Chapter 9


Pictures of Faith the images of man that flow from the altars around the world birthed into existence by the Holy Roman Empire. There were only two Empires in the ancient world of Mesopotamia, Sargon the Great, who created a Republic form of government and institutionalized the worship of gods and goddesses.  The wealth of the common person was parleyed through an adherence to rock statues that flowed into the cofferdam of the Empire to maintain the infrastructure of the nation and the opulence of the palaces and other buildings.  Sargon the Great, expanded his Empire into other nations, he governed them in a uniform fashion and each nation had a governor to maintain the laws of the Empire.  The caveat here is that he operated under the belief that all men were created equal.

The Roman Empire started out as a form of a Republic over the course of time they created hundreds of gods and goddesses to control ever waking hour of your life.  They had a system if taxes an indirect tax to maintain their military might and to also build their palaces and temples to the gods they created and a direct tax.  They to expanded their Empire into other parts of the known world, enslaved the people and supplied a governor to maintain the laws of the Roman Empire.  They had fifty-five designations or occupations for the use of slaves. The high priest for the Roman Empire, (242 BC) was called, Rex Sacroirum, the king of gods. They had their own school to train other priests to the ways of their gods.  To meld economics and religion into one cohesiveness unit to maintain control over the Empire.  In 14 AD, Julius Caesar declared himself king of the gods and got rid of the senate form of government of a Republic and lessened the control of the schools that taught man’s religion.

Then you have the Holy Roman Catholic that step in around the first century and stole the Ark of Testimony from the body of Christ and perverted into their brand of theology. They took over the title of Rex Sacroirum and declared that Christ made them the Church.  Based on one Greek word, Petra, and the Ark of Man has followed in blind allegiance ever since.  They expand into other countries over the course of generations proclaiming the body of the Ark of Testimony but perverting it for their own lust for control.  They have over ten thousand so called saints that you pray to for absolution of your wretched body and you have to confess your sins to a man.  There is no absolution of your sins in man but in one Creator that is exhibited through the tree of Life the women.  The Jesuit priest, if you do not believe in their form of Christ you are beheaded or ostracized that has been the course of action for thousands of years.  This in any country that that the banner of Christ has flown from their mast. Millions have died at the hand of the Vatican over hundreds of years like the great flood of yesteryear. They stole the body of the Ark of Testimony and the poor follow in unison.  Like the fairy tale the Pied Paper no one ever raises their hand and ask a question to explain what you are saying they have been cow toward to the prompt and regal of the man they call father.

All three examples of Faith of one thing in common they all built temples and palaces and conveyed an animation into their form of and idea of their gods or goddesses.  You can see the great temples and churches in Europe and the beauty and splendor all created at the hands of the common person.  They all have the golden chalices the gold rings the staffs the robes of all different colors and the wealth they steal from the poor person. That is the god that everybody serves it is only the remnant of the house of Jacob that will ever see the richness and the fullness of the Cross and the rebirth into one God, one Lord, one Creator.  The Gods of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of the ancient lands of Mesopotamia.

Pictures of Faith for me is simple. It is an old man from Texas that spent years looking at the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ and the richness of the event.  Realized in the last days of my Creation that there is only one Creator one God not ten thousand gods and goddesses, they do not control my life. My idea of Christ is an old man that likes to listen to rock music of the sixties and listen to the Word of the Lord.  He walks amongst us wearing shorts and sandals and a nice shirt year-round drives an old car.  That is the Christ I serve.  That is the unidentified disciple at the Crucifixion the one man that understood the death of Christ only by the hand and the Holy Ghost because I never gave up looking for Christ. Do I walk in my own world I do but not encumbered by the dictates of man but the Lord of Creation, Christ and the Father? Not some man who requires you to call him father.