I  am rewriting a manuscript that is at a publisher right now . I going to show you the introduction.  This establishes my credentials as to who I am.  The book is called Dead Man’s Hand, I will never sell it on this site, if I do then I will be like the rest of the World a merchant in the temple of the Lord.

Later to those that looked the scripture, Zechariah, 5, 5-10 , this is called the gift of prophecy in the New Testament, you will know the answer I will only confirm the truth to you.



Man, since the time of the ancients in the lands of Mesopotamia has sought to elevate himself to the stature of a God.  They call themselves kings, dictator’s, husbands or boyfriends they all carry titles that convey authority.  Man’s idea on how to govern themselves and others are past down from their fathers for generations and generations.  The authority to govern is carried in a basket that drifts generations on a lazy river till it reaches your shore.

I too picked up that basket that came from my fathers like the men around me and consumed it contents as the expense of my family.  My life was full of turmoil, arguments, confusion and pain the fires within me burned night and day for half my life and the smell of the smoke was unpleasant to those around me.

An Angel of the Lord one day whispered in my ear find me. So I went down to the river and saw another basket that was different then the first basket that I had picked up years ago and took it home and consumed the contents.  Then I heard, He said Son of man, eat what you found, eat this roll, and go speak unto the house of Thomas. So I opened my mouth, and he caused me to eat that roll (Ez.3:1-2).  Before I could speak I had to learn how to walk like a baby.

The Genesis of my walk began when I was around thirty-three years old and like everyone else my life was like a head-on collision colliding into a bridge embankment, I was on life support in the emergency rooms of life. My heart was flat lining and no one could hear my cries, I want to live, I do not want to die.  I could yell at the top of my lungs and no one could hear me.  My life support, like oxygen for life, became, those fourteen words, Matthew 13.11, “Because it is given unto to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven”.


I got off the operating table and started to walk back to Genesis, where I came from. Where I was born and where I left the Garden and made my way down to the river Jordan and found my first basket drifting by where I picked it up and consumed the contents that were inside.  It was not my time to cross the river Jordan. I could not see the second basket that lay hidden in the reeds.  My journey has taken me through the wilderness to the altars of man in many different cities. I spent two years in college learning counseling in Theology.  I have read the Word in the following languages, Greek and Hebrew.  My walk-through life brought me in contact with the Mosaic Law, the Torah, the Latin Vulgate and a first century historian, Flavis Josephus that wrote a book called, “History of the Jewish War”.  It chronicles the fall of Jerusalem that began in Six two AD and culminated in Seventy AD.  Interesting to note that he mentions Pontius Pilate and the name Jesus that was crucified within the pages.  I have read sixteen different versions of the King James Bible front to back. I learned from the fifth century BC, Jews how to interpret the images of the Bible. Let’s take a walk-through history and set the cornerstone of the title,” Dead Man’s Hand”.

In my journey through time I have met the great kings of the two major Empires of Mesopotamia. The first great Empire Sargon of Akkad, he spoke a sematic language an Afrasian dialect that comes from the northern parts of Africa. He expanded his territory into the Middle East and the northern parts of Africa.   Interesting to keep in your mind in the Semitic language, his name means, “True King”. He created a Law that became the basis for Americas form of government, “all men are created”. Each territory that he conquered had a governor to implement the dictates of the King. It is also rumored that he built the city of Babylon and the tower of Babel.  The Afrasian language has over three hundred dialects.  This was all occurring around twenty-four hundred BC to twenty-three hundred BC.

The second great Empire was the Roman Empire that was founded in seven hundred fifty-three BC.  Post Roman Empire was a Republic following the Law of Sargon the Great, “all men are created equal”.  In twenty-seven BC the first emperor, Augustus was the first Caesar a title given to him by the Roman Senate that gave him powers over all the kings and dictators, Caesar, “worthy of reverence or respect”. His name changed to Caesar Augustus, he was worshipped as a god, he expanded his empire to the territorial holdings around the Mediterranean sea in Europe and parts of Africa and Asia. He controlled each territory with a governor also but over time they throughout the concept of “all men are created equal” and enslaved the conquered nations to build the roads, temples and the infrastructure of the Roman Empire and her territories.

In four AD Augustus Caesar had to adopt a son, by Roman Law, because he did not have an heir.  He adopted Tiberius Claudius Nero, on twenty six June four AD which adopted the title, “Caesar”.  This set the precedent for passing down the title of Caesar to the successors of the Throne.

Just for historical reference Christ was born somewhere around four BC to six BC.  Christ was crucified around thirty AD and thirty-three AD.  It was after the crucifixion of Christ that the early Holy Roman Church moved to Rome by men who called themselves Bishops who claimed succession of title by claiming Peter in the Bible was the first Bishop.  They elevated themselves to a god like status a shinning star, an object of beauty to held in awe like the Caesars of Rome.  The god of beauty was the goddess Venus. In the ancient Syriac language and you see this only one time in the Bible, the word Lucifer,” the shining star”, the goddess Venus in the summer sky. By Roman Law the Holy Roman Church had to worship the goddess Venus. Somewhere around one thousand twenty-nine the Popes started claiming sovereign rights over the neighboring states the lower half of Italy.  They covered the world with a sheet claiming succession of title and enslaved the people of the conquered nations to build their temples to the heavens. They governed the nations by installing a Bishop to keep control.

This glimpse into history sets the cornerstone for the title of my book, “Dead Man’s Hand”. By the time I was born, The Holy Roman Church has over ten thousand gods and goddesses to pray to including the, Virgin Mary, the queen of the heavens from which gods are born.  This is patterned after the goddess, Inanna, that went by various names throughout the lands of ancient Mesopotamia.  On this rock I will build my church eight words that blind you to only seeing a shadow of Christ from the altars of Christianity that follow the Holy Roman Empire. “Dead Man’s Hand” is going to be a fascinating journey to the river Jordan whereupon I hope you see the second basket hiding in the reeds.