Stratoria Ardenti Sunt,

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How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep while our beds are burning
How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep while our beds are burning

Song from a group called, Midnight Oil and Australian group, 1987.  You close the gates to your city and reside in the congregation of the LORD and create your world, your Freedom, your Paradise on the mount behind your eyes that lives in your heart.  Put the blood of the Lamb across your forehead the gates of your city.  From that day forward you will be in Paradise.  Let the angel of Death that lingers just beyond your eyes with the chains of Rome trying to devour you and depart to the Promised land.  To the lands of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and invite Him into your dwelling to dine at your table.

You are the Cherubims the angels with the crown on your head the help meet from the bones of Christ.  The witness of the GOD of creation for through you life is created only through you by the hand of Christ the babies. You are the brides of the Lamb.  You witness the creator through your womb and nourish His children from your breasts where your heart lies the throne room of your LORD.  You are the witness of God throughout the generations from the lands of ancient Mesopotamia that guard the Tree of Life, you.

Every generation that is born goes through the seven days of creation, you leave your childhood and you walk away from your paradise.   You cross the deserts to the hot suns of the gods of Egypt where you will be in bondage for three and a half days like the Jewish people of old.  Then one morning you will hear a voice that tells you it is time to come home.  Cross the Red Sea, in faith, those that do not hear the voice of the Lord they will drown in an Sea of blood a third will be lost.  Don’t look back for you will die also.  A third will die in the desert from the Sun.  Make it to the other side of the river Jordan and a third will witness, with your eyes the Crucifixion of Christ, the circumcision of your heart.  The second coming of Christ for He cannot dwell amongst the chaff.  You will be caught up in the wilderness to mount Sion and sit in the congregation of the Lord and watch the world burn from above.

Wars and rumours of wars constant turmoil from generation to generation.

I heard a voice in the wilderness today from a far away city in Europe. We were discussing how the cities of Europe were burning as revealed in Revelations.  I made a comment that he never has experienced Freedom.   There is only one nation in the history of the world that has never been in chains to Rome.  America, he would never experience freedom as we do.  To those children around the world close your doors to the world that you live in and let the angel of Death pass you by. The Jewish people were in bondage for 400 yrs you only have four days.   Spend time in your room, house or apt and create your world of Paradise by your faith of things that are seen not from things that appear.   Man makes things to appear, Christ created worlds by faith.  You create your world by faith in Christ.  In four days you will depart to mount Sion and join the congregation of LORD.

Kwa Dee katika Kenya shukrani kwa kufuata wewe alijiunga na kutaniko la Bwana jangwani. Unaunda paradiso yako kwa BWANA kwa njia ya maandishi yako ambayo ni uhuru wako kutoka kwa madhabahu ya minyororo ya Roma na ugumu wa maisha yenyewe. Ni madhabahu ya mwanadamu yanayoonekana na sio ulimwengu wako umetengenezwa kwa imani katika Bwana MUNGU aliyeketi juu ya mlima nyuma ya macho hayo na anakaa moyoni mwako.

Kwa mtoto huko nana magunga mara moja umeniambia unapenda kucheza ngome usiku peke yake chumba cha Kristo. Hii ndio peponi yako inaendelea kufanya hivyo na kufunika uso wa uso wako na damu ya Mwana-Kondoo na basi malaika wa kifo apate kukupitia usiku. Hiyo ndiyo peponi yako na uhuru katika kutaniko la Bwana ambako huketi juu ya mlima nyuma ya macho yako na kukaa moyoni mwako.

I do not pray for the world but I pray for the children that the Lord has given me from around the world for they are yours.

All mine are yours, and yours are mine and I am glorified in them. The children that hear your words.

I speak these things so that may have your joy fulfilled in them for they are not of this world because they are not of this world.

I pray that the children that follow me that you do not take them from the world but keep them from evil.

As you sent me into the  world send my children into the world that belong to You.

The whole Bible is past tense of people’s lives as seen through the lens of time the Jewish people.  It is present tense for the generation that you are growing up in.  The Bible is also future tense in regards to future generations that hear the voice in the wilderness.


Join me in the congregation of the Lord on the mount Sion, when it is your time.