Fidem ita ut montes transferam

And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

My last two blogs I have been highlighting an angel of Lord and thee six words that she spoke to me when I asked her a question.

Where have you been?

I have been at my Dads.

There is power in words as referenced by the scripture listed above and the words the little angel spoke.   For both Jesus Christ and the little angel of the Lord once you speak your word from your mouth it lands in the court of Law in the wilderness for all to analyze and judge.   Let’s look at another example;

I crave for love,
I crave to be loved,
But I am afraid of Love itself,
I have been shattered in its name,
I have been walked over in its name,
But I still crave it.
Every time it comes closer,
I take my heels,
For fear dominates my cravings.

Dee    2018

We look at the words spoken in all three examples they all have a commonality that binds all three persons together into one being.  This is the essence and nature of the TRINITY

Three persons, three different natures and three different walks three different ages.  All walking down the Via Dolorosa enroute to the Cross and Resurrection.  In Latin (Via Dolorosa)  means the path of suffering.

What binds them all together into one spirit?

Jesus Christ

God created the firmament that they all stand on, ye shall say unto this mountain; on this rock I will build my church.

To understand the words of God this is where a good dictionary will come in handy.  God in the Hebrew language is always plural except in the case, “God created” is singular because of the adjective created, Gen.1:1.

Then if you look in the second verse, Gen. 2:1, it states the “Spirit of God moved”.  You have two verses and what you see is what is called Transfiguration.  In the English language this is called an hypallage statement.  It is a word that gives you a physical reality and points you to a spiritual reality.  The word Spirit points to the Holy Spirit, God in this sentence is plural this points to the Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ.  This is an image of what is what will be and what will become,  the Trinity the essence of seeing the face of Christ in your generation that you live in, past, present and future.  As there is generational Truth there is also generational Lies.  Two paths, two different judgements and one verdict, guilty or not guilty from the Creator, LORD GOD.

Before I define the word mountain, I wish to make a point here.  In the first verse of Gen. 1 it states that heaven and earth were created in the physical realm in the spiritual realm it points to your mind which is your soul.  Earth in the spiritual realm points to the two million worlds that a woman carries within her, that are all already alive before man has a hand in things. The Creator picks one world out of two million to form a earth or as we know it as a baby.  I knew you before you were born, I chose you, God chose you out of two million worlds.  So to claim a virgin birth is nonsense the worlds are already alive within the angels of Lord the woman before man comes into the picture.  To abort that world is to tell me that you have power over creation you are claiming to be a god or goddess.  The woman is the tree of Life in the Garden for she witnesses the Creator by the birth of His sons and daughters from the womb.

The word mountain is another interesting word we all know what a mountain is it is an uplifting of earth that reaches into the heavens made of rock hard substance.  Mountain is  a physical reality and spiritually it points to your mind that is the highest point of your temple your body.  Your mind deciphers what is true and what is a lie unless your conscience has been seared or desensitized to the truth this your soul.

Rock is another interesting word, Christ told Peter that on this rock I will build my church.  The Roman Catholic took this scripture and moved it to the Roman Empire.  What Christ was telling Peter that the third temple would be built in Jerusalem they had already built two temples now Christ was going to build the third temple.

Rock in the physical sense points to Jerusalem.    Jerusalem sits in an around mountains that are made of limestone it is a very hard rock when exposed to the air.  I have listed the varieties of Limestone and their colors they look like, the colors of the new Holy Jerusalem. I listed just two scriptures from Revelation 21. 18-19, to illustrate this;

And the building of the wall of it was of jasper: and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass.

And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald;

  • Meleke, the “royal” stone, a white, coarse crystalline limestone used for representative buildings like the Western Wall and possibly other parts of the Herodian Temple. It is easy to quarry, but once it is exposed to air it hardens and develops a pleasant yellow hue.
  • Mizzi hilu (“sweet stone”) is a hard whitish micritic limestone, usually covering beds of meleke. It is a high quality building stone, but in times when the “royal stone” was preferred, the mizzi hilu was left as a roof over the cavities created by quarrying the meleke.
  • Mizzi ahmar (“red stone”), a hard dolomitic limestone, light-colored with reddish bands. In Jerusalem it was used for ablaq-style multi-colored masonry by the Mamluks.
  • Mizzi yahudi (“Jewish stone”), a dark grey or yellow crystalline dolomite or dolomitic limestone, appreciated for its hardness which makes it an excellent building material.
  • Deir yassini is a variety of mizzi named after the village of Deir Yassin. A reddish dolomitic limestone, it is quarried in slabs used for floor and roof tiles.
  • Mizzi akhdar is a decorative green limestone quarried on a smaller scale. Its high density means that it can be finely polished. At the beginning of the 20th century it was five times more expensive than other varieties of mizzi.
  • Kakuleh or kakula, a soft and light chalky limestone found on the Mount of Olives. Due to its softness it was favoured during the Late Second Temple Period for carving box-shaped ossuaries for secondary burials as well as for producing stone vessels, using a procedure similar to the potter’s wheel. These vessels were considered by strictly observant Jews to always be ritually pure.
  • Nari is the other softer type of stone used in the Jerusalem area. It is the whitish caliche crust which develops through chemical processes on top of chalk or marl. Light, friable and far from homogeneous, it is not a resilient building material, but these very qualities attracted masons of the early Kingdom of Judah who cut it into ashlars.

The setting sun reflected on the cream-colored limestone facade of both ancient and modern structures gives them a golden hue, giving rise to the term “Jerusalem of Gold“.

The point of this letter is to illustrate the Trinity in several realms. To place an importance of defining words in the Bible to get a clear meaning of the context of the authors intent.  The Hebrew language is rich in imagery that embodies the structures of men and women to give you a chance to see the face of Christ.  To provide the lambs of Christ a solid foundation to govern their lives throughout time.

The altars of America and around the world never teach on the Trinitarian aspect of the Bible they never teach that the Trinity is visible in the first two verses of Gen.  The Bible always has a theme of two physical images that point to a spiritual image that is applicable to you as an individual.  If you are never taught that you will never see the face of Christ.

So if you tell me you believe in God, I would have to turn around and ask you what god.  You can not leave out the middleman Christ if you have seen Christ then you have seen the Father like it says in the gospels.   It does not state it the other way around if you have seen God then you have seen Christ.  I have seen the face of Christ and I am a better man for it.


The path down the Via Dolorosa is fraught with dangers and obstacles and narrow to the Cross and Resurrection but effort is worth it.