I traveled from the wilderness down from the mountain of the congregation of the LORD this morning to break bread with you and drink the wine of your Creator.  I see hundreds of you that have come from other nations and cities to be here today in the upper room and dine with the LORD.  The LORD GOD will bless you for he knows the perils of the trip that a lot of you have made.  I see Kristi you are here, hopefully you are a new disciple, time will tell.  Before we dine join me in a truth, Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, Amen. Let’s dine for a while on the body of Christ.

My travel here today was fraught with the dangers that lie along the path to be here with you today.  I came out of the wilderness yesterday and could see the gates of Jerusalem in this distance.  It was very hot and I was getting a bit thirsty, did not have my ice tea with me.  I decided to stop under an Olive tree for a little rest and shade to reinvigorate my weary bones.

While I was resting, I saw a vision of a beast that had the face of a man.  He had a pink helmet with two little horns, around his eyes was the color of blue and his lips were painted red. He had four arms and hands that looked like cloven hoofs, he wore the breastplate of  a woman, around his waist was the appendage of a male goat. His legs were planted into the earth.  The exposed parts of his body was covered in hair as black as the depths of the Seas. He had four spoken wheels surrounding him constantly spinning.

I asked, Who are you?

He answered,  Your god destroys babies in the fires of the church, pours molten lead down their throats, destroys homosexuals and performs honour killings.  Your god is Lucifer.

I answered the beast,  You know that Lucifer is a man-made god, 

I live with my LORD in the wilderness on the mountain. 

You cannot see my LORD .

The image of the beast spoke;  Satan is going to come down and put a hot poker up your private parts and contort your body into vile shapes and out of his mouth came words of filth that fell into the ground.

You have no power over me; Why are you frustrated with Me?

The image of man spoke; You are like the other religious people of the world and your going to die like everyone else.

I know who you are; I have watched you from the wilderness from the mountain roaming the earth devouring the lambs and sheep of the LORD.  Your judgement is coming soon.  You have no power over me.

The beast spoke; I go now to devour the religious sheep of the earth in the cities looking to devour their lambs. To lay their bones at the altars of the devil and their blood will flow across the earth With this the beast was gone.

I got up and made my way into Jerusalem, past the Pharisees, to the upper room, where my Disciples are sitting around the table that now seats 238 there is always room for more.  After a time of dining,  I stood up and asked everyone to look at the writing on the wall and to discern it;

هل تحبني


هل تحبني


هل تحبني


To those that can discern let them discern.  It is getting late in the day now and I must return back into the wilderness and rest on the mountain of Zion with the LORD.  Throughout  the week messengers will visit with you and bring you parchments of truth for you to listen to. It is not your time to go with me there is a season for all things and all things have their seasons.

To those that can discern go back to your villages, towns and cities and feed the lambs and the sheep that belong to the LORD.  Separate them from the goats.


Join me soon in the congregation of the LORD.