Ad Diem Illum-Filii eorum sexus est Vendere

Ad filios autem eorum, qui vendere sexus. Ad Diem Illum.   Father weighed heavy on my heart today.  I am supposed to be finishing up a book that I wrote but He told me to put that aside.  There was more important things to talk about.

He told me that the camps of the Christians and the Muslims with the Roman Empire are going to  collapse the walls are coming down. They are the Lucifers of the world.   He brought back to my mind the young ladies that are selling their bodies worldwide including here in America.  He brought to my mind the young lady that has anorexia and the young ladies that sell their bodies to the kings and captains of faraway lands.  Then I started to cry in my spirit because I knew in that split second I could not call myself a Christian anymore.  I feel so ashamed to be a part of a religious movement that never saw the Crucification of the Lord.

I have been looking at the Cross for a long time and the more I dwell on it the more that is revealed to me.  I understand the little child in a faraway land that fights anorexia, I do feel for you and my prayers are with you.  I understand the children of other lands that sell their bodies to survive in a harsh life.

Then the children try to understand Christ and the altars just spit on them.  I hear your cries in the dark when you sleep.  I see the images in your mind that swirl around in the darkness.  You sit there an think no one cares?   I can see you , you our never alone the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob walk with you.  Your Father hears your cries in the wilderness.

Wherever you are at in the world tonight and you finish your work, see the Cross in its fullness not from the altars of the charlatans.  When the world around you stands still.  In that split second before you go to sleep, take another look at the Cross.  They crucified a man that had been a thief all his life.  Before you cover yourself up with blankets take another look.  Father understands what you are going through.  The altars of Christianity and the Roman Empire forsake you not the Son of Christ.  I will never forget you.

You might be an anorexic all your life or you might have to sell your body to make ends meet.  Father understands that but put your trust in Christ and the darkness will recede over time.  Turn your room into a paradise unto you and your Father.  The thief on the Cross stole all His life but for a second he saw the beauty of Christ.  From that day  forward he was in Paradise the same time you were when you were a young child.

Do what you have to do to survive this world but serve only one Lord the Creator of your spirit not your life.  Sit infantes venire ad vos.  That would be my prayer for you that lie in the  darkness surrounded by the ramparts of life.  Rium Christi tangunt reach out and touch Christ.  Then ask yourself, Why are they trying to kill me?


In solitudinem per portas see you in the wilderness.