to go back to the lands of Shinar.

He left as fast as He spoke to me.