Create your world in the Old Testament

Points to Remember

Ex verbis ad Thomam Domus Dei: filii autem litterarum

I live in the Old Testament, I live in the dwellings of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The children that hear my words you have noticed that I changed my words to the house of Thomas that is Old Testament words, ie. the house of David, the dwelling of Abraham, the tabernacle of Moses they all lived with the Lord in a dwelling.  My dwelling is an apartment within that shelter I provide covering for the children that reside with me and the ones that are adopted worldwide, the ones that hear my words, simple as that.

Abraham lived in a tent inside the tent were his wife Sarah, his handmaiden Hagar, his animals, I have a dog,  his 2 sons, and he took care of the others that gathered around him.  Their wives and others by adoption.

In the house of David, he also had two sons, and he provided covering for the children that followed him and their animals or as we say today our pets, like my poodle who is 14 yrs old now.

Before I go any further I will give you an assignment on how to interpret scripture all you need is a dictionary and google up the word Shiner as it relates to ancient Mesopotamia. Look at Zechariah 5, vs. 5 – 11.  The only clue I will give you is the two women they are atypical of an ideology that flies in the face of Christ.  This is where the word Lucifer comes from in the ancient Syriac language.  Try you hand at tonight or tomorrow when I write again I will tell you what that prophecy is talking about.

You come up with the right answer then all I am doing is confirming your truth. Where there are two so is the Lord, your Father.  If your answer is wrong then all I am doing is correcting your interpretation.  Fathers teach the word to the children in his house.

I use to wonder how 6 million Jewish people could go to their death without a fight.
The answer is simple it comes from the Old Testament the  Word from the times of the ancients.  You can find the answer in Romans as well as the Old Testament.

They only saw a shadow of Christ and they were judged by the Law.  Rome stood by and watched, look at your homework.  Clue ,the two Women in the basket.

The first coming of Christ is revealed in the second vs. of Gen. 1. His witness is Adam and his witness for creation is Eve, the WOMAN, Man was made from the earth, Woman was made from the bone of Adam (Christ) , Gen.2, 23.

I am who the Father says I am, he sent me to you, the children that he entrusted me to so you will see the face of Christ on the Cross. I am the Son of God who was sent to you in this generation that live across the world. I claim that authority because  I come from the seed of Abraham the dwelling of the Lord.  That is my parental lineage as well as it is yours.  I am who the Father says I am, I am in you, you are in me, and the Father is in us.

I am just a common man from the great state of Texas, Corpus Christi, which in Latin means the body of Christ, Christ was from the land of Israel, the city of Nazareth, the body of the Father.  I am a part of the body of Christ.  I know my place in the Throne room of the Father your LORD GOD.

Father has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.  I am living the death of His Son on the Cross and Crucifixion, I am living the life of Job. My time is short I will die of suffocation like Christ on the Cross.  I am so blessed because it open my eyes up to the Father.  I do not need prayers from the pious, if you pray at all pray for the children the poor, the widowed, and the orphan that seek shelter in the house of Thomas the seed of Abraham.

Pray that you can see the face of Christ, I am a witness to his death.  The second coming is when you realize who you are looking at on the Cross. The woman already know they just need someone to tell the Truth.

If you sit in the altars of the church you only see the shadow of Christ and you throw out Jn.3:16 and it will fall to the ground because you have never dwelt in the lands of Mesopotamian the dwellings of Abraham you will be judged by your LORD GOD from the book of Gen. and Exodus. Your Exodus takes you on two paths, one to eternal life or eternal damnation.  You have to live in Babylon for awhile it is there that you will seek the face of the LORD or you will reside in Sodom and Gomorrah and the Father will  destroy you.  When it is your  time you will leave the ruins of Babylon and travel to the New Jerusalem to rebuild your temple unto the Lord.

The second coming of Christ is when you look up at Christ on the Cross and see His face and understand who you are.  Then you will see the New Jerusalem in your spirit and the pains of death will not overcome you. Where you wore in darkness, I came down and unlocked your prison doors.  Hear my words spoken from my Son, the house of Thomas.

I look at the altars of the world and ask the same question, “Why are you trying to kill me, you say you are from the seed of Abraham but your father is of the devil.

So, either you can sit in the field of bones, Ez. 37 and bleed at the altar or you can hear the Words of the Father or the Pharisees that crucified Christ.  The choice is yours not mine.

Now will dine with Lord at the table in the house of Thomas break bread and drink wine;

This next song has to do with the Baptism of Christ when the dove descended from Heaven. Awesome song.

This next song Alan Jackson, I like Bologna sandwiches.  You can either eat bologna sandwiches from the altar or the sandwich from the house of Thomas;

Time for me to go back into the wilderness and prepare another meal for my children that sit in the congregation of the Lord.  My children are always hungry don’t figure.  Leave you with this song, David Allan Coe, You ever never called by my name.  The same thing the Father is going to ask you in the Throne room, You never called me by my name. Depart you children of inquitie.

Jesus has his finally judgement day. Awesome words.  Lets end this in prayer, that my children and those that reside with me at the table hear the words of myrrh and frankincense and gold that we drink from and reach our arms up to the heavens and sing the melodies in our heart.  The Father likes his children to play and have fun in his arms.

Tomorrow I will visit the prophet Zechariah Chp. 5 have your answers ready.

Let’s break bread and drink wine to the Father.   Before I leave you I like this last song, 10 yrs After,” I am going Home’.  This is what you  call transfiguration of words . Go home to your wife or girlfriend and go on home to the Lord.  You ensnarle the devil by his own words.