Nolite mentiri transfiguratio

Transfiguration of a Lie

Transfiguration in any language is one of those words that should open your eyes.   Interesting word at the least.

I have walked down the Via Dolorosa for many years it was fraught with snares and traps to keep my eyes from the glory of LORD GOD the face of Christ.   When I was 33 my life was a wreck my spirit had bleeding for many years and my life was in darkness .  My troubles began when the hands of man uncovered my nakedness and opened my eyes to the world around me.  This spun me into a lot of risk taking adventures that we, you have all been into in an effort to cling to life in our spirit.  Of course it all turned out to be a lie.

When I was in the darkness of the Seas in the belly of the whale and suffocating from the pressures.  I made a vow I would search for God the God of Creation and find him.  I clung to a life preserver,” there are no mysteries in the Bible”.  Six words that saved my life.

I now sit in the Council of the Elders in the congregation of the Lord and the golden gates Jerusalem are opening for me.  I do not walk in the world no longer, I finished the race.

Children walking down the Via Dolorosa, cling to these six words,” there are no mysteries in the Bible” and look in the crowd for Christ and one day your eyes will see Him and you to will go home through the golden gates of Jerusalem .

The LORD GOD sent me an angel of the Lord from the house of LeAnn and she spoke five words to me, “I was at my dads”.  Through those five words the LORD confirmed to me a lot of truths that had been laying in my soul for a long time.

I wondered what would have happen if the angel of Lord had lied to me and told me she was at the mall.  What would I say to her?  What would the captains of the altars say to her?  They would answer her with a Lie. They would not tell her where that lie came from.

How would I answer her?  I would take her hand and walk back to the Garden where the lie began.

I would tell her that she was made from the bones of Christ by the hand of  the LORD God.

I would tell her she was made from the rib of Christ to become a WOMAN.

I would tell her she was created as a help meet to our LORD to witness the birth of Creation from her womb the babies of Christ.  I would  tell her that she is the Cherubim that guards the gates of the Garden the Creation of the LORD to protect the children from the hands of man.   To create a Paradise, for her children, a garden to play in.

I  would tell her that it was man who deceived her and caused her to lie.  A man is like a snake that slithers on his belly caused you to be ashamed your beauty.

That is what I would tell the little angel of the LORD.

Then I would take her little hand in mine and we would go back to her generation and sit and look at the Crucifixion for a while.

I would ask her do you see the ribs of the Cross they are bound together as one?  They are made from the rib of the bones of Christ.  You were never created for man but as an angel of the Lord to attend to his children and teach them about His Son that is bound in your heart.  You are here to stabilize the chaos and confusion in the heart of man his help meet to keep him from being lonely and help him to find his way down the path of  the Via Dolorosa to the Cross the be redeemed in Truth.

Then the little voice, angel of the Lord, whispered in my ear, I have always been told I was made for the man from the captains of the altar, this they have told me.

I looked up at the Angel of the Lord, and spoke, they lied to you about the Garden, they said it was because of you that sin entered the world.  Man deceived you because he wanted to become your god to undress your nakedness so you would be ashamed of your beauty.  I created you through my Son,  LORD GOD created you;  I Created you by my Words.

I then asked the little angel of the Lord to look around at the crowd and what did she see?

She told me that she knew by oral tradition, that there were the Women from Galilee and an unidentified disciple and a Roman Centurion.  The little angel asked, “Who are they”.

I looked at the Angel of the Lord and spoke; the Woman from Galilee see the face of the LORD through the eyes of Christ.  Out of all the disciples before my Crucifixion, Peter was the only one who saw my Father.

On the seventh day of my Crucifixion the Roman Centurion will pick up a spear and plunge it into my ribs.  Man has been killing Me and the spirit of Women since the Garden.  He will not plunge the spear into my heart, for the heart is the last organ to die, then I will give up my spirit to the hands of the LORD,  I alone have the power over creation and death not man.  The blood will flow from me like rivers of life and this will be your inheritance for eternity.

Then the little angel of the Lord whispered in my ear,”Who are you”? Angel of the Lord you are a witness to Creation and I am the second witness for I have seen the glory of the Father through the eyes of Christ.  My Father sent me to you to hold your hand for a while and speak to you as we sit here and look upon the face of Christ on the Cross.

This is what I would tell the angel of Lord.  Then I would depart back to the wilderness to the council of the Elders where I sit now awaiting for the golden gates of Jerusalem to open and take me home.  I did not come back for the world but for the fallen angels of the Lord.  Take a closer Walk with Thee.