1 LORD-2 Thieves

Who is Satan 

I normally do not teach on the weekend but today I will teach you in images, Who is Satan .  

Before I began let’s listen to this song it will speak for itself;

Who is Satan as it applies to you, real life application.

Here is my witness; Yesterday I was defrauded out of a couple of thousand dollars.  I let my guard down.  I don’t trust man simple as that. He came to me as a shining star and deceived me.  Lucifer is an ancient Syriac word, man created a goddess, her identity, beauty or the shining one, the bright star in the summer sky, Venus.  My bank accounts are frozen and the tidal wave created by the earthquake will reach my house, 08/1/18, early in the morning according to current weather reports.

Man’s solution; I could tell you that Satan was trying to take down the house of Thomas and lace my writings with scripture that would be a half-truth, you would never get the full truth of Lucifer, aka, Satan , man elevated, an venerated a rock planet, Venus, giving life to a statue for all to gaze at, worship and fall in love with.

 My prayer;  Father brought to mind the Widow’s mite,  She gave all she had and was not worried about her subsistence for life.  I  was going to cry to my Father, I was going to say to him, that boy in the next house down the street stole my wallet, my Lamentations.  Instead the Spirit of Lord descended like a dove and showed me his hands, the widow’s mite, He told me not to Lament, He already took care of the situation. Darn, Father is on speed dial with me, so I turned my Lamentations into a prayer of blessings;  Father I thank you for bringing your children into my courtyard so they can hear your words, for I did not come to pray for the world but for the children at my feet that gather around the house of Thomas.  He spoke to me, I am who the Father tells you I am and that I was sent to you so you could build the cornerstone of your second temple, so the children in the courtyard can receive his Son the second coming; the first time was in the Garden, Gen.1:2,  before his Son comes back for you the third time before the Father casts you out. Amen.  He ascended on the wings of a dove back to the heavens as quickly as He showed me his hands.

Who is Satan?

Transfiguration of two Houses 

House of Man   transfigured  to the House of Thomas

Backdrop;  I was reading a blog from the house of Man who was talking about how Satan flies around and hurts people with all kinds weird elements.  Of course he threw in usual suspects the word of the Lord but did not define the words.  He wrote six paragraphs and did not say anything.

Ensnared by his own words; refer to Lucifer; So he created a statue and gave it life called it beauty named it after the planet Venus.  For a rock or statue to fly someone has to throw it at you.  Where it hits you in head.  Man elevated themselves and their gods and goddess to make you fall in love and worship the statue; refer to; Zech: 5: 9.  The ephah is like the house of Man he elevated himself and on the wings of storks went between earth and heaven.  You see this in the title Caesar and The Holy Roman Church.  One is called True King and the other one is called father.  An ephah is like a house, it contains all your possessions.

Let’s do some Transfiguration of two images; refer; to the two thieves of the Cross.

Image One ; House of Man

Man was warned not to eat from the tree of Good and Evil in the Garden; before God created WOMAN; Gen.2:22, came on the scene or he would become like us; refer to; Gen. 2:16, 3:5.  The house of Man elevated himself to a Godlike image for all to admire to add to the allure, he created rock statues and pictures to give himself the glow of admiration so you would fall in love with him and his colorful rocks; he gave them all names; refer to Lucifer, second paragraph; refer to Zach. 5: 9.

Image two ; House of Thomas

I did not have to create my world it was all done from the hands of God.  All I had to do was open my eyes and fall in love with my Father.  Father did not give me no colorful rocks to play with or statues, or give them names, man did that.  He gave me his Word; refer; Gen.1:1.


Refer to backdrop; House of Man;

I know his name, it is Bologna; he goes by a lot of other names; father, bishop, preacher, cardinal (named after a bird). He calls himself deacon and an evangelist the genealogy of names is long. He preaches from an altar that is always higher than the heads of the congregation. This way you can never see the face of Christ, refer to John 3: 2-6.  Every time the Pharisees asked Christ a question he stooped down, so the Pharisees were looking down at Him. Man has always looked down at Christ.   This was for our benefit to heal our blindness.  Because every time Christ stood up He spoke with authority to the Pharisees.  Bologna was dressed in a red skull-cap draped with a red robe.  He told me he had a Doctorate in , Theology, Divinity, Christianity and my guess a Bachelor’s degree in BS.

House of Thomas

He gave me His Word;  I wandered in the wilderness for 40 yrs drifted in and out of various altars different cities trying to find my way to Cross the Jordan river to Jerusalem.  Then one day He said to me , Son of man, eat this roll that thou findest, and speak to the children that come to the house of Thomas.  So I opened my mouth and he caused me to eat that roll. It filled by stomach and filled my bowels.  He said unto me, Son of man, go ,get thee unto the house of Thomas, set your ephah in the land of Shinar and speak to the children unto the house of Thomas and speak my words unto them.

So on a hot dry dusty day I crossed the river Jordan dressed only in a T Shirt, shorts and sandals and set my ephah in the lands of Texas.

So who is Satan?

A hypallage statement is a synthetic relationship that exist between two words. 

Satan is man<=> Man is Satan

Who was warned not to eat the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil? refer to;  Gen.2: 16-17

Man is like a snake<=> Snake is like a man

Who is the most cunning of all CreationMan refer to Gen. 3: 1-5

Man is Satan<=>Satan is man

Who ate the fruit and gave it to her husband desiring to be wise? refer to Gen. 3:6

Who became like gods? refer to Gen. 3; 22, Ps.82: 6-7, Man

Transfiguration of the body into Evil

The body of Lucifer



He never gave his word and he will forsake you.

Transfiguration into the Body of the Trinity

The Body of God


Holy Spirit


Father gave His Word and he will never forsake you.


What I wrote, I hope it opens your eyes, leave the altars and the cities and walk in the wilderness.  Father gave his word, so you can to someday cross the river Jordan and place your ephah at the base of mount Sion.